BlackBerry Experience Forum kicks off today in Toronto


  • scotiaguy

    In a Bell store and rep stated the store has been swampt with Z10 preorders

  • iphoneee

    If it’s not iOS, why would I want it?

    • smith

      because iOs is for pedophile

    • Sgt.Romanov

      Good for you keep your iPhone , so why do you keep posting here ? you must have some mental problem

  • Seriously?

    There’s nothing else to report but Blackberry? 8 bb news on the front page and the only superbowl commercial you reported on was BB? (Which was nothing special btw)

    • babablacksheep

      Are you surprised? That’s because Baaaaaaaaader and his gang are paid nice fat sums from Blackberry and likely carriers to shill Dingleberry news all day.

  • Dalex

    I was super excited for the Z10, but since the battery sucks, all my excitement was lost. Bring on the Google X phone.

  • wp8 user

    Pre ordered getting it tomorrow!!! Cant wait

  • Nomes

    The battery sucks claims are mixed. I looked at some other stats and reports from other sites and they have said it is comparable to other top smartphones.

    For example one site reported 8hrs and 39 mins for surfing, talking and gaming and under similar conditions the iphone lasted 8 hrs and 27 mins and the s3 was just under 8 hours.

    Mobilesyrup has even stated on a video looping they got i believe it lasted over 10 hours and for reloading a webpage lasted 8 hours. Normal conditions you should get a day use.

    Friends that already have the phone are ok to take the phone off the charger at 8 am and go until 8 pm. I am going to reserve my judgement until I use the phone myself.

  • wotzit2ya

    Dress Code ; “pocket liners”

  • rockman

    Gooo BB10 :):):)

  • Wepeel

    Maybe while you’re there you can get a lesson on grammar and proof-reading.

    “Hopefully we’ll hear some Canadian stats on carriers and customers are adopting the BlackBerry Z10.”

  • ShadowFist23

    Any word on how long the wait will be for Skype?

    • hoo dat

      Skpe is available right from launch.

  • hoo dat

    Sorry to say this, but they were showing how to run iOS and Android on BES10 and both looked really old. I’m not talking hardware here but both OSs looked dull and slow in comparison.

    I know I’m going to get flamed for this but I can only call it as I see it.

  • hoo dat

    Just heard this statistic: 50% of Z10 pre-registration through Bell, Rogers and Telus have come from Apple and Android.

    • Seriously?

      Source… no source=bulls#1t

    • hoo dat

      Source? How about all the above carriers who just so happen to be here. More sources? If it’s not all over the net by now, it will be soon enough.

      Sorry to ruin you day.

    • Seriously?

      Sounds just as credible as the 70,000 apps; which more than half are ported from Android

    • hoo dat

      So the Big3 aren’t considered a reliable enough source for you? How about CIBC? CBC? Quit being an apologist.

  • nomes

    @ Hoo dat can you comment on why iOS and android looked old on BES 10. What was it that gave it that feeling? Did the way BES 10 was handling it look old or odd or was it something else?

    • hoo dat

      Admitted the guy doing the demo pawed at the keyboards somewhat, he’s obviously a PK kinda guy, but it was more to do with the icons, layout and screen speed. Honestly, after a morning of Z10 demos and hands on testing, they both appeared tired.

  • hoo dat

    All 3 carriers are here, source is them. Besides, it’s being published all over the net as I type. If you get your news old school, you’ll read about it tomorrow.

    Sorry to ruin your day! 🙂

  • anjew

    wouldn’t it have made sense to have this forum AFTER more people receive the z10 and experience bb10 first?

    • hoo dat

      No, the forum was for enterprise and IT managers. With the phone being launched today and with companies like SAP initiating 16,000 Z10s today, it was important to ensure everyone was up to speed.