Koodo’s BlackBerry Z10 currently priced the lowest at $550 outright


  • WP74Life


    • Z10 Absurd Price

      It’s actually $550 on pre-paid at Koodo, without a tab.
      Still TOO EXPENSIVE for a phone with such a small battery.

      The Z10 could sale if The price was $350-$400 or If the CRTC would ban the 3yr contracts and the phone was $0 on a 2yr contract.

      If the N4 is available next week (And Google will make it happen) the Z10 will be Dead on Arrival in Canada.

    • Ron Mexico

      The Z10 is enough to seriously make me think I am going back to BB. And now that I am, I have to say the juvenile trolling of every article by the resident Android missionaries is really, really annoying. I never noticed before.

      Makes me think all those people saying Android was mainly used by unemployed, immature teenage boys were on to something.

    • Z10

      The Z10-specs are closer to the S2x, than those of the S3, heck! even the S2x from 2011 has Bigger battery!

      As the Review from Engadget says: BB made a mistake by releasing their ecosystem with the Z10 and CALLING IT its flagship and PRICING THE PHONE at flagship-level!

      If they had launched BB10 and th Z10 at a lower price, people would have thought that this is not the best they can expect from BB and at a lower price BB could have gotten more traction.

      -Expect the big 3 and EVERYONE all over the world to drop the price of the phone from $650 to $550 or $500, by Feb 05, but in customary form for BB it will BE TOO LATE, you can only launche a phone once and by that day the product reputation will be diluted and will make people wait one or two months for another price drop, if the playbook dropped $300 in price, why not the Z10?

      -The launch price should have been $499! still more expensive than the N4 but couls have gotten a few sales. at $650 I just need to take my pants to the cleaners!

      -Don’t believe me???
      RIM Stock DOWN SIX PERCENT! and this is launch day! expect the stock to be back in single digits by end of next week.

    • Ron Mexico

      @”Z10 Absurd Price”

      Not every handset maker wants to sell at a loss as Google is with the Nexus4. Some companies actually try to turn a profit by not acting like a soup kitchen for their welfare clientele.

      Funny why a certain segment of the market starts thinking loss leader pricing is normal. Guess what? Your subsidized housing is artificially lowed in price. That’s what’s absurd.

    • Jake

      You clearly don’t understand how pricing works. This is a $600 device. You are waiting for the CRTC to “ban” 3 year contracts, yet contracts aren’t what drives the pricing, the Tab does. So to clarify, you would like a $600 device, on a 2 year contract, for $0. That would be a great business model. Oh and let me guess, an unlimited plan to boot for $30/mth?

    • Too Little Too Late ..Too Expensive!

      BB in a nutshell:

      Too Little Too Late ..Too Expensive!

      The only way to save BB now is to Cancel the Q10 Qwerty model and drop the price of the Z10 to $399 Globally.

      Is BB aware that if they don’t have killer sales, somebody will buy….The entire company?

      For those BB supporters that were yelling that BB stock went up 50% in one month:

      -BB stock has dropped 22% in T W O D A Y S!!

    • S2556

      Hey Ron Mexico they are trolls! not android users! why would you think all android users are trolls. Just down vote their comments and dont respond. I love android and wont be leaving it any time soon but I like seeing what the competition brings to the table and to the industry. Also I am Canadian so I wish BBRY the best!

    • Acco

      You know, all you apologists for 3 year contracts: Stateside, it’s 2 years. The subsidy can go as far as 550 bucks. But. Let’s do a comparison:

      Verizon. 16GB Galaxy S3. $200. 24 month term at $100 a month. Plan includes unlimited minutes and texts, voicemail and caller id, 2GB of data. Total cost of contract? 2600.

      Bell. 16GB Galaxy S3. $100. 36 month term at $63 a month. Only includes 200 minutes and texts, 1GB data. Toss in CID & Voicemail ($7) and an extra GB of data ($10)… $80 a month. Total cost of contract? 2980.

      It gets even worse when you consider that you can SHARE the Verizon plan. 2 Devices? 150 bucks. I’ve upped the data to 4GB to share, both lines are Galaxy S3’s. It gets even worse (for Canada)/better as I add more lines and bump up the amount of data. Under the extreme condition of 10 lines (large family, small business), I can get 10 Galaxy S3’s each with 2GB of data and all the fixings for $55 a month. Hell, under the most extreme condition. 50GB shared pool, 10 lines, it’s still only 775 bucks => $77.50/line, each with about 5GB data.

      This is how broken the 3 year contract is. And don’t give me the BS about population density. Verizon covers more of the states as a percentage than the big 3 together cover Canada as a percentage.

    • welcome

      rim is pretty much dead

  • Nomes

    I had always said the price would come in at $550, glad to see Koodo is pricing it that way.

    What would have been better is if the big 3 were at 550, and koodo, virgin, fido and win etc came in 499. That would help sell the phone.

  • Pentaband?

    Will this phone be pentaband with LTE? I’m on mobilicity and can’t wait for their slow buts to announce anything

    • b

      No pentaband; the audio call quality loss is probably not deemed worth it.

    • Sweet

      Here’s what the specs on rim.com say:

      Up to 4G LTE
      Quad band LTE 2, 5, 4, 17 (700/850/1700/1900 MHz)
      Tri band HSPA+ 1, 2, 5/6 (850/1900/2100 MHz)
      Quad band HSPA+ 1, 2, 4, 5/6, (850/1700/1900/2100 MHz)
      Quad band EDGE (850/900/1800/1900 MHz)

      So, it looks like one phone will be able to work on all Canadian carrier networks, except Public Mobile’s.

  • Kevin T

    I’m glad to be a Koodo customer. I want one now!!

  • WP74Life

    Just so you know all, the 7.8 update is out.

    • deltatux

      Pointless comment on a BlackBerry thread. Go troll somewhere else.

  • Dan

    I’ll be getting it from there if it’s as easy to unlock as previous BBs.

  • Skazzers 2.0

    Still $200 more than the best phone ever made. Nexus 4! Go Google, go America! Rip BB.

  • Ka-ra-te Master, The Fifth Dan

    wow, koodo really took a dump on Rogers bs $10 savings haha, get lost rogers

  • David

    Thank god I went with Koodo. I’ll be getting one on launch day.

  • Rob

    Does Koodo’s version of Z10 use the same band as the Telus, Bell and Rogers models?

    • Shushwap

      Yes it does

  • nexus 4 life

    nice attempt kodoo but still not worth it. the phone is simply too outdated to justify over 600 after taxes. this is a quad core 4.5 – 5 inch display day and age last year this could have been a small contender. ofcourse the blackberry sheep will jump on this because they have not experienced this before on there old devices from the stone ages. epic fail rim. through nexus 4 will prevail and kill this garbage.

    • hoo dat

      Get a life for crying out loud, nexus 4 life! Is this all you do all day, trawl through posts so you can get what you think is the last word in? I get it, I really do, you LOVE your Nexus phone! But I’m still waiting for you to explain to me how I can live without a removable battery and an expandable memory? Please, explain it to me!

      You keep telling everyone about the amazing price and about how the Z10 isn’t worth what they’re asking for it. Well, the Nexus, to me, is a vastly over priced phone because without those 2 options it’s USELESS TO ME! You could tell me it’s free and it’ll be too much because I wouldn’t be able to use it.

      So please, do us all a favour and crawl back into that Gggole cave of yours, where everything’s perfect because you say it is.

  • D

    Wonder if this will support AT&T LTE in the US.

  • KL

    Wow, never expected this. Great deal! Now I just need to decide on the Z10 or the Q…

  • Dylan.D

    I think the article means to say “for 400 on the tab” and not “for 150 on the tab”.

    Just clearing that up, the phone, without a contract, ON the Koodo tab will cost users $400.

    It is fair to note that you can buy the S3 for the same price, or even pay less without the tab even, and go for the Nexus 4 at only $359 for the 16gb.

    It is a tough choice for sure, but it will be seen if they can keep their presence in the heavy populated cellular market.

    Seeing the price at $550 outright leads me to believe BlackBerry is intentionally trying to make it as widely available as possible.

  • Superfly

    Yeah stupids….its 400 after 150 put on the tab. Man….

  • Brad F, Brad F(anboy), jack

    Dimitri k. will be commenting on the price of this phone from every carrier shortly.

    I’m gonna out TOOL this troll of a b’atch!!

  • Mark

    Yeah, $0 on a 2-year is a little absurd (although it would be awesome). If it did exist, the plan would have to be at least $60 a month or so. Then the profit would come from 14 months of the subscription off the consumer (minimum).

    Cancel contract = pay off remaining price off phone like how Telus does it.

  • How is this expensive?

    $550 for a new flagship phone? Iphone was $700. Everyone talks about the nexus 4 for $310-$350… those prices don’t hold up when the carriers get to them. They’ll be selling nexus 4 at $500. I also hate hearing about the specs. Not quadcore? No need. The OS runs smooth on dual core. Theres too much marketing with quad core etc. News flash… My Note 2 is quadcore and lags like hell with all the crap thats on it. What is quad core when android and iphones OS doesn’t multitask as well as a BB10 OS with a dualcore. Oh yea… I can run temple run faster on my Note 2. Grow up. BB10 is great.. dont like it.. stick with your toys

  • oldschool

    Some of you people are absolutely hilarious, I love how you think your ideas are actually valid, like how pricing the Z10 at rock bottom will save the company.

    That will actually tank the company, selling hardware at a huge loss, especially since the revenue stream from the carriers is now lowered significantly.

    These are premium devices, lower priced devices are coming later this year. If you can’t afford a $600 phone no one’s gonna blame you, most people don’t have that kind of cheddar to toss around. But if you don’t want to sign a 3 year contract either, quit whining and wait for the budget model.

  • Battery

    The battery is kind of small really. I’ll wait to see reviews on the battery life before considering it.

    • Ron Mexico

      You don’t need a monster sized batter if your OS and CPU aren’t sucking it down unnecessarily. With Androids, you have to have a big battery or you will have a dead battery in a couple hours. With a properly designed OS that is optimized for your hardware and a CPU that isn’t compensating for a shitty OS threading model, you don’t need a car battery to drive it.

  • Sgt.Romanov

    Word has it (BNN Report) this phone will sell out just like the Nexus4 because they wont be able to keep up with demand

  • mike

    Lmao lol. $550 seriously for a blackberry lmao thats laughable. $550 you can get thr top of the line galaxy S3 which is 100 times better than a crappy blackberry. And for $300 bucks can get a nexus 4. With these prices RIM is sure gonna fail big time. I may of went and bought a bb10 if it was priced for what it is suppose to be like $250 outright no contract, then maybe it would be tempting to try bb10. But at $550 its a joke lmao LOL LOL LOL

    • Ron Mexico

      Mike: not everyone wants to pay your way. Get a job and maybe you’ll understand real pricing. The subsidized pricing of Nexus is artificial. And the $550 for the S3? Well, it started much, much higher. But the Android fans couldn’t buy them at that price, so down goes the price.

      Listening to welfare kids talk about pricing is hilarious. Thanks for that.

  • mike

    @Ron mexico. LMAO LOL. The original price koodo released the galaxy s3 is $550. Thrn they had a holiday sale at $500 which also included a $100 visa gift card. But again the released price was $550 not higher lmao lol do your research before commenting lol. And again $550 for a piece of junk blackberry with like 7, 000 apps compaired to android and ios 700, 000 apps is a joke. At $550 Rim is gonna fail. They priced the bb 9900 at $600 when they first released it and no one bought it and rims stock dropped big time. And then everyone on kijiji sre selling the 9900 at $50-100 bucks now.

    • Huawei4Real

      Listen, welfare mike, can I call you that, we don’t all shop the discount lines. I’ll trust you koodo had it at that price. Other carriers didn’t.

  • Dave

    It’s should be $0 on the Tab, or for $150 retail.

  • mike

    @huawei4real. Im definitely not on welfare. I can afford to pay for phones outright. And I paid $600 for my galaxy s3 outright, unlike you huawei4real your on welfare thats why you only get phones on contract cause you can’t afford to buy things you want. And fyi I own my own business in the cellphone industry and Im an expert when it comes to cellphones. I’ve been in the cellphone industry for over a decade. And I work hard for my money. Thanks for asking. People like you who make fun of others have insecurities of their own and are jealous of others accomplishments. And yes with my expertise in cellphones $550 for Bb10 is set to high. Blackberry’s are not in the same categories as real superphones and as such should be priced accordenly.

    • Huawei4Real

      Yeah, I think is was at your business the other day. Not sure being the night manager at the phone case booth in the mall counts, but good for you mike lol

      Talk about insecure heh

    • Ron Mexico

      Holy sh%t mike, chill out. You really come across like an entitled little child. Did your welfare mother bring home too many new ‘daddies’ that loved you a little too much? I’ll best they gave you a “wireless wave” and a good “TBooth” every now and then, amirite?

  • Mike

    @Huawei4real..LMAO LOL.. Actually for your info I’m part owner of Telephone Booth and Wireless Wave Stores across Canada, And we also own several cellphone Kiosks for unlocking and Repairs and accessories.But thanks for asking. Sorry to hear you can’t afford to buy a cellphone huawei4real. But may I suggest perhaps getting a pay as you go flip phone for around $50 bucks. I’m sorry your part of the 20% of Canada’s population that are in the poverty category. But I’m quite happy being part of the 1% per centers. And cause of people like me you get to collect your Welfare cheque huawei4real from my tax dollars I pay.

    • Huawei4Real

      LOL I was going to write TBooth. I figured as much. Between you claiming to be a franchisee (of a failing company nonetheless) and thinking that makes you a 1 percenter and/or an expert in phones is hilarious. The only people dumber and less educated than bestbuy salesmen are TBooth guys.

      Wow. Next you’ll claim your boyfriend beats you and that makes you a UFC fighter.

      LOL f@cking hilarious s**t. Thanks mike

    • prufrock

      “part owner”

      So you hold shares in Glentel? Might want to sell the way the stock is dropping.

      I can’t see anyone remotely associated with Glentel throwing a business partner under the bus the way you are. $250 outright = no profit for your corporation.

      Just say you don’t think it’s worth that much (you’d be wrong, but to each their own) and stop trying to create credibility on the internet.

  • screamer

    Who goes out and spend 650 $ on something he had bad experience with? I also know when I hear from apple or Samsung maybe blackberry soon sold 5 mio the first week. What a joke better say shipped first week. My buddy’s daughter works for telus and they got sooo many iphones but took 4 weeks to sell them.

  • Glass.-BackBadIdea

    Fair price

  • Jimmy

    Lol never owning blackberry. Fail OS. Android Forever!

  • Mike

    @Mythos1453 Apple profit margins are even lower than your stating. Apple has to pay royalties to pretty much every other company in the world for stolen tech or ideas they got from other companies. Apple has to pay Millions to Cisco for stealing the name “Iphone” from cisco. And Apple has to pay another company for stealing the name “Icloud” from another company. And Apple has to pay Samsung Millions for all the parts inside the Iphone that are made by Samsung. After all the royalties are paid and done, Apple is actually left with way less than people predict. Apple refuses to release the royalty numbers they pay out cause their ashamed.

  • prisonner

    What is the mep unlock code for koodo?

    • prisonner

      For the blackberry z10