BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 now available for download


  • iphoneee

    the icons are a patent infringement on iPhone icons…

    • Mexico Ron

      This nothing that Google doesn’t offer for FREE! Why would any company pay to use BB when Google gives away the same functionality? The smart, successful companies are all transitioning to Android anyway. The number prove this. Android is pulling away and leaving everyone else in the dust.

    • The Guys in This Video

      The two guys in this video are stereotypical blackberry users. Do you want to be like them? Ask yourself that question when picking out your next phone.

    • @The Guys in This Video

      Don’t you have somewhere better to be right now…like say in class?

      You’re the young generation that follows exactly what media hype and marketing dictates to you. Lemme guess… you had a BB when bbm was cool. Jumped ship to iPhone “cuz all your friends were doing it”. On the Android bandwagon now because Samsung produced some humorous commercials which were disparaging to Apple.

      Let the adults speak here for a change. Come back and join this conversation in a few years when you’ve grown some more chest hairs and you’re no longer living off of Mac ‘n’ Cheese for breakfast/lunch/dinner.

  • screamer

    I work in a world company and we changed to Google and I love it everything works fine.

    • Mexico Ron

      Exactly. So long as you train your users on proper behavior, Android can be just as secure as BB and iOS. I wish my IT dept would listen to their users. They keep saying that their data won’t yet allow them to fully support Android. I wish they would read the same blogs I do before they make up their minds.

  • Sgt.Romanov

    I heard an interesting comment from the ceo of LOOKOUT mobile phone security said that the future is in the IOS and ANDROID systems and not in the BB system and that they won’t be developing anything for the new BB10 OS , interesting comment from him

  • Sc

    Naysayers will sing another tune when everyone else is on the bandwagon. People can always change their minds

  • EuroPolska

    Is MexicoRon drunk? Same functionality? LOL No credibility when you make dumb comments like that. BlackBerry OS4 had more security than Android does. Enjoy your malware. LOL…

    • Mexico Ron

      Look, open and free has some tradeoffs. So long as you aren’t dl’ing apps from porn sites, Android is just as secure. That’s the only way you can get malware on Android, porn. You don’t know nothing if you think different.

      Haven’t you seen the new Samsung commerical saying Samsung’s are secure? They would get into a lot of trouble if they weren’t being honest. That would be false advertising. So, if they say they are secure, it is true. You guys just keep spreading FUD about Android. But welcome to the new world, where Android can bring joy and happiness AND security.

    • @Mexico Ron

      Did you seriously say that the Android must be secure based on what the commercial advertises? If that doesn’t prove that you guys are not a hipster generation that follows the “in” thing, I don’t know what is.

      As a personal device, Androids are very cool and fun to have. Ditto for iPhone. But when security is of importance, you don’t choose a ‘playground’ enterprise solution that’s subject to malware and other vulnerabilities.

  • EuroPolska

    Has anyone heard of LOOKOUT or am I the only one who thought “i need to google that company” when I read it?

    • Joe Jim Bob the third

      I had to look it up. CNet seems to love them, and we all know how impartial and trusted CNet is. /s

      Seriously though, this company makes money off selling security products, something has to be insecure for these people to make money. Of course they want Android/iOS to succeed, it will make them more money. If a system is already secure, what use companies like this?

      Trolls/Shills are getting desperate.

    • Porilaisten

      All security companies hate blackberry; AVG, Norton, Lookout, etc. They don’t like things that are inherently secure. Windows and Android OSes have been a godsend.

    • Joe public

      Androids security is about as useful as using a chain link fence to stop a water fall so android will only remain a little kids toy. No real business will grant android devices access to sensitive information or data, only uses for Android in business is to entertain the kids in the company day care.

  • Box

    Android pure garbage!!
    Go RIM Go

  • Darren

    Mexico Ron – Google doesn’t offer anything for free, which is why I’m leaving Android just as soon as I can. Ad-riddled data-gathering nonsense for the most part. Pay up front or pay later with a bad user experience. Also, the “stereotypical” BlackBerry user is about to change in a big way.

    • Mexico Ron

      What?!?!?! of course it’s FREE!

    • Mexico Ron

      Darren: come back to the family! You will regret leaving Android. It is the future. There isn’t even a question any more that Android has won. Whatever you think you are getting with BB10, you can get with Android. That is the beauty of Android: you have all the choice in the world so long as you choose the droid. Think about how much trouble switching will be now. You don’t even know if RIM will be in business a year from now. Save yourself the pain and suffering of BB and stay with the joy and happiness that comes from Android.

      ’nuff said

  • theone

    Anyone that thinks companies that need security uses an android device is smoking some cheap stuff
    No company in their right mind that needs security would use android its one of the most unsecured firm wears ever made. I use a note right now but my company refuses to touch anything but BB because of security.

    and yes Blackberry is going to draw a younger and “cooler” clientele and working in the industry i can tell you there has been a huge demand on BB10 pre-orders.

  • Punch Shyamathanalingham

    how can I download this for my hp pc computer? does it have live icon for windows 8 system?

  • Joe Jim Bob the third

    LOL, the troll/shills are getting hilariously louder and more desperate, the closer we get to the BB10 launch date.

    Gotta get that stock to a certain price point if you wanna get that bonus…

    • sp

      agreed. just wait til January 30th. the trolls, naysayers and doubters will be shouting out such false information and lies.

      its only right that they are afraid of something that could potentially be a game changer and a fresh take on mobile OS.

      its only right to be scared.