WIND Mobile officially opens up BlackBerry 10 pre-registration


  • Justin Credible


    • Shamen Rabzi

      My local futureshop has over 7600 pre-orders for BB10 devices. Also, my friend who works at wireless wave said that people keep coming by, by the hundreds (if not thousands) asking about BB10.

      This is going to be a huge launch, probably 5-10 million opening day.


      Still no date for when I can WALK into a store and give MONEY and in return get a BB10 device.

      “Soon after launch” is not a date. Soon could = 3 months.

    • hoo dat

      STILL NO RELEASE DATE, you keep avoiding the question I’ve asked you about 5 times so far. Answer or shut up:

      Name ONE time Samsung has given a release date for any of their devices BEFORE that device was launched. Just one.

      I could ask you the same question about Apple, HTC, in fact, about any major device manufacturer.

      Can you answer?

      I doubt it.

    • Suzzane Sommers

      Name another device manufacturer that announces a new product and 2 years later still has no release date.



      RIM IS DEAD…or will be very soon.

    • hoo dat

      SS, you’re complaining because it’s taken RIM 2 years to build a brand new from the ground up OS, using an all new micro-kernel?

      Do you know how long it took Google to develop Android? 7 years. Your question makes no sense and is nothing more than a knee-jerk reaction. How on earth can you expect a developer to announce a release date for an OS they’ve just started building?

      When did Google announce a launch date for Android? Did they do it 7 years previously? LMAO!!

    • REDRUM

      Wow did The mods finally block twosea or SAMMIE and all the other ones?

      I guess I’m the only one left…:(

      But even I can’t ignore how AWESOME THIS IS!

    • uwantharder?

      5-10 millions order. 5-10 millions return. wahaha

  • FlageJan


  • MrMastodonFarm

    Is this BB10?

    • JMen


  • Kid.Canada

    Another reason to switch to Wind! (Unless you’re a frequent traveler)

  • Stanley

    Oh Wind, thank you for being my friend for 3 years and counting, and saving me from the greedy claws of our “beloved” Big3, who have been spitting in our faces for decades, without even hiding it all that much.

    With Wind’s future currently being uncertain, I am worried. I can never see myself going back to the Big3 after such a pleasant 3 years away from them…

    Here’s hoping for the best!

    I don’t want to go back to my knees, and start begging again and again, just to get a free voicemail added to my account, because I am a “loyal” customer. This is humiliating…

  • Luc

    Why would anyone go with a non LTE carrier for BB10?

    • EvanK

      Becacuse WIND’s half the cost? Besides, not everyone has LTE where they live.

    • T1MB0TZ

      Evan 1/2 the cost with 10X the headaches. What a jabr0ni! Luck is right no LTE, no real network, wind for sale, no warranty, no customer service.. yes you are right a real deal.

  • T1MB0T

    For new customers only!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    way to go wind! so now that tony is gone he can sport his ROGERS blackberry in public!

  • Turbo E

    Wind’s pre registration is worthless. Registered for a note 2 twice. Never got a single email even after the release.

  • Drew Moreberry

    Man, the trollshills are getting desperate. The writing is on the wall, the phone will be available within a week of announcement on Jan 30th.

  • SC

    I think they will launch like apple, stock 2-3 weeks later

  • T1MB0TZ

    I am so excited!!! oh wait its AWS.. never mind. I need a phone that works.

  • Mohammed Jaffer

    I already have a 9900 with Wind with thier unlimited plan, does anyone know if they’ll give us an option to upgrade??

  • uwant

    5-10millions order. 5-10 millions return. wahaha

  • zayed

    how much will cost BlackBerry 10 at wind?
    i think $949