BlackBerry Experience Forum kicks off today in Toronto

BlackBerry is coming off a massive week and this week they are continuing their forge ahead. In Toronto today BlackBerry is holding the “BlackBerry Experience Forum,” then in Amsterdam today and tomorrow the BlackBerry Jam Europe 2013 conference is happening.

I’m sitting in on the Toronto BlackBerry Experience Forum and not entirely sure what will come out of it, however will update with anything of importance. Several BlackBerry execs are on tap to speak, namely Andrew MacLeod (Managing Directory for Canada), Jeff Holleran (Senior Director Enterprise Product Management) and Rory O’Neil (VP of Product & Channel Marketing).

Hopefully we’ll hear some Canadian stats on carriers and customers are adopting the BlackBerry Z10.

8:55am: packed house today.
8:56am: Andrew MacLeod stated that customers “LOVE BlackBerry 10.”
8:58am: Jeff Gadway is on stage giving a BlackBerry 10 demo
9:29am: BlackBerry stated that 45 Canadian companies took part in the testing during the roll out of BB10
9:29am: BlackBerry reiterated that BlackBerry 10 will automatically connect to you messaging service
9:33am: Andy Ambrozic from Ricoh Canada is talking BB10, says it’s “a knockout punch”