Canadians: Google Nexus 10 back in stock at Google Play


  • Shaggyskunk

    Maybe the next time – Page will pass on using LG, for anything! It would be great to see Google take advantage of their “relationship” with Motorola, and have them build the next Nexus line, even though I’m partial to Samsung, Motorola does make really nice hardware!

    • Louis Cloutier

      You do know the tablet was made by Samsung, not LG, right?



    • Playbook is best tablet

      Why buy this when you can get playbook for, what does it go for these days? $50?

      Amateur hour is ovah!!!

    • Mexico Ron

      I’m waiting for the next release. It’s still a little pricey for me. They need to remember the rest of us that aren’t made out of money. There is no reason they can’t actually just give these away. They make all their money back on media and apps sales, so why gouge us twice?

    • CRTC

      Google really screwed this one up, I was 100% gonna buy a nexus 10 when it came out but they dragged their feet for 2 months. Now there are new tablets coming soon with tegra 4 and 2560×1600 screens and the new krait 800 series it makes more sense to wait until MWC in late February. Over the next couple of months were going to see more next gen tablets announced.

    • S2556

      @CRTC Exact same for me too. I was pumped for this thing but I think Ill catch the next one. With how fast tech advances in this field I hate buying something that’s already been out for a while


    This is great, if only they can do this for the Nexus 4…

  • DrBadass

    Thank god!!!!!!!!!!

  • arun_g

    Just picked one up, thanks to mobilesyrup for notifying me

  • watch out

    just picked up 5 which im going to sell for double when i leave to mmiddle east take advantage of the oil money kids

  • Silence.Alert

    I need to try one before I buy one. I was burned by the Tab 7+, so I’m a little gun shy.

  • A_V

    I have been checking everyday for the past month to see “In Stock”, almost gave up on it, but there it was.
    Ordered, shipping 3-5 business days.

  • steve

    Google will make motorola phones, however its only been 245 days since acquisition, products take at least 12-18 months to produce. So maybe next year we can have a motorola nexus.

  • monsterduc1000

    32 gb is out of stock 🙁

  • Bill Murray

    Surface >>>

  • David

    If they made a Motorola Nexus (Nexrola? Motexus?) now, so soon after the aquisition, the other manufacturing partners might accuse them of shenanigans.

    Google licenses away Android for free, but still, manufacturers want to make money.

  • ily

    No Thanks, I ‘ll pass.

    I love my Windows Surface! its the best Tablet/Laptop I have ever owned !

  • Bigdawg

    Folks there is a great App called Nexus Availabilty checker.

    You can pick which of the Nexus 4,7,10 you want to be notified about. It alerts you when back in stock. It works great as I got notified at 3AM of the 10 being back in stock today.

  • metoo

    I prefer Apple products. Apple has the most money so they must be the best.

    • Mexico Ron

      Nah, your high. Apple having a lot of money doesn’t make them the best. Google makes Android free, that is what makes them the best. They are the most modern and secure OS in mobile today, and that’s a fact.

      I just wish Nexus weren’t so damn expensive. If they made them free they would sell boatloads.

  • Waiting for Razr M HD w/3300mah

    I want Nexus 4 8GB

  • Eluder

    Darn, wish it was the 32GB, case I would have bought it for sure. Don’t think the 16GB will suffice… I guess I’ll have to keep waiting. 🙁

  • Rob

    Thanks for the heads up!
    32GB was sold out but the 16GB model will suit me just fine.

    Came to $475 including taxes and shipping. Less than the retail cost of a 16GB iPad.

  • PeaveyAxe

    Is anyone else having the random reboot issue with this device?? I ordered one of these on launch day and just got a replacement from RMA process a few days ago and it’s still doing the same thing. Locks up and then restarts. Seems to happen mainly with chrome. Extremely annoying!! Must be a bug with android 4.2.1. Just hurry up and wait for the next android version I guess and hope they fix it.

    • Connor

      I have the same thing with my Nexus 10 as well. Literally the only thing I did not like.

      I had the issue when I was on stock, and I have had it with every rom I have installed since.

      I do hope it is a software issue, but I am not so sure..

  • PhoenixP3K

    I’m still waiting for a Nexus 4 bumper… Then again Nexus 7 accessories never became available 🙁

  • enemyboss

    Google: I’m perfectly happy with my HP Touchpad, thank you! (…32GB out of stock.. *grumble*…)

  • lte

    Rather buy an iPad mini

  • nexus lover for life

    i love mynexus 4

    • jonny

      I actually dont really like my nexus 4
      i find the design to have some major flaws
      like the speaker placement makes it impossible to hear if the phone is laying down – which is the point of the speaker! and you cant lay it on its front
      and even if you hold the phone up, the speaker is so quiet i have to hold it up to my ear
      so when i am using speaker phone, i hold the phone up to my ear like i do when not using the speaker phone – just a different end to the phone.

      the phone just doesnt feel like it was well thought out.
      my nexus s was physically a much better feeling phone, it was just too small and slow.

  • Tomatoes11

    Finally, now I just need to hope that the person that owes me one hurries up and rushes the order before it sells out again.

  • TheOtherSide

    Waiting for the 32GB version to become available again…

  • Joe public

    Is this the new mc Donalds happy meal toy?… Android keeps pumping out welfare dollar store quality junk daily, this will be in the barging bin in two weeks.

    • ehoustoun

      2 problems with that comment of yours Joe.

      1. android doesn’t pump out anything, it’s just an OS that manufacturers are building hardware for. If anything Google (the closest thing you could equate to ‘android’ when talking about a company) works with high profile manufacturers to produce quality electronics with their nexus branding.

      2. The Nexus 10 tablet is extremely competitive with the most high end tablets on the market in terms of specifications, matching up spec for spec with the likes of the new iPad. In fact it has the highest screen resolution on the market for a tablet so that in itself says something.

  • skazzers thanamalalingam

    I just bought 10 to sell in Bangladesh for double the price. I send a few every few months and run a huge business out of this.

    I suggest you all look into, its called basic street smarts!!

  • migo

    Hmm… Have to think about this one. I’m using more than 16GB on my PlayBook, and that’s with a much smaller app selection. 32GB is something of a minimum.

    That rumour of a refreshed Nexus 10 with a quad core exynos 5 also has me thinking twice.

  • Terry

    Ordered, and already received my shipping notice.