Winner in our Bell BlackBerry Z10 Contest!


  • Q

    The make it or break it phone.. I’d love to get my hands on one!

    • Nasdaq





    • Jack


      The NEW experience!

    • Eduardo


      Good luck to everyone but Trolls

    • Z10 Zee lowest Re-selling Value Phone

      How about YOU KEEP THE PHONE and I get to take out the Development director out for dinner?…In New YOOORK (Of Course)



    • A Man in suit with a Z10

      A man in a suit with a Z10 says:
      Why can’t you just get it! this is for business!

      -Guy at the other side of the table: What, the jacket??

  • Nasdaq

    RIP RIM is gone:

    Introducing: BlackbeRIP (TM)

  • Samsonite

    Why use this garbage when you can use an UNLOCKED nexus 4, for like $400.

    who the heck will sign for a contract with a crappy phone? not me

    • hoo dat

      Why can’t you Nexus 4 freaks get it through your heads that the N4 doesn’t suit everybody? I don’t know anyone who’s serious about business who would run without a removable battery or expandable memory. Even people are media heads couldn’t comfortably use an N4.

      We get it! It’s less than $400 taxes and shipping in, this is nothing new and we don’t need it rammed down our throats. But until you can come up with a way of me doing my business without either of those 2 options then that’s $400 too much because it’s useless to me.

      Please STOP comparing every single phone that gets mentioned here with the N4, it’s beyond tedious.

    • JMen

      id rather a high-end blackberry than a mid-range android

    • QC_Al

      -Non LTE phone
      -Non Expandible memory
      -Unsecure (I don’t care what the adverts say)
      -Can browse 2X the webpages/video, etcc per GB on mobile plan

      That’s why the Z10 over your dollar store Nexus 4

  • S2556

    I’d love to try out BB10

  • shaker

    want it.

  • Gary

    Hopefully Blackberry [don’t call us RIM] can shake of the specter of Jim Balsillie and make a comeback. I really hope that this once proud Canadian company can bounce back.

  • Mike

    I would like to win these things even once 🙁

    • Tony

      Me too!

  • EvanK

    I’d love a Z10, looks like an awesome phone.

  • Kid.Canada

    Can’t upgrade till 2015. Hook me up MS!!!

  • Steve

    I kind of want BlackBerry to succeed honestly, even if I never end up buying one of their phones.

    But.. never say never though. 🙂

  • monsterduc1000

    Sure, why not. Then I can sell it and put the funds toward a modern phone 🙂

    • Z10 Zee lowest Re-selling Value Phone

      If Koodo sells the prepaid version for $550, you can probably sell it for $300-$350 add $50 bucks and get a N4.

      Then you use the N4 (with a screen protector and case, of course) and resell it when the N6 arrives for 50% of what you paid! try doing that with any phone that is not an S3 or an iphone!

  • jess


  • ASH

    oh, yes please…..

  • rkarsk

    No contest tweet yet! 🙁

  • Jake

    Thanks MobileSyrup. You Rock!

  • Barb Emil Alexandru

    Omg ! Blackberry z10 my dream come true!

  • Omega Jimes

    Please give me this so I can retire my Nexus 4!

  • Earl

    BlackBerry Z10, BlackBerry reliability meets brand new tech. 🙂

  • sead

    That would be sweet

  • Ariel Rovner

    What a great phone ! I really want to get it !

  • Stealsoul85

    I try! 🙂

  • Johnny

    I’d gladly use that instead of my N4! Looks great!

  • Raid

    Already got one pre-ordered but would make a great gift for my wife.

  • Rob Young

    Would love to get to know the changes in user experience.

  • Kezghan

    Yes please.

  • Jason

    I want.

  • lol

    Galaxy s4 will crush this go Sammy! RIP rim

  • aviking

    I would like to give a blackberry a try so why not!

  • Brandon S


  • Sean Huston

    Yay! Go BB

  • Benjamin

    I want it sooo badly!!! Oh my goodness…

  • CCR601

    The touch screens I’ve used; Palm m125, Palm Tungsten E, BlackBerry Storm, BlackBerry Torch.
    The BlackBerry X10 would be a excellent addition to the collection.

  • Fenrir

    This coul potentially replace my s2

  • Jimmy

    The phone Spec is just great! i love it

  • John

    Looking like a good product and good launch. I like that they took their time. Hopefully they can back their claims and have it just work. There are a lot of people out there who don’t care that the specs are less than other phones… they just want something that works for them.

  • daredeshouka

    My brother would love one.

  • Shann

    Love it. Would love to replace my Galaxy Note 2 with this phone. Used to be a big BB fan, but they just couldn’t compete. This seems to be the device to bring me back!

  • Ali

    Please pick me (True BB Fan!)

  • Ian

    Sweet. I’ll take one for sure. Good luck everyone.

  • Sgt.Romanov

    To all you iphone trolls , hows your apple stock doing ?? and to samsung your phones are to big almost like a sauce pan to big , BB10 will rock this year , watch out !!

  • chuck

    This contest is great, its the only way I’ll ever get to own one.

  • kisd

    I’d trade my Nexus 4 for it.

  • Woodman


  • Andrew

    My last blackberry was a Pearl (81XX version) running OS 4.5. It would be neat to see how far they’ve come, what’s changed, and what (if anything) is still the same.

    Good luck everyone

  • Hilman

    Please DON’T pick me!!!!!

    • JohnN

      Reverse psychology?

  • bj

    not the one i want, but i will take it 😛

  • Miknitro

    You guys are pretty cool Mobile Syrup. thank you for a chance at a wicked phone.

  • Nick

    Gamechanging product, great contest! Can’t wait to get my hands on a BlackBerry Z10.

  • ikwaner

    I would like to try this out, iOS been very dull lately with the updates lol

  • hahabya

    600 for a phone with outdated spec – that’s so canadian

    • hoo dat

      Here we go, Fandroid spec obsession rearing up it’s ugly head again. I am so stunned that you can’t figure it out for yourself, the answer is right there and yet you’re too caught up with spec this and spec that that you can’t see it.


    • Anon

      Canadians have come up with a ton of things that benefit you largely, so shut your trap douche bag.

  • Vishal

    oh man, i would love to have one of these! sign me up!

  • Phil Mcleod

    Contest blackberry Z10 very interested in winning this. Then I could upgrade from my torch thank you.

  • Chris

    would love to get my hands on a new one. my bb is looking a little worse for wear 🙁

  • BB

    I came to Android from a BlackBerry and would like to see what they have done to get me back. Might not happen, but you never know.

  • Alex

    Soooo awesome!

  • Alain Lafond

    For sure, winning the new BlackBerry is a good way to get to know the platform, and talk about it later…

  • Khalil

    Yes please! Thanks

  • terry

    oooh i would love one.

  • kayn

    I have zero interest in this phone, but I’ll enter the contest anyway because, well, why the hell not?

  • Justin – J09GTSGraphite

    Good luck to everyone! The winner will be a lucky one!

  • NG

    Count me in on this!!

  • Oscar

    cool. thanks!

  • ryan radtke

    ty for another great contest

  • Harry


  • vlicaros


    To each their own. I like BB, you like iPhone. That’s life..

  • microft

    I like blackberry pie

  • Rio

    I want 😀 The z10 actually looks legit. Looks like a quality phone similar to the iPhones.

    No cheap plastic

  • jess

    Done and Done! Please may I have one? 🙂

  • Doris Pischzan

    I am looking forward to the new blackberry. As a Canadian I am a a big advocate on Canadian made products and believe that all Canadians should feel the same. Lets support our products.

  • Lyndon

    While not a Blackberry fan myself I wouldn’t mind checking this one out!

  • jess

    Can I haz one? 😀

  • Andrew B

    I’m the biggest BlackBerry lover there is. If I win this phone, it will be in the best possible hands. Please pick me! My BB 9800 needs a rest 🙂

  • Dennis

    Yes please!


    BB10 is perfectly developed OS. mostly focused on mature/serious audience/users. it have a decent scree size. fingers are not getting tired unlike the big-screen phones. quick multitasking is a bonus point for bb10 when comparing to iOS and android. Now bb10 is directly competing iPhone and Android. The most important thing is, BB10 have to get top communication Apps to give a good reason for iPhone and android users to migrate to BB10.

  • Roman

    Give it time, the BlackBerry Z10 can do some damage. Sure would be nice to have one!

  • Rob

    I’ve been using an N4 for two months but I’d switch to this in a second if it were priced comparably

  • Jimbo

    I’ll take this anyday

  • eltyper

    I need this asap!!

  • Alex

    Yeeeeeeee boooyyyyy!

  • DJ-OnZ

    Would be sweet!

  • Tyrone

    Cheers to everybody who voted.

  • Steeve Francillon

    Time to try something new!!!!!!!!!

  • Chris

    would love to support canada pride with this phone

  • JP

    This is a must have phone!
    Can’t live without BBM.

  • Waqas

    Come on comment on every single post for prizes and nothing yet. Hopefully this comment gets me this amazing phone. Come on MOBILESYRUP show me some love.

  • Barnyard

    I want!!!!!!

  • JM

    I hope I win. 🙂

  • Umesh sukheja

    sorry to say but @android, @iphone you days will end soon because black berry is back…….

  • JohnN

    I would consider entering this contest, as long as it doesn’t mean I have to become a Bell customer . . . .

  • Paul

    Send this to me please…lol

  • Gerry

    RIP RIM and long live Blackberry! The Z10 made them relevant. Bravissimo

  • Paul

    Everyone has a dream!!

  • j.Ly

    Damn snappy!! I’m all over this one like chicken fried rice. Gotta try out the pride of Canada.

  • Tarun kanhere

    the specs of z10 are just awesome i really like to win this contest.

  • David N

    Not sold on bb10, but she would like to give it a try!

  • nexus 4 life

    just got back from there launch event. it was nice free boos. i honestly gotta say the z10 is absolutely terrible. the douche bag tries so hard to hype up features i have seen since 2010. the phone steals so many outer elements from the iphone its not even funny. it was very laggy and buggy. the Q10 seems much better built and more thought went into it. the android apps are also gingerbread looking. not trying to bash rim but the z10 is massively overpriced. i will applaud them for event flo rida performed and they gave away phones which seemed rigged cause groups of friends were winning z10. some ***** git got arrested for trying to steal 3 z10. that was amusing. all in all great launch event. i recommend waiting till spring for the Q10. Full touch is not rimss forte.

  • James

    winning BB 10 will be my best birthday present ever , I hope it does happen for me.

  • Ty

    My current Blackberry has a bad habit of telling me…

    ” – Not available for this device – “.

    Man I could really use a better Blackberry.

    Z10 sounds good to me. Watched the unveiling online and now it’s all I can think about.

  • BMaz

    Mobile Syrup I love your site but you really need a real commenting system, and contests should be open to people who actually enter them.

  • Rich

    This would be a great present for my mom since she only likes BlackBerry.

  • Sean M

    Sure would like to win this phone!

  • TimH

    Never say no to free stuff!

  • HenryToronto

    Held a Z10 today! Beautiful device! I’d love to have one! Thanks for the chance Mobile Syrup!

  • Yasir Al Shekerchi

    Time to try my luck again. FINGERS CROSSED

  • Falco

    It would be nice to win, but it wouldn’t work for me because I don’t want anything to do with Bell.

  • Bruce Gavin Ward

    since i just ordered a Nexus4; if i win this, it is my daughter’s. She currently uses a BB[eX =’old’, not Z].

  • Justin

    rip RIM, Hello BlackBerry I hope it does well I’ll be on the front line pushing the hell out of these! I may just have to buy one for myself to prove to customers its awesome!

  • Tina

    Wish I got one of these Z10. I’m locked in a contract with Rogers, and want to cry because I can’t afford to upgrade my old phone. 🙁

  • Tonyf

    Take off eh??

    I would totally want one of those z10’s

    Only hosers would stay away, eh?

  • Mike Leja

    I’ve been waiting for this mobile computing telephone since Blackberry acquired QNX, I’d be extremely thrilled if you Picked me 😀

    !Pick Me! Pick Me!

  • jimbob

    I’d love to get this one! So if someone wins who doesn’t like blackberry, I’ll take it!! 🙂

  • Neil T

    I guess people in the US can’t win, but I still entered just in case….I’d so love to win this bad boy!

  • j4ck86

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    Twitter: @j4ck86
    Facebook: Francesco Fiorino
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    Thanks a lot!

  • Mike

    I’m an iphone user but still would love to try this Blackberry…

  • giovy57

    Count me in 😀

  • menamena21

    All done

  • Matthew

    Thank you MobileSyrup! Good luck everyone!

  • Tony

    Hey this would be awesome. Just in time for an upgrade. I can pass my older blackberry onto my younger brother who has not had the bbexperience yet. Thank you!!

  • Matheiu

    Want it!

  • Trave Thibeau

    Would love to try one. Tried ios and Droid.. and have always had a subtle curiosity about BB.

  • Vin

    I want it but just the heck of trying..!!! Thanks MobileSyrup

  • Johnny

    Never owned a Blackberry before but wouldn’t mind giving this one a try.

  • paul

    make it!! I love you blackberry. please survive

  • knows better

    I want one!!

  • @quinciemhea

    just wanna win it.

  • @quinciemhea

    I want to win!

  • YSM

    pleaseeeeee let m e winnnn

  • Y

    i really wanna win!!!

  • Cathy C

    So sweet Love to win this FB fan shared and liked Follow in twitter and RT follow on google+ youtube and pinterest
    Good Luck everyone and thx for contest

  • tinh

    Yes, Please Pick me.

  • arcsvibe

    Good luck everyone! I would love to get my hands on this phone!

  • Tushar Mehan

    wish mobilesyrup could give everyone this phone,coz its must have…..But i want it 1st

  • Joseph

    Hearing good things about the BB OS. Would love to have one!

  • Zafeer

    Z10?! Yes Please!!! BBM Screen Share looks like it has a lot of potential.

  • Alex

    Good luck to everyone!

  • AleB

    This phone is gorgeous!!!!

  • SandyTrojansek

    It’s great to see RIM getting back in the competitive game with BB10! Good luck to everyone entering the contest. 🙂

  • Andrew B

    I would deeply, deeply appreciate winning this phone. I assure you MS, this device will be in the best hands!

    9000, 9700, 9800, 32GB PB.

  • Chad Hoblitz

    yes please

  • MrTax (@mrtax2005)

    I’d love to try out BB10

  • Darrin

    I really really want the new Z10!!!! I’m with Bell too. *fingers crossed*


  • Pat

    Please, please, please! Am a 4-model BB user – Pearl, Curve 8330, Torch & Bold 9900. I really want the Z10!!!!! Best of luck everyone.

  • XXL

    I’d love to have one of these. Been waiting for a new phone. Good luck bb!

  • Denis

    I wish to win it and rejoin the blackberry flock. The phone is indeed a huge transformation from previous blackberry phones.

  • Chris

    Awesome, thanks Bell and MobileSyrup! This would be wonderful to finally get my hands on!

  • Lilis andriyani

    I want win this,Love it…

  • doug

    I’d love one – a very exciting phone.

  • Zebedee Lawton

    The Z10 would be the best gift you could give to me 🙂

  • DAM

    Go BlackBerry! BB for smart people, iOS for children!

  • Maurice


  • Betty

    i would like one.

  • Rosa C.

    I want this phone…I checked the online Blackberry Z10 demo and it looks great,many good features including the camera features(8Mp and editing) I need an upgrade to this one!

  • Lakh Jhajj

    I want one , please Mobile Syrup it’s mine this time. BB10 Z10 FTW

  • Stephanie Mac Isaac

    Please let me win this, I want this so bad!

  • R Parent

    Oh my, I would love to win a z10! This is an amazing contest, thanks for giving it to your followers, Mobile Syrup. Good luck to everyone. 🙂

  • lei

    i want to try

  • Moondoggy

    I would love to get a Z10 and become Berry Free from contracts.

  • Moondoggy

    I would love to get my hands on a Z10 … that would make me BERRY Happy and Contract Free.

  • ddenn

    daddy like

  • henry

    want to win…

  • Dharmik

    Keep up the good work guys…..

  • Lorne

    me win

  • John Lopes Vieira

    I would love to get one! I have to wait a bit longer to actually be able to buy one, so if I could win one in this contest, it would be awesome!

  • Miknitro

    Exciting contest.

  • Rich

    I’d love a Z10


    Just let Yooooo soul glo

  • arham jamal

    Gotta win this. 🙂

  • mgbeokwere onyeka

    alot on my mind…dnt really knw which to go for (s3 or bb10)?

  • Alex

    I am dying to try blackberry 10 out, I’m so bored of my iPhone. Glad to see rim fighting back

  • Alex

    Excuse me Blackberry*

  • Ryan Chavez

    Looks amazing!

  • Ryan

    This phone is a beauty

  • Dan aka PISSTdotCA

    Yet another amazing giveaway from MS!!!

  • sally

    I want it soo bad!!!

  • SS

    Please let me win 🙂

  • Jonathan

    Awesome phone 😀

  • marion

    I want to win …please I am so broke and need a new phone


    I’ve entered like 6 contests to win the Z10 & didn’t win so I’m not expecting to win this one either but I would flip the fu*k out if I Did I can tell you that. Never wanted a phone so bad as this.


    it is almost a computer…no no more than that…whoa!! will be glad to have one.

  • lukeiphone

    I have never used one, would be a good win 🙂

  • Min-Am Afrad

    Would be nice to win one

  • grahamf

    I don’t remember if I entered or not…

  • Manjot Bhussar

    Thats the real iPhone killer right there my friends..
    Z10 Z10 Z10 all the way… I need one ASAP, my canadian friends are lucky to get their hands on one before me :(((

  • Ben

    I would love to have a new Z10 !! Way to Go Blackberry !! Give us Canadians our smartphones back !!

  • Mark

    Nice phone for a first timer in the blackberry world

  • Rod

    Nice looking unit.

  • Gary M

    Would love to try this unit. Have always been a keyboard fan but this looks like a unit that would allow me to learn to type on a touchscreen.

  • BAWS

    BBM for Life

  • Scott Thornton

    It’s a shame about Bell forcing BIS plans on folks, but winning the device certainly would help me feel better about having to swap out my current plan lol. *crosses fingers*

  • .

    I’d be very happy to try this phone out, as I’m sure anyone would be 🙂

  • Elizabeth ‘NerdBird’ Oko

    This phone is brilliant. The Blackberry 10 software puts the current smart phones to shame. I must say this phone may actually be my fav of the year. I hope I can review on on my blog soon 🙂

  • Dennis Ly

    Buy so that blackberry will survive

  • John

    Would love one! Thanks MobileSyrup!

  • Tom N

    Can’t wait to purchase the Z10

  • Nosa Bryan

    I would love to have d z10

  • geetika

    I love all blackberry phone and I am very excieted 2 use blackberry new phone

  • Barb Emil Alexandru

    Z10 the coolest smartphone ever!

  • Barb Emil Alexandru

    Is this contest available only for Canada or it is worldwide for example Europe.?

  • yoda

    Have this phone, and yeah its awesome.

  • Stephanie Mac Isaac

    Can ya hear me crying? Congrats to the very lucky winner

  • Dharmik

    congrats lorne

  • ReSean

    Please pick me it would make me life to win this phone I even have a name for mine if I win, it’s London.

  • anne

    I would love to get 1 of these blackberry z10 but known my luck I wouldn’t win I don’t have luck with competitions but thought I’d try I don’t believe anyone can win to get this phone as I’ve never heard of anyone winning but worth a try anyways and this phone is amasing I love it