“The Mobile Shop” starts taking BlackBerry 10 pre-orders


  • Darth Paton

    Why can’t nokia do this with the Lumia series? 1 Lumia on 1 carrier in all of Canada? Ridiculous, Go Rim Go!

    • Woodman

      I think it’s safe to say that rim is hyping everything up and there will be a crash landing.

      Rip rim.

  • CRTC

    The who?

  • dv

    No quad core? Death on arrival..

    • Dimitri.K

      Honestly shut up.

      Not everyone has to be quad-core. Dual-core phones run better then quad-core. Also quad-core is a gimmick. Grow up.

    • sp

      they dont need quadcore..

      but with your style of usage… i guess you need 8 cores to make your phone run that smoothly huh??

  • Tom

    I hope that RIM is successful, but really successful with a product that competes with Apple and Google – not just getting by, by playing on Canadians patriotism and hooking some users with BBM.

    If it ends up with Canada propping up a RIM that can’t compete with the giants, that will be bad for Canada.

    So, I will consider buying their products and recommending them to others, but only once I’ve read a MobileSyrup review or two, and seen some indications of real sales in other countries.

    • Mark

      Maybe you shouldn’t rely on MobileSyrup for “indications of real sales in other countries”

  • JMen

    I wonder if this comment is going to be rejected

  • wotzit2ya

    Hope there won’t be a huge delay between announcement and actual delivery date .

  • techie01

    Amazing how all people are Save RIM they are Canadian but don’t support Canadian carriers that gave them their start. Hypocrites

  • jc

    Ok Fido, you are truly pathetic in not yet offering BB10.

  • jc

    My bad, missed that on my twitter feed. Definitely need that BB10 to keep up with news.

  • John_hates_blackberry

    Why would anyone pre order a BB10 device? It’s not like there will be a line up or a supply shortage. Just show up on launch day. Play with it. Be disappointed,and save your cash.

  • John_hates_blackberry

    Why the thumbs down people? You don’t honestly think there will be a supply shortage do you? Unless rim deliberately sends a really low number of devices there will be plenty after launch day. No one is gonna line up for these things other than the small number of die hard fans. 1.1 % market share in North America and under 5% in Europe.

  • Mobile Shop Employee

    We receive limited quantities when phones first launch, so coming in and asking to have one set aside for you isn’t a bad idea. We sold out of S3’s almost immediately as well as i5’s. Just saying! A friendly suggestion 🙂

    • Mobile Shop

      That’s because MobileShop isn’t a reputable company yet. If only they would spend some money on marketing instead of bugging people in the stores then could they actually make things happen. I’ve had one too many dissappointing conversations with the reps there, pretty sad when customers know more about the product they are selling than the reps them self.

  • Mobile Shop Employee

    I’m sorry the reps you’ve spoken to haven’t been helpful. We all have our areas that we excel in. Some are better with the hardware information, some are better with carrier information.

    • Mobile Shop

      If you sell a product you should excel in all area’s of that product. I’m not going to buy a house from a real estate agent that only knows about one of their houses on the market. Come on! You’ll have to do better than that Mobileshop.