Are you buying a BlackBerry Z10? [Poll]


  • chris

    Of course not. Outside of blackberry loyalists (and there’s nothing wrong with that if you are one) there is really not a lot of point to get one. There are superior devices out there with more fleshed out ecosystems by about 10000 miles.

    • b

      You would be correct if by “superior” you are speaking of hardware.

      There is, and always will be, some company that deploys a quad core, hexacore, octacore, faster then someone else.

      By this logic, nobody should ever buy an iPhone.

      If, on the other hand, you are referring to to the software. You would be ignorant to say the least, and need to start doing research.

      I understand its possible that you probably just signed a 3 year contract on a Galaxy S3 (or some other high end hardware android device), and want to defend your buy, since you can’t get it on this.. but don’t ruin the opportunity of exploration for others with ignorant statements.

    • chris

      Actually you’re completely wrong about everything you said. I was referring to both software and hardware. Hardware on other phones needs no explanations, there is just better stuff out there. Software wise the competition is better as well. Maybe you can make a case against windows phone but definitely not Android and iOS which are very fleshed out. BB10 seems like a barebones OS that was built around 3 well-thought out features. They still have a lot of work to do. They are on version 1 while everyone else is on version 4 or 6.

      I haven’t signed any new contract. In fact I’m on a government plan and have access to yearly upgrades so I can get any phone right this moment if I want to since I haven’t used mine for the year. And this isn’t something weird hateful opinion by me, almost every single review outlet has the same thing in one way or another. It’s just the reality of the situation. I wish them the best but I’d never recommend the phone to anyone.

    • Nothin But RIM

      Got mine this morning and I already love it. Gave up my 4S and i’m already typing better on the touchscreen then I was on my iphone. This keyboard is amazing!! It’s fast, the hub is great and i’m sure i still have a lot more to figure out.

    • BIll Murray

      The people who will buy this phone, are those people who have no idea of the existence of this website, and who have never heard of someone who finds cellphones an interesting topic of discussion, and only views a cellphone, as a means of communication. Thus, this poll is irrelevant.

    • thatshipislonggone

      @b : care to share why you think, BB10 is a superior OS to android or iOS from your “research” ?

    • Adam

      It’s obvious that BB10 is superior as they provide the best push email/contact/calendar support for non-Exchange email accounts. Wait, what’s that, they removed that feature? Blackberry!? THe company known for their superior email removed push email for non-exchange email servers?

      That means companies using Google mail won’t get push anymore.

      What about those business users who need a camera as part of their job. Lots of companies cut costs by getting their employees iphones since they have very good cameras. Well, the Z10s camera is very mediocre at best in good light, and straight up awful in poor light.

      Good job RIM… erhm I mean BlackBerry

    • BIll Murray

      It’s this simple

      If you want a phone to just call and text your friends, browse the internet and take some pictures with, get a blackberry. If you want a phone that can calculate the speed at which the earth orbits the sun, then get an android. If you didn’t know the earth orbits the sun, then get an iphone.

    • b

      can you go ahead and name what is missing in the BB10 OS?

      Again, apps is developer based, those are external to the company (obviously they are trying to convince the developers to join up, which they are doing).

      Barebones OS?
      Please list a few examples of what BB10 is missing, that iOS and Android have.

    • Daren

      My wife has a Iphone 5 and my Son has a Galaxy S2. My BB9780 beats both of those devices in terms of Battery Life and Custom Rings and Notifications. That is what is important to me personally. If Blackberry got this personal v.s. business profile nailed from a design/implementation perspective they could have a real winning platform on their hands.

      p.s. My wife wants me to activate her old BB curve and use the Iphone 5 has an expensive Ipod. I am not kidding!

    • Nothin But RIM

      @Adam – I just sent an email to my gmail account hooked up on my BB10 and it was there instantaneously so I don’t know what you’re talking about. No issues here.

    • shaun lee

      dude, agree with u

      some people assault apple users, however they use iphone as an example to defend bb against android… whats their point.

      iphone had never been an positive example before bb10 came out…

    • Yumi

      no, it’s a glorified POS.

  • HwyXingFrog

    I will wait for Family and Friends first, and wait to see if RIM (AKA Blackberry) has built something worth using again.

    • Tom

      Yes, I will wait too – I want to see whether it takes off or not so I will wait until at least the next earning call. That’s when we will get some real info!

      I’d like to support BB, but I don’t want to buy in unless they have something that can really compete everywhere (not just Canada).

      Personally, I think BB Balance is the best feature, and their Maps is the worst feature.

    • REDRUM

      If everyone thought like you guys then BB10 will never sell

  • AbeZ

    Solid effort by Blackberry but im really happy with android and my LG Nexus 4. I do wish them the best of luck and hope they do well.

  • David

    Gonna get one after my 1pm meeting

    • David

      Just got it and it’s awesome, now if Whatsapp for BB10 can be released sooner then it’d be even better.

  • Orange

    I would be interested were I in the market for a phone at the moment.

  • Mr. Miyagi

    Can’t vote…

  • Jean-Francois Messier

    Although I am Canadian like the Blackberry company, I will not buy a Blackberry for myself. The main reason is that I want a system that is as open as possible, and Android fulfills this requirement very well, better than others. I started mobile email with a BlackBerry long time ago, but I now prefer open systems, those where I can hack and play, instead of those closed systems.

    • Sterling

      So clearly you want your personal information stolen… You want Google to track your every move? Interesting… I didn’t think people wanted others like big brother to know their every move…

    • thatshipislonggone

      @sterling : so BB,Apple,MSFT arent doing that ? All modern mobile OS mines the device for as much data as possible.

    • Nothin But RIM

      I like it, he gives his valid reason for liking his OS. No reason to thumb down, if that’s what he prefers. He didn’t put down other OS’s just that he prefers that one for specific reasons. It’s fair.

  • WP74Life

    “Once you go WP, you neva go back.” – Thorsten Heins

    • Sterling

      It’s funny how people like you make up a quote and think it’s funny…

      It’s really not funny and your just being a troll

    • PO

      Of course you go back.. You go back to WP8, because your WP7 stopped at 7.8.. Then you’ll go back to WP9 next year, as your device will be stuck at 8.7. Then again.. and again..

    • wp74life

      *you are.
      Not your.
      Basic english, I wouldn’t be surprised you have an android device.

  • tresfou

    I looked long and hard at it, and I’m probably in the minority for the features i find lacking – things like ring tone profiles and customized alerts. 🙁

    • Felix

      Ha, long and hard.

    • b

      Since its a new platform, you will need to do a little bit extra hunting down to find things.

      Those items are there though:
      Settings -> Notifications

      For all your customizing needs!

  • nexus

    If I didn’t just renew my contract in September I probably would have. Or if the price was attractive like the nexus I also would have. Recently sold my locked s3 and bought the nexus 4.

  • Brandon S

    Darn it, i don’t think my computer at work lets me vote. I am weighing the pros and cons. So far, yes.

  • Mattprime86

    And YOU’RE*(please learn to spell) just a butt-hurt fanboy. Get lost

  • Raid


  • BBnomore

    Nope, been a Blackberry user since 2005. Read the reviews and decided it wasn’t enough to make me stay. Going to give WP8 a try and watch what BB does over the next 18 months.

    • MS

      Which features are lacking if I may ask? I would assume someone who waited since 2005 with a blackberry was looking for something very particular that only your older blackberry had or was promised to have..

  • yoda

    Tried the phone… OS ive ever seen. Period.

  • Brianb71

    I will be picking one up today. I can only say that I am happy Blackberry has finally caught up to the compition and am looking forward to having a usable product from them once again. We should all be throwing our support behind our only Canadian pride in the cellular world.

  • Mike

    I think the phone itself is fine, but it’s just so late to the party that it has to be BETTER than everyone else to persuade potential buyers to make the switch.

    It might be on par, but not better. It’s gonna be a tough sell for me to jump ship.

  • rikin

    I will NOT buy BB10. I played with the demo model at Bestbuy Mobile and it sucks. There are no apps; it doesn’t even have facebook and youtube apps. It takes you to the mobile websites of facebook and youtube. The touch screen is as horrible as previous BBs. I’d even prefer Huawei over BB.

    • Silver Bullet

      No Facebook or Youtube apps ? Were you on crack when you demoed the device.

      Both apps are preloaded on BB10.

  • shadyguy

    I think this phone will be great for all the BB users out there and there are alot out there. Its selling out all over the UK (A simple google search will tell you as such) but its gonna be a hard sell in the US with the pushed back launch.

  • Frank

    I would use one, but I just bought a Nexus 4 which I love, and I don’t want to shell out more money for a new phone. If it was given to me as a gift I would use it.

  • Alexandru

    Hi All,

    BB Z10 is a wonderful device as design and software platform.
    Just look how much time was invested to allow you to have an enjoyable user experience.
    Also from the development perspective is a great development platform.
    In my opinion is not only the hardware which makes a great phone but primarily its software platform (os and its features).

    Blackberry as a company deserves our support for its effort to do the right thing and survive in a tough market.
    So, let’s be open to other possibilities and not just discard before really seeing the device and playing with it for a while. One more important thing:
    – Blackberry is a secure platform used by world governments, corporations and defence establishments.

    Can you have this level of security and privacy in Android?
    Have you seen or had the need to have an antivirus on Blackberry as you usually do in Android?
    That’s why my friends let’s think thoroughly of what phone we get that we get the best personal data and privacy protection directly from the platform itself not from third party solutions…

    Let’s give a chance to Blackberry. It deserves it!

    All the best,

    • Tom

      I want BB10 to succeed too, but your points about security/privacy and malware on Android are blown out of proportion.

      Fact is, the moment your phone is activated on a network, you’ve given up a lot of privacy. Doesn’t matter what OS you use. Even a dumbphone. Big brother can use the phone network to know where you are at all times. Even consumers themselves want this so they can track lost phones.

      Security – fair enough for corporations and governments. However, everyday consumers are unlikely to care, which is why people even buy phones other than blackberry.

      Malware – it’s called watching what you surf. I have never once been compromised on Windows for nearly 10 years, and for the last 3 years I stopped bothering with 3rd party anti-malware programs because they just weren’t useful. The vast majority of malware-delivery sites are laughably obvious anyway, even to the less tech savvy users. Ditto for Android. Never needed to install anti-malware apps.

      I’m buying a Q10 for someone else as a gift, but I’ll personally stick with my Android because it does what I want and hasn’t given me any problems.

    • schultzter

      Umm, yeah, except the “security” argument is out the window with BB10 – it’s not running on the Blackberry network so it’s no more secure than Android, iOS or WP! Each individual app needs to implement TLS and each user should activate it.

    • Alexandru


      I suggest that you check the permissions to your installed applications.
      There are so many apps requesting access to what is not really needed.
      Every time you will install a Blackberry app you will be shown the permissions screen.
      You are able to disable these you don’t want the app to have.
      This is not possible in Android. You have to ask yourself why Google has not done such simple thing? Are they putting forward the developer of apps over the privacy of the users using Android?

      You and everyone else should not underestimate the potential of data privacy breaches.
      Your phone stores a lot of things about your own private life.
      Should you be so indifferent to this aspect?
      The fact that you have not seen a breach in your own privacy it doesn’t mean it did not happened.

      All the best,

  • fandroid

    IS THIS N4???

  • Luke C

    I want one yesterday. Unfortunately, I don’t qualify for an upgrade for quite some time.

  • flagejan

    ridiculous polls lol, CIBC has already showed 50% of all BB10 buyers are non BB users

  • Johentie

    got mine already.. wife got hers too.. sold my nexus 4 and she sold her S3…

    android is just not for me.. don’t get me wrong i;m a certified linux admin and that stuff is great on the androids but email and communication is a fail..

    if u don’t have gmail.. forget about having a good email experience

    • Nathen

      You are so full of it.

      So all of a sudden you sold your Nexus 4 and BB10 is the best thing since sliced bread because of EMAIL ? !!!

      L M A O
      To top that off your an admin, admin of what ? BB network ?
      God you people are funny.

  • Aidolon

    If I could buy one for $300 outright I’d buy one today, purely out of curiosity, to see how it stacks up against Android. Unfortunately, with them priced at $550 and up, and with more than two years left on my contract, I’ll have to stick to my Galaxy S3 for now.

    As much as I’d like to see BlackBerry succeed, I can’t afford buying such an expensive piece of hardware outright… So my vote is for “waiting for prices to come down”.

  • thatshipislonggone

    get ready to read more “paid” “news” , polls , reports from “analysts” abt BB10 for another 3 months. after that they will announce poor sales.

    saw this happen with win 7 , win 8 , windows surface , play book , lumia.

  • Brian

    This poll speaks volumes.

    The majority of us have zero interest in the device but the BlackBerry employees are coming in droves to upvote positive comments and downvote negative comments regarding BB10. I hope they’re not on company time but maybe BB is paying them to do it.

    • Sprat

      I guess you’re not aware of the news that it’s selling quite well in the UK and Canada so far

    • Geoff

      Oh yeah, because everything must be some sort of corporate conspiracy!

      I’m sure there’s no chance that the majority of people who bother to come into a thread about Blackberry on a Canadian website are at all interested in Blackberry actually doing well. This doesn’t mean that they’re going to buy the phone themselves, but there are many different reasons for that. I personally put Undecided because I can’t get a new phone for a couple months and it’s impossible to tell what’s going to happen between then and now.

      TLDR; just because someone isn’t going to buy the phone doesn’t mean they don’t have a generally positive view on it. These people will upvote other positive comments.

    • Tom

      I don’t care about any of those methods of determing its success.

      I’m waiting for the next earnings call. And even then one has to sort of the difference between units shipped and units actually sold.

    • BBJ

      OS but when you compare it to BB 10 there is something missing…I just love the multitasking feature of BB10, keyboard is absolutely amazing, and even some of the Apps actually works better in BB10 than iOS or Andriod.

      The fact that I can stream movies wirelessly from BB10 to my smart TV is priceless – yes my Razr got this feature as well but BB10 is flawless. Also, with BB10 you don’t need a specific Blackberry plan; you can use any smart phone plan.

      Overall, BB10 is a superior phone, solid build and a great quality phone.

  • Geoff

    I’m not going to get a new phone until the end of April, so I guess we’ll see how it’s doing at that point. I have to admit that I’m really tempted.

  • Sprat

    wow…about 45% will be getting BB10 sooner or later in some way based on this poll.

    • phone guy

      I am one of the 45% and i would only be getting this phone if it is free

  • nexus

    This site is full of fandroids. Of course almost all are trolling. I like all platforms except WP.

    • pacalis

      Every site is full of fandroids because here’s a lot of people on that ecosystem that love it.

      My GS3 is a delightful device. And while I have been a loyal blackberry user because of email, now that everyone else has caught up or past it, I don’t see the potential for value. I’m never going back.

      Keyboard? Ha. The speech recognition on ICS is a killer app. I hit the voice button “Search nearby tim hortons,” and there they all are, ready to navigate to. My texts are longer and in proper English because the speech recognition is near perfect. Youtube is great. So is aCalendar (better than any other platform). So are sharing services. So is the browser. So is the low light camera upgrade.

      In sum, Caveat emptor BB fans.

    • Alex

      I notice the fandroids as you call them are the first to comment on an article about BB or IOS or WP. Kind of reeks of a lack of self worth if you ask me.

    • Tom

      @pacalis: BB10 does have some features integrated directly into the OS that on Android are just “another app” and often not quite as good in operation.

      e.g. Skype for android is a battery hog just running in the background, and has an annoying habit of auto syncing IMs from your PC right into your face even if you don’t want to see what your last chat on your PC was. It’s also not useful for pure phone-to-phone calling unless your friend is also running it in the background, which is unlikely.

      Google Talk has the annoying inability to route audio through the “ear speaker” so it’s locked into speakerphone mode. It also cannot send images from phone-to-phone.

      Whatsapp does much better as a texting app and lets you send images, but it tends to have delays of a few minutes, and it uses your phone # as a “username” which can be an inconvenience when you change your number.

      BBM, on the other hand, being directly integrated into the OS can be optimized for the hardware and doesn’t need to be actively running in order to receive a call request so it works much better than Skype for calls. It’s also more reliable as a texting app. I have seen friends using the latest BBM on their old Bolds and I’m quite impressed.

      I’ll still stick with my CyanogenMod 10.0 phone for other reasons, but BB is looking good, and it is capable of doing things better than Android currently does. What’s wrong with admitting that? I dislike iOS and I’m willing to admit that it does some things better, such as the app store’s higher standards.

  • Dalex

    I would have bought one if the battery didn’t suck. Its the most important spec. Not buying any more phones that don’t have at least the battery life of the Note 2/RAZR series of phones.

  • ggff

    Battery and camera aren’t good enough. I would rather get a nexus 4 for $309.

  • Clee

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S3. I love my S3, but I still miss my Blackberry Bold. For communication purposes, Blackberry is still far more superior. I am holding off for the BB Q10. I hope I will get something with the best of both worlds.

  • kp0w3r

    As cool as the z10 looks i still love my Gnex

  • Dan S

    Bought mine in the morning. Been playing around with it all day. Have it on charge now. Need to get some work done. lol

  • Silver Bullet

    I have owned both an S4 and a iPhone 4. After a few months of use, both started lagging noticeably. Weird app crashes, browser crashes, screen getting bogged down when trying to answer a call, opening the messages app etc.

    If you do a little bit of research on QNX, the operating system behind BB10 is built for stability. So far in my use the device has been lightening fast with no perceptible lag at any point.

    That alone makes BB10 a winner in my books.

    • schultzter

      You just your Z10! I sure hope it isn’t already lagging!!!

  • phone guy

    45% chosen “No thanks” LOL

  • Tom

    Just read that they will be updating their Android support from 2.3 to 4.1 or 4.2!

    Great news. I was waiting for that to be sure that they are serious about supporting Android apps.

    I’m still on the fence, but that makes a big difference.

  • Herp Derperson

    Where’s the “I already scalped my preorder for $1200 on eBay” option?

  • kar`

    Why is it that people don’t know that a Z10 can side load most android apps? Even google maps runs on a z10.

    As for iOS and android being on versions 4 and 5 and the Z10 being on version 1, I agree. People forget that iOS and android are still first generation phones. The Z10 and windows 8 phones are version 1 of a second generation. Its like argueing that no one would buy an xbox 360 because they have a playstation 1 at home with a bunch of games. People will buy the first of a new generation of a tech and the apps will follow.

    People need to be more open minded. I’m in the USA and can not wait to get rid of my buggy android that deadlocks on occasion for a z10. People that had z10 dev alphas said they are crash free. Not shocking since the z10s foundation is qnx.

  • MIt

    I want to buy one, but will hold off for now, I’m only in canada for another year before I move back home and dont want to sign a contract . At the same time While I want this device really badly, I cant justify spending over $500 on any phone as a current student

  • Paul

    @ Brian…not sure what you are talking about. 46 % are getting the phone in some capacity with 10% undecided. Whether it is now, when the price goes down or waiting for the Q10 in a couple of months. Considering Blackberry has approx. 27 – 28 % marketshare now I thing that is pretty good stats to be looking at in that totally unscientific survey if they held up. Besides if people from BB were on here the numbers would be significantly higher wouldn’t they?

  • phone guy

    the truth will come out when Blackberry releases their Q1 earning
    the poll is already showing not so good of sign

  • james

    Just bought mine from fido 2yr $250 (gave me another 100 bucks off) free case and free screen protector

  • Anderson

    I recently bought a Motorola Razr HD and love the Android OS but when you compare it to BB 10 there is something missing…I just love the multitasking feature of BB10, keyboard is absolutely amazing, and even some of the Apps actually works better in BB10 than iOS or Andriod.

    The fact that I can stream movies wirelessly from BB10 to my smart TV is priceless – yes my Razr got this feature as well but BB10 is flawless.

    Overall, BB10 is a superior phone, solid build and a great quality phone.

  • cd

    26% people replied yes, that is the market share of bb in canada for smart phones. interesting stat.

  • DRI

    Not for me. I just got a new Windows Phone 8 and and quite happy with it.

  • Nothin But RIM

    @Adam – it actually got there faster than my iPhone which is still connected to Wi-Fi which didn’t pick it up until I opened the mail icon for it to search.

  • Anderson J.

    OS but when you compare it to BB 10 there is something missing…I just love the multitasking feature of BB10, keyboard is absolutely amazing, and even some of the Apps actually works better in BB10 than iOS or Andriod.

    The fact that I can stream movies wirelessly from BB10 to my smart TV is priceless – yes my Razr got this feature as well but BB10 is flawless. Also, with BB10 you don’t need a specific Blackberry plan; you can use any smart phone plan.

    Overall, BB10 is a superior phone, solid build and a great quality phone.

  • Relax.

    Everyone here needs to relax. At the end of the day, Hardware and Software is very subjective and personal. It this hardware and software works for you then yes it’s probably the best software in your eyes…if not no need to bash it.

    From what I get reading half these comments is that, most of you are just trying to justify the OS and Phone you purchased to make yourself feels superior to the rest. What purpose does it serve? Heck I dont use any of these OS’s you guys all troll about.

    I’m using Nokia N9 and I’m stoked and it works for me, I think it’s great a OS, I can see iOS is popular ( Small learning curve, easy to use), Android (Complex but full of customizations but the thing that comes with lots of customization is that…there is lots of ways to mess up your phone), and BB10 is a new OS, seems to be the middle grounds of the 2…It nails down the real functions of a “Phone” and is just starting to grow in the “apps + etc.”

    Everyone remember, to each their own.

  • Anderson J.

    OS but when you compare it to BB 10 there is something missing…I just love the multitasking feature of BB10, keyboard is absolutely amazing, and even some of the Apps actually works better in BB10 than iOS or Andriod.
    The fact that I can stream movies wirelessly from BB10 to my smart TV is priceless – yes my Razr got this feature as well but BB10 is flawless. Also, with BB10 you don’t need a specific Blackberry plan; you can use any smart phone plan.
    Overall, BB10 is a superior phone, solid build and a great quality phone.

  • Laura Smith

    No, but only because I just bought a Samsung S3 in August or else I would be!

  • hfx_nick

    I picked up a Z10 for a family member today. I set up a bunch of demo content on it to try it out, and I searched for all of my frequently used apps that I have on my Optimus G.

    The only things that BB10 is really missing for me is Google Apps that I use frequently and my Scotiabank & TD apps for personal banking. These are just apps – they come with time.

    The media content available in BlackBerry World is actually pretty decent and the overall look and feel of the device (and the UI) isn’t bad.

    It’s a long way from being perfect for us ‘power users’ but it will make a lot of people pretty happy.

  • Tom

    “BB10 is powered by the most secure robust industrial OS out there on the market today…it’s QNX”

    And Linux is used in every imaginable scenario and has about 1000x as many eyeballs scrutinizing it for issues every day.

    But so what, these are smartphones, not Mars rovers!

  • Draven

    I will upgrade as soon as it is finanancially not insane to do so…lol

    I am currently an iPhone user…don’t like the unpredictability of updates that seems to be inherent to Android, but wouldn’t fault anyone who likes Android. For me, a big decision would be whether I leave iOS because all my music is in iTunes…well, BlackBerry made sure that’s not an issue, because BlackBerry Link will allow media syncing with iTunes. That is a HUGE plus, and tells me that BlackBerry is seriously changing, for the better.

  • john

    As a past RIM employee who worked with the BB10 during its beta stage, I’m happy to see it come so far to where it is today. Nonetheless, I am choosing to keep my Galaxy S3. The Z10 is great, no doubt, but I do not see any particular feature/reason that would compel me to switch. Then again, it’s a matter of personal opinion, consumers should buy what they want in a phone, not what others say is the “best”.

  • roger

    Can’t buy it, the screen is too small!

  • Ryan

    As I stated even before the Z10 came out, it would have poor battery life due to the tiny 1800mah battery, a larger screen and the dual core processor. Many over optimistic BB fans voted my post down. Who’s laughing now? Just read any review on the Z10 and we find out that in a wee 6-8 hours of moderate usage the battery was completely drained! This means it can barely make it through a work day! Personally, I would have bought a Z10, but this battery life is pathetic 🙁 At least they opted for a removable battery which is a slight saving grace, but what a pain having to have an extra charged battery with you every where you go. I think I am going to wait for the Galaxy S4 to come out, the rumour is a 2600mah or larger removable battery 🙂

  • HwyXingFrog

    iPhone – People who think they are getting a innovative device, but don’t realize they are getting features from other devices that have already been done before.

    Android – Truly innovative design, and choice to get what you want, just as long as you understand you are somewhat limited to what accessories are available compared to iPhone

    Android (Nexus) – Having an unlocked device, with the latest version of a very clean Android operating system, and having an extreme limitation on accessories

    Blackberry – Targeted for business professionals, people who still have the need for BBM, ability to use data without a “Data” plan (Facebook, etc).

    Windows Phone – I only see as truly advantageous to heavy Xbox 360, Hotmail, Office, MSN users (Microsoft).

    Although Blackberry took their time coming out with a new kind of device, operating system, and overall baseline, there is still a large target audience, I just hope they can reel back in users that gave up waiting and decided to go with iPhone or Android.

  • BBJ

    OS but when you compare it to BB 10 there is something missing. I just love the multitasking feature of BB10, the keyboard is absolutely amazing, and even some of the Apps actually works better in BB10 than iOS or Andriod.

    The fact that I can stream movies wirelessly from BB10 to my smart TV is priceless – yes my Razr got this feature as well but BB10 is flawless. Also, with BB10 you don’t need a specific Blackberry plan; you can use any smart phone plan.

    Overall, BB10 is a superior phone, solid build and a great quality phone.

  • Windy City

    By the time Wind lets me upgrade my hardware BB Q10 will be out. Anyway, let’s see how it is once all the bugs get worked out first. The demo’s I tried didn’t work, couldn’t even unlock the screen. Had to shutdown the phone and start it up which took over 5 minutes then I could finally launch something from the application grid. Unfortunately if you are trying to open your apps and switch between them its not the greatest experience. Its a different way of doing things just not necessarily to my taste.

  • gpsniper

    The challenge is that what if a year or two from now BB goes belly up. where will my IOS updates come from.

  • kayn

    There just isn’t anything compelling enough about either the new BB hardware or OS to pull me away from Android and the incredible hardware that it runs on.

  • @Silver Bullet

    @Silver Bullet. Go to a Mobile store and demo this crapberry10. Tap hard on YouTube app (link), it will take you to YouTube mobile website. Come back to the home and then tap hard again on Facebook app (link), you will be nicely taken to Facebook’s mobile website. The BestBuy mobile expert also confirmed that there are no dedicated YouTube and Facebook apps for crapberry10. Once you’re on the Facebook, you will see a nice message stating that “if you think this is a dedicated app then you’re reinvented and re-engineered d_u_m_b_o”.

  • Ka-ra-te Master, The Fifth Dan

    no way, RIM always trombones early adopters, just like they tromboned those 2 or 3 people that stood in line for the launch of their playbook

    imagine spending $600 on a playbook ????!!! hahahaha

    no thanks RIM, you have to prove yourself WORTHY of my money

    if I see some tangible updates to the OS for the missing features before the US launch I may consider purchasing, if not ill put it back into my wallet

    the ball is in your court

  • Sgt.Romanov

    Yes , went to have a look at it today and will definitely be picking up the new BB10 in a few weeks

  • Khan

    Picked one up today at lunch and I have to say its growing on me. For those of you only looking for apps look elsewhere. There are many apps but not all the ones that you’ll find on ios or android. The UI is intuitive but takes some getting used to. I haven’t had a chance to fully charge it yet but it was 50% charged when I got it and within 4hrs it was down to red. The keyboard is great as with any bb. I haven’t really used it to its full extent yet but based on my usage so far I may be returning to my s3.

  • Ron Mexico

    yup. Because I am tired of all the BS on Android. I loved Android. I felt it gave me joy and happiness, but it is time to move onto a modern OS. Android just doesn’t cut it any more. When less that 15% of users are on the only usable version of Android and when Samsung completely owns the platform, I knew it was time to move on.

  • Stanislav

    If there is anything worse than an Android or iOS fanboy it’s a BlackBerry fanboy. The new OS so far seems pretty lame to me. It’s behind the competition in many ways. I don’t see what’s so great about it. I wouldn’t buy one. If one were given to me I would give it away or use it as a coaster. Losers

    • Alexandru


      Could you please present some decent arguments why BB 10 is lame and such?

      All the best,

  • braden

    Never liked BlackBerry never well.

  • Jean-Michel

    One feature that buggs me, and we’re in 2013, is that you have to do a whole Security Wipe just to remove your blackberry ID from the phone! That’s OLD! PLUS, there’s nothing about CLOUD on their marketing. This phone should scream Collaboration and Cloud and instead it whispers “usb sync” and “collawhat?”.

    I love picture taking with the phone, and general user interface is OK, I think they need to focus on their strenghts, collaboration.

    Here’s an example. I should be able to manage events on a blackberry like facebook does. Invite wohever you want, say what when where, etc… Without actually requiring facebook! I should be able to tap phone with a friend and share contact or files easier than it is to say “Hi!”, yet they’re not there yet, how is that possible?

    I mean, it’s a business or social phone, and it’s not a feature that shines, how weird does that feel?

    I strongly believe this is still a GREAT product, I wish The Astonishing Tribe can drive this OS further than some older blackberry programmers that are lazy and probably don’t like their jobs.

  • captain67

    I won’t be buying one. I want to wait and see where BB10 goes first. Battery life is my primary concern most of the time, so I want to see how that works out, and the first device of its kind is never the best. I expect RIM will launch an even better BB10 device later on in the near future.

  • Tom

    I don’t get the fuss about battery life. It’s a smartphone with dual cores and LTE. If it can last a day of moderate usage without going into the red battery zone, that’s quite standard. If you remember to put your phone on the charger every night before you go to bed, then battery shouldn’t be a problem. This isn’t a dumbphone where the battery can last 2 weeks on standby and barely budge. BB7 devices had great battery life because their power requirements weren’t much higher than those of dumbphones – they had smaller screens, slower CPUs, no LTE, few demanding apps, etc.

    Videos and games are going to significantly accelerate the draining on any phone – that’s a given. If you’re going to do that often, carry a spare charger.

    Micro USB cables are ridiculously cheap too (vs $30 apple chargers) – for $10 I got four spares, and I have a charger in two of my bags, my car, and my workplace. I’m rarely away from a charger for more than half a day. If I’m away from a charger for longer than that, I’m probably doing something where the phone isn’t necessary, like sightseeing during a vacation, or just suffering on a long flight.

  • Nathen

    I guess there is FANBOYS on all sides of the camps.

    Let’s be honest though , Android and Apple control the mobile sector.
    To be honest there Android is going to be very hard to beat in terms of everything it does for the value it offers.

    I hope BB does well for sake of competition alone but it will not offer any better then IOS or ANDROID.

  • Nathen

    L M A O I love how all these people saying BB10 is better then Android and Apple.

    Right, lets see what happens in a few months.

    Silly kids.

  • Oathe_

    @Bill Murray, I simply want to let you know that, I for one bought the Z10 already and that I am currently working in the telecommunication industry, thus I do enjoy talking about phones and find the subject quite interesting.

  • Mr Dobolina….Mr Bob Dobolina

    Picked one up at Virgin this morning. Just got home from work so we shall see over the next few days. We ordered them for our entire group based on some product demos we were lucky enough to view. Anyway early on I do like the key board alot but it is going to be a bit of a learning curve. The Hub is brilliant for our type of work. Balance we have to wait for our systems lady to get up and running but should be the key feature for our company. On the down side the BB bridge to the Playbook does not have a ton of functionality …..I hope this changes with a PlayBook update as I am not happy about this. The phone itself looks very interesting but as I said I will need a couple of full days to form a better opinion.

  • Mark

    Looks like mobilesyrup’s fan base is mainly android and iphone users:)

  • ukrainian

    I bet it’s going way above list price on redflagdeals – the most over priced website for sell/buy out there lol

  • rileyfreeman

    nope. only because Ill be winning your contest for the Z10 🙂 lol

  • xenrobia

    Got mine from Telus already and it is everything I hoped it would be: a fast, powerful and silky smooth OS, an efficient, easy to use and extremely elegant UI – an absolute dream to use. BlackBerry has done themselves proud and I thank them.

  • Don Johnson

    Cool, Blackberry can have 56% of the smart phone market, my shares will go to $2000, Blackberry made me rich!

  • ethan

    not until they fully support Android apps

  • iCrap

    Am I buying one??? Do I look like a brain-damaged village i***t or somethin’?

  • Jimmy.D

    Just because Google asks for all these permissions, doesn’t mean there constantly tracking what you use and such. Never owned blackberry, only Android. Sticking to That.

  • Anthony

    From the research and online reviews I’ve done the new BB10 mobile computing phones are awesome that jump ahead of Android and Iphone.

    The QNX Operating System seems amazingly fast and the new platform is praised by APP developers. Used where fail-safe systems are required (see – owned by Blackberry). The “App Gap” between Blackberry and Android will quickly fill as new and exciting APs come out. I’m expecting to see new Aps come out that are optimized to the superior BlackBerry platform. Existing Droid and Iphone Aps are portable anyways to the new BlackBerry platform, that’s why there are 70,000 Aps already (that was done in weeks not years). Check out

    Blackberry is screening Aps that aren’t considered “safe” (ie. don’t protect privacy and security) before going into there store. I just don’t trust droid and Iphone for security which is a yearly groing problem. I like keeping my identitiy not giving it to thieves.

    Finally I hear tech savy kids love this phone – enough said!

  • Brent M

    So im with telus and my contract has 2 years left, I can get a Z10 right now for 300 bucks off if I exchange my 4S for it.

    But I really like the lumia 920 (telus doesn’t offer it). What the hell am I supposed to do. So hard to decide.