Rogers and Fido Motorola RAZR HD customers reporting the upgrade to Jelly Bean is available


  • iphoneee

    If it’s not apple maps, why would i want it?

    • Justin

      what is wrong with you

    • J S

      CORRECTION, Any product with out Apple innovation is crap

      Right iSheep???

    • J S

      iSheep will not respond because they spent all their money to buy the iPad 128GB!!!!!

    • As Expected

      Hopefully Motorola learned its lesson:
      Releasing a GREAT PHONE with OLDE software= POOR SALES!!

      At release i would have bought it if it had JB. 3-4 months later (an eternity if we include Xmas) the phone is simply not wotrh it, specially now that the N4 is back in stock in 1-2 weeks.

      Thanks to the lack of JB that phone has reached End of Life (from the sales point of view) for users its great news!

      If Moto wants to sell a few units they or Rogers have to drop the retail price to $300- $350 tops (not gonna happen) or $0 on a 1yr min $50 (not gonna happen)
      -The RAZR HD is dead, pitty!



  • Puleen Patel

    Just checked on my RAZR HD LTE and no such thing as an update in sight under System Updates.

  • Miknitro

    Now there’s a phone I’d like to win!

    Grats HD owners.

  • Dani Sar

    Can someone pull the zip file from /cache (rooted devices only) and post it somewhere we can download it? I can mirror it on my d-h account.

  • Sgt.Bonpoint

    Teaser, it’s not true for me at least.

  • Celsius232

    The update has been pushed on my Rogers RAZR HD LTE and just finished updating…Android version 4.1.2

  • hellomoto

    The RAZR HD is by far the best phone and deal that Fido is offering. Jelly bean update just makes it that much sweeter. Great job Motorola and Fido!


    No update on my Razr yet, and for all those bashing… My phone was $50 (free with a fido promotion) on a 2 year contract and with a $57 unlimited plan with 2GB of data. Much easier to swallow than a $180 iPhone 5 on a 3 year contract with a minimum $50 plan and no access to the $57 dollar unlimited plan. Would have ended up paying $65 dollars a month to get an close to equivalent plan. That being said I may go back to an iPhone some day if carriers stop bending iPhone users over from the start of your ownership.

    Sincerely Satisfied Android Convert.

    • Paulie

      You should have went to future shop to sign the contract.

      I got the 2 year contract at $56/month(same plan as yours) for the free razr + a $50 gift card

  • JohnMacLean

    No updates here yet on my Fido XT925….
    To ‘As Expected’, is $0 plus $50 FutureShop/BestBuy gift card on 2 years contract cheap enough for you?

  • Dan

    Best wallpaper ever on that sample device!

  • Yannick Wolfe

    yes the wallpaper is awesome ahah.

    as for what As Expected said, the RAZR HD is actually one of the best deal on the market.

    cheap on a 2y plan and the battery is awesome.

    Yes the Nexus 4 is nice, but limited to 16gb and at 350$ + shipping and all, it’s almost 400$.

    not so cheap in the end.


      Nexus 4 has no LTE either.. I will be interested to see the pricing when it does become available on FIDO.

  • hellomoto

    ^’As Expected’ doesn’t know what he’s (she’s?) talking about.

    Not to mention Nexus 4 doesn’t have LTE. The speed on my RAZR HD on Fido is blazing.

  • Gary

    All the Fido bashers, relax! MY plan Unl. Inc, Unl. Fido & Rogers Calling, Unl. Long Distance, VM CD, 6GB, 300 mins. Got Razr HD for $0. $56 a month. Boom…there goes the dynamite!

    • EddieWinslow

      Id like to know how to get a plan like that and I would switch from Virgin in a heart beat

    • Paulie

      That sounds like bullsh*t but if you’re not lying, you can probably sell that plan to someone for a couple bills

  • Tyrone

    My friends were telling that RAZR HD phone got the Jellybean update then I say to them What took you so long? Because I bought my MAXX HD from the states which already had it months ago.

  • EricM

    Best phone for Fido +1

    I got my RAZR HD for $0 on 2 year for $56 2GB unlimited with $225 GiftCard for Superstores (Mobileshop deal).

    • simbob

      Some people were able to stack the six first months free with this deal because they were pre-payed customer before the switch. That was an epic deal.

    • Katirt

      OMG I’m so jealous of you.. not

  • Alex

    Screw you Fido. I ordered this RAZR HD from you in DECEMBER and you still haven’t shipped it yet. Every time I call your lousy CSRs they claim I’ll receive it “next week” and then next week comes and same story again….

  • mike

    You can go to a best buy or future shop and pick your RAZR HD there if you’re new contract has been set up on fido’s end

  • jordan

    Still no update for my RAZR hd!:(

  • Peter

    Does this update include the XT910 too?

  • paul

    Nothing either here 🙁 still waiting

  • moneyright

    Still waiting here as well. 🙁 Come on Fido, push it to me!!!

    Anyone notice anything massively different, besides Google Now? Any battery life or performance changes?

  • Fred

    Nothing here either. My unlocked XT925 is from fido connected to bell. Would this block my update?

  • Mike

    To all the people that are waiting, FIDO/ROGERS promised to roll out the update “EARLY FEBRUARY”. So give it about a week and most of you will have your JellyBean installed! The updates come in waves, and they usually set the limit of random devices per day to upgrade! Stay put!

    Btw, my RAZR HD hasn’t received update either, but within a week it should be corrected =)

  • denis

    Just got my update today.. but seems like no difference from before.. feels the same looks the same…

  • Raven66

    Jelly Bean update is now out guys. I’m with Rogers network.

    Much smoother.

  • denis

    LAG after jellybean

    • Raven66

      Buy a iphone then.