Rise of the Blobs is an addictive, gorgeous puzzle game from the makers of Wind-Up Knight


Wind-Up Knight by Robot Invader was one of the most addictive, challenging and rewarding platformers of 2011, and the studio behind the hit Android and iOS game is back with a completely different type of challenge.

Rise of the Blobs is a make-the-blocks-disappear puzzle game with a twist. You’re in control of Mal, a marshmallow trying to stay safe from a army horde of Blobs trying to take over his home and native land. The only way Mal can stay safe is to drop pieces of fruit of corresponding colours onto the Blobs, causing them to be encased in a gelatinous mixture that explodes it and like colours around it.

Because the game exists in a 3D space, it is a lot more difficult than Tetris, because you’re constantly twirling the circular platform trying to find an appropriate spot for the fruit as the Blobs increase the pace of their rise. You can use powerups, a few of which you get for free, to make your life easier, but the bulk of the game can be played quickly and at no cost if you so desire.

Rise of the Blobs’ vertically-orientated difficulty level does preclude it from being played for hours like one can do with Tetris, but it’s the perfect distraction for a few minutes on the subway or waiting in line at the grocery store. You can outfit Mal with a signature line of clothing, Malwear, which is cute and clever, like the bulk of the game’s subject matter. There are plenty of ways to earn new currency, which can be redeemed for new levels, characters and more, but the core of the game never changes — a testament to how well-balanced the experience is.

RotB is available for Android and iPhone, and it’s one of the best additions to a growing range of challenging and rewarding puzzle games on both platforms.

Download Rise of the Blobs for Android and iOS.