SaskTel goes live with LTE


  • iphoneee


  • Skvmax

    That’s fine but I live in Moose Jaw 35 minutes away from Regina our speeds are 106 kbps a barely working network!!

  • skazzberry 2.0

    Why? There are like 5 people who live in Saskatchewan.

    • Henaway

      Why? Because it’s SASKtel. They only operate in Saskatchewan. Read much?

  • Miknitro

    Not much worse then sitting in tractor tending the fields and suddenly your movie starts buffering I tell you!

    • GrapeApe

      Other than sitting by the oil rig waiting for your page to refresh with more ignorant Easterner comments clogging the web.

  • rocketman

    I believe you will need a new SIM card for LTE, your 4G phones that are LTE capable don’t automatically switch over. Just FYI.

  • lundo

    bands supported?

    • Person


  • wotzit2ya

    Guess you have to drive between LTE signal pockets according to map lol

  • Chris

    Anyone know if Telus/Bell customers will get access to Sasktel’s LTE network? Or is it a different ballgame than HSPA since it is a different spectrum?

    • Trent

      I asked @TelusSupport on twitter if they’d have access to SaskTel’s LTE network. No reply…

    • MovieMan87

      No not right now, It is just sasktel for a couple months. The roaming agreement will kick in after 3 months I beleive. But on the flipside the sasktels LTE is only in saskatchewan for that period as well, so if you go to alberta you wont be using bell or telus LTE.

    • Person

      It’s for SaskTel only. No Telus. No Bell….. No Rogers either.

  • Jordan

    I was speaking with a manager in Saskatchewan and he told me that both bell and Telus would be get LTE out of this. Both companies have been assisting Sasktel in the implementation of the LTE network. However, he also said it could take up to two weeks before they actually are able to use LTE after Sasktel launched it. Be patient, it will come!

    • Paulie76

      I work for a Sasktel dealer and when we went to our training it was explicitly said no one else will use Sasktels LTE network for at least the first year. The roaming agreements do NOT cover LTE.

  • Jimmy

    I still don’t get all the love for LTE.

  • Saskatoon guy

    When we did the training for LTE they told us it is exclusive to sasktel customers for the time being until roaming agreements are worked out. What that means though is that if sasktel customers leave LTE coverage, they don’t get LTE roaming in edmonton or anything yet.

  • domo

    Just got my new sim! Did a test. 47 Mbps! Holy s**t! Destroys my battery tho. I’m north end saskatoon

  • Robert

    Yep they do the LTE network in the city areas and they still donot have decent coverage for a lot of rural areas , real fair and those rural people pay the same fees as the city customers . Get the whole province on a good network before you start to upgrade and give everyone there moneys worth . This is from a customer that lives in the city but does a lot of business outside of the city and finds their network terrible in a lot of rural places