128GB iPad with Retina Display available today starting at $799

If you use your tablet like a laptop,  today’s the day you can procure a 128GB iPad with Retina Display for $799 for the WiFi version and $929 for the LTE model.

This is the first time a tablet has been available with 128GB of storage, though there are some Android tabs like the Asus Transformer Tab Infinity that can hit the same mark with a combination of internal storage and a microSD card. Whether the average consumer needs that much space, especially without native access to a file system, is debatable, but it’s going to be very successful in the education and enterprise space.

The 128GB iPad is the first of many likely attempts by Apple to replace the traditional PC model — the equivalent 11-inch 128GB MacBook Air, for instance, is $300 more — despite the inherent multitasking limitations of iOS. With a stand case and a Bluetooth keyboard, the iPad can be used as a laptop replacement, especially since many native functions such as word processing and video editing are now available in app form.

If you’re thinking of investing in the capacious tablet, it’s available in 1-3 business days online, and should be in stores in the coming week.

Via: Apple