BlackBerry Q10 spotted in white, plus 24kt Gold version “coming soon”


  • Betty

    wow a white one, so revolutionary

    • RIM Stock

      And this is precisely why the RIM stock has dropped from $16 to hug $12 after the launch.

      RIM has lost more than one BILLION dollars in Market cap in two days.

      ..I wonder if these models were approved by Alicia Keys??

    • Sgt.Romanov

      And how is Apple stock doing ?? I see down again , nothing inovative coming out of Apple , so time for BB to make its move back

  • J S

    How much the gold one on a three years contract?

    or I may say on a 10 years contract!!!!

  • hhhaaaaaaaaaa

    How much the gold one on a three years contract?

    Or I may say TEN years contract!!!

  • wotzit2ya

    Gold ! Dubai rejoices

  • KarlR

    how uneventful was RIM’s launch? Worst ever. The company is a joke.

    – featured “crackberry kevin’s” hair cut
    – had an American Idol host in the middle of the audience at the start – how cheesy.
    – hired Alicia Keys as “Global Creative Director” aka celebrity endorsement…what a fail. Instead of hiring a tech guru from silicone valley they hire a musician. lol! What a joke. She had no clue what she was saying either.
    – changed their name to BlackBerry – OOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! how fancy
    – no word on playbook
    – late to game with march US launch.
    – nothing innovative


    • jess

      Late in the game with the US launch? I do not see anything wrong with a CANADIAN company keeping a CANADIAN product in home land before the states. I mean in retrospective, how many times does other phone companys launch a phone in the states before releasing it to Canada. I see nothing wrong with this at all.

    • KarlR

      you lack intelligence and smarts. Canada has the population of California. That’s what is wrong with this.

    • Brad F

      just about every phone launches in the states before canada lol. they have a much bigger market than we do, only makes business sense, which blackberry has none of.

    • hoo dat

      KarlR, you obviously have no real understanding of why the launch is staggered like this do you?

      The later launch in the US is entirely the fault of the carriers down there who tried to pressure (nee)RIM into giving better deals on the hardware than every other carrier in the world. RIM refused as they promised all carriers that there would be no exclusive deals of any kind given to any carrier. The carriers thought they had RIM over a barrel and continued the pressure. In the mean time RIM had to make decisions about the hardware distribution and took what they had allocated for the US and gave it to Canada and the UK. By the time the carriers capitulated it was too late, there wasn’t enough inventory for them to launch at the same time as the rest of the world and the US launch was pushed back to March. The blame lands slap bang in the laps of the carriers, although I rather get the feeling that no explanation will be good enough for you and it’ll still be all BlackBerry’s fault.

    • omega jimes

      They’re launching in successful markets first. That’s why the U.K. gets it today, a bunch of people get it on the 5th, and U.S.A. gets the new BlackBerry, you know, when they get around to it. Neither the smartphone market, nor the company, revolve around the United States.

  • Dave

    “looking incredibly similar to the Bold 9900 with the physical QWERTY keyboard and chrome frets.”

    Reminds me of that Samsung commercial about the iPhone users saying “well if it looks the same how will people know I switched” or something along those lines

  • shadyguy

    WOW the Apple fanbois hang here like no other. It may not have been iconic but hey what did you want them to do. They did alot better than Rim has ever done and that is a step in the right direction.

  • skazzberry 2.0

    10 year contract for the gold one? More like lifetime contract. RIP BB! So damn un-innovative to make a white one too… epic Fail. There are only a select few patriotic Canadians on this site supporting this inferior garbage product. Reality check time folks… this product is outdated and too expensive. Rim stock is already going down because investors are smarter than you delusional people here.

    This is 2013, a global economy. Companies either make the best value product or go out of business. Apple, Samsung have positioned themselves as more expensive IOS / Android options and have the marketing and fan following to do so.

    What does BB have? Nothing. They have Alicia Keys.

  • Sgt.Romanov

    Jim Cramer CNBC (mad money) says its to late for BB and none on the panel would switch from what they use now , so this could be the last of BB , but heres hoping hes wrong

  • Kevin

    I’m getting a z10 next week but the delay in the keyboard version is unfortunate.

    Hopefully RIM can get it out a little sooner.

  • Waiting for Razr M HD w/3300mah

    The launch was an insult to my intelligence. Alicia Keys as creative director? Kevin? American Idol? Give me something that wins on specs or price or apps!

    • skazzberry 2.0

      Because the Launch event was just covering up the inferior specs and crappy device by throwing you lame celebrities and bloggers instead.



  • jess

    Well i wouldnt be embrassed to carry this around, so fancy though id be afraid someone would steal it. Goodbye porsche. Im surprised apple hasnt made this move yet

  • nexus 4 life

    just got back from there launch event. it was nice free boos. i honestly gotta say the z10 is absolutely terrible. the douche bag tries so hard to hype up features i have seen since 2010. the phone steals so many outer elements from the iphone its not even funny. it was very laggy and buggy. the Q10 seems much better built and more thought went into it. the android apps are also gingerbread looking. not trying to bash rim but the z10 is massively overpriced. i will applaud them for event flo rida performed and they gave away phones which seemed rigged cause groups of friends were winning z10. some packy git got arrested for trying to steal 3 z10. that was amusing. all in all great launch event. i recommend waiting till spring for the Q10. Full touch is not rimss forte.

    • hoo dat

      LOL! You are a card, N4L!

      That’s by-the-by. You calling it terrible really doesn’t come as any shocker for anyone does it. While the pros are all raving about the speed and smoothness, you expect us to believe your overwhelmingly biased point of view that it’s laggy? And then the vague references You’re so soured and blinkered you just write what you wanted to see.

      Give us a full review. Talk about gestures and how to open an app while in another. Come on N4L, parse this thing properly, what you’ve given us so far is vague gibberish.

      BTW, The phones were won by people who entered a Twitter competition. Each winner won a phone and an invite to the fan launch and could bring a guest too.

  • lawdy

    Are they really starting with these stupid Porsche 24kt gold black berries that cost $5000 already? Jeez just when I thought RIM had got it right they pull this stupid stunt. RIP RIM or Blackberry whatever they wanna call themselves now

  • ukrainian fob

    Agreed “Jess” comment was jokes, which planet is she from.”all other companies release in their countries, why shouldn’t Blackberry” hahahahahahahahah. You know why Blackberry can’t becuase their future depends on this release, thats why! Because Glaxy S4 is just around the corner! Because preliminary reviews of the phone aren’t impressive! goddddddddddddddd

    • Sgt.Romanov

      Ha Ha , so Galaxy s4 is coming , and what ? what new inovation will they come up with ? a new colour ? a 8″ screen who the heck needs these huge phones their coming out with yeah very innovative , I’ll take bb10 over Galaxy . thx

  • J Sellers

    Actually I’m waiting for the Porsche Design version

  • Rainman

    That thing looks just like a messaging phone that Samsung had out a few years ago. Not exactly a revolutionary new look…

  • on the fence

    I got a hands on feel of this phone and the Q10 is a all around better design and feel than the Z10..the Q10 should have been there flagship device and launched together will the Z10

  • on the fence

    Price wise the Z10 is very inflated for what u get out of the phone..hopefully that changes when launched at stores! BB should also give customers the option of buying directly through them instead of paying marked up and locked devices from carriers..I hope the Q10 is priced well because this phone impressed me of how it was has a rich professional feel and I feel runs smoother than the Z10! BLACKBERRY release the Q10 sooner!!! U need this phone on shelves ASAP! And take notes from google and apple and start selling your devices directly through an online store

  • Darren

    fazed / faz·ing
    Definition of FAZE
    : to disturb the composure of : disconcert, daunt

  • S2556

    I’m intrested to see how the Z10 does.
    I have no faith in the Q10 I hate physical keyboards and I dont see it doing well. Plus a 3.1 inch screen is useless these days.

  • FM

    gold blackberry like my name is Richie Rich lol

  • Mike

    This is exactly the same as the BB 9900, all they did was slap in BB 10 software into it and say its now the Q10. And it took RIM 2 years just to slap in BB 10 software into a BB 9900 so laughable LMAO, no wonder RIMS Stock dropped so low, the market is laughing at RIM releasing an old model with new software put into it. IS this what RIM did with all the unsold BB 9900 devices they couldn’t sell.