128GB iPad with Retina Display available today starting at $799


  • Johnny


    • shaun lee

      poor guy..

      dont know why just a “wow” can get low comment rating..

      maybe so many apple haters here

    • Cody

      Personally IMO it should be illegal to make such a profit off of a device. I wish profits were regulated to say 30%. What’s Apple making, something like 500% per device?!

  • Nexus 4 Life

    only kids whos parents have slave money example: china, usa, some parts of africa can afford this. us decent white folk will have to stick with our androids

    • Slave

      Yes, us slave people worked our asses off while you decent white folks made a buck off our backs.
      You idi0t.

    • Tyrone

      You’re an i***t

    • Mike

      There is nothing decent about you.

    • vn33

      Backward people like you makes me realize racism is still out there … just hidden !!

  • Pablo Moses

    Same product, same design, this is why nobody camp outside Apple store.

  • some guy

    I just bought a laptop for $600 and it came with a 500GB HDD and a 128GB SSD. Boy oh boy I wish I had bought the iPad instead.

    lulz. $800. BWAHAHAHAHA! Oh Apple.. smh

    • shaun lee

      poor win8 pro tablets

  • Kid.Canada

    iOS is old news…

  • john

    Bahhhh, said the isheep as they nodded in approval….take our money apple

  • daksen

    revolutionary 🙂

  • Tom

    “Whether the average consumer needs that much space, especially without native access to a file system”

    Hit it right on. Lack of native access to the file system is what I always hated about iOS, more than anything else. Even Android tablets aren’t exactly intuitive when it comes to file management from the device itself.

    I’m also one of those people who has never seen any use for an ARM-processor tablet, regardless of its operating system. It’s just a giant smartphone without the phone, and if you’re going to do any serious productive work, you’re going to get a keyboard peripheral anyways, so might as well get a laptop. And apart from Microsoft’s built-in office on Windows RT, no mobile app designed for productivity can compare to a full-fledged desktop cousin running on an x86 CPU.

    Tablet PCs on the other hand (with those fancy digitizer pens that have right click buttons) are extremely useful and practical, plus their inputs are designed such that your palm can’t mess up your writing accidentally. And of course there’s all the standard I/O ports like USB, HDMI, VGA, etc. I have a Lenovo thinkpad that cost me $850 with a special discount and I have yet to find anything an iPad does that it can’t do better. Hell, I can even play less-demanding PC games on it if I’m bored, including all those Humble Bundle titles. I did spend extra to add in an SSD and I dual boot Windows and Ubuntu and both load in under 15 seconds.

    At $799 you’re stepping into tablet PC territory. Anyone who buys this and claims it’s for productivity needs to get their head checked.

  • DrBadass


  • Tyrone

    If anybody does that buys this needs to be laughed at. Anybody does buy the LTE needs some common sense knocked into them.

    Basically somebody gonna spend 1,000 on a iPad you might as well spend the 4-500 dollars to get a Macbook instead.

    • Mike

      Ah yes, the “I don’t need it so nobody else needs it” mentality.

  • ily

    Who cares

  • iDiot

    i’m waiting outside the apple store now, hopefully i’ll be seen on the news.

  • Superfly

    IOS is so 2010. Like who cares about what apple releases anymore. 2 years ago every young person I knew had, needed or wanted an iphone or ipad. But guess what, They all have the s3 or note 2. Hundreds of them.

  • Lol

    Two words….Money Pit.

  • shadyguy

    Apple is cashing in while they can – maybe they know it. Bring in the sheep – please.

  • Tomatoes11

    Apple is getting pretty desperate with all of their moves lately. They seem to be panicking way too soon. They have a 100 billion in the bank, they can hang on longer than Nintendo.

    They are not in a Sega situation and need to go for broke raping their customers with every product imaginable yet. Take your time, use some of that money, and come up with something better than a 128gb Ipad.

    At their current pace they seem to be selling what they can as fast as they can. Not a very good strategy, yet.

  • shadyguy

    Its called 0 percent innovation “lets slap in a bigger hard drive and sell her for all she’s worth… sound good?….sure” Apples new philosophy.

  • Mike

    Let me start off by saying I am not a fan of Apple. I don’t like their OS, I don’t like their cockiness, I don’t like their law suits, etc.

    Having said that, I think it’s ridiculous how lots of people here are saying you don’t need this, I got a laptop with a bigger hard drive for less money, bla bla bla…

    Whether a product is worth the money is between the seller and the buyer, not anybody else. If I want to spend $800 on an iPad with a smaller hard drive than your $400 laptop, that’s my choice. Personally, I’m glad we live in a country where we do have these choices. Would you rather not have choices?

    • Alex

      Well said Mike. I think most people here don’t have a clue that the 128GB option was requested by a lot of customers (ie healthcare).

    • Tom

      Fair enough, but one concern many have is that when Apple makes stupid amounts of cash off such lack of innovation, it tends to inspire similar moves from the competition and puts industry standards at risk.

      People voice similar concerns with how the Call of Duty video games never change anything with each iteration and overcharge for DLC – yes they have every right to buy or not buy it but when such a d**k move becomes uber successful it inspires copycats (i.e. EA trashing their Battlefield series) and products just get worse and worse.

    • Tomatoes11

      You have it all backwards Mike. The people here just feel that it is their duty, as a member of the society, to warn people that Apple is raping them hard with products that are way too expensive for what they do.

      If the i****s here take the sound advice going around and still decide that they want to add to the 100 billion in Apple’s bank account, then they are free to do so. Like you said, that is your choice. However, there is also freedom of speech and we are free to question the choices of others as well. Especially if their choice is as bad as buying a 128 gb ipad for $800.

  • meh

    Seriously…for $799, I could have bought a Samsung Series 9 (NP900-D3)with 128gb ssd, 4gm ram, 1.4ghz and full Windows 8. (Amazon.com btw, few days ago)

    So why would any logical person buy this? If you are buying to surf, you are not going to need 128gb. If you are buying to do work, you are better off with a fully functional keyboard and operating system.

    • shaun lee

      there are so many….

      for example, I can use irig to plug in my electronic guitar, and install tones of effects and background music in my ipad…
      i can line out my ipad, connect to amplifier then enjoy loseless music with my hifi headphones…

      for laptop, poor integrated soundcard, no line out, poor battery life, sometimes useless keybroad…

      is it enough?

  • Superfly

    @mike…..(while he secretly types of one of his apple products, ashamed to admit it.)

  • ActivesiN

    good for apple to set the trend of 128gb tablets
    now we wait for android tablets at a fraction of the price to do the same!

  • Lukeiphone

    I have been an apple supporter but…this is just waste of money.

  • JimSillyballs

    My colon produces more innovative products than this crap.

  • Simble

    It’s almost Surface Pro pricing but with a mobile OS.

    • shaun lee

      win8 pro is a crap, we dont need a desktop os on a tablet, you guys just said, we can buy a $400 laptop which can run office smoothly.

      for 799, you cant get surface pro 128g, maybe a 32g acer pro. (not to mention build quality of acer)…

      market will justify the reasonability of a product, not you and me. Obviously, it cant be as popular as 16g version. but at least somebody need it.

  • ron

    please increase the price on this new apple device. i would like to buy it and show all my friends that i can afford this new apple device, even though i don’t know what its good for…

  • Nexus

    Apple is doing the exact same thing RIM did from 2008-2012. Come out with a new model with slightly bigger memory or processor and just charging a premium price. Curve 8300-8310-8520-9300-9360. Apple will head down the same road as RIM did (BB10 hopefully will turn things around) unless they change the milk the customer plan with just minor updates they have been doing with their products.

    • Tom

      Sadly this seems to work out really well for their laptops. Yes, they do advance the CPU/graphics/etc by one generation every year, like every PC vendor does, but the exterior has barely changed from 2008, other than the introduction of some thinner, lighter models.

      You literally can’t tell the difference between a 2009 Macbook pro and a 2013 (non-Retina) macbook pro, without looking closely at the video-out port, or just looking up the internal specs from the system settings. With most other vendors, there’s very clear exterior distinction between a 2009 and a 2010 model…


    not only does APPL milking their customers every dime they possibly can, but there is no innovation about IPAD anymore. boring, same old stuff. for that price, i rather get a good laptop.