CyanogenMOD posts stable Android 4.2-based “M-Series” builds for most popular devices


  • Wes

    Okay, seriously, why don’t you just put a link to the page you’re talking about in the article? It’d be really convenient.

  • Tom

    It’s that ‘mostly’ part that scares me.

    I’d like to switch to an AOSP based distro like CM, but with a name and mascot that make me think of Sid Vicious I wonder whether they are really committed to making the sort of ‘very’ stable releases that people need on their phones.

    I’d really like to see Ubuntu create an AOSP distro.

    • TheMeII

      If you need a _very_ stable release I think you are better off with Nokia 3310.
      These distros are as stable (on my Galaxy S) as Samsungs distro was, and I’ve used stable 7 -> rc/stable 9 -> rc/M/stable 10 -> rc 10.1 I just don’t jump in rc:s when they are brand new. I’ve always had only one phone and ran into problems that actually matter.

      Most problems I have had were in 10 and it sometimes decided not to connect to internet, even though the icon said it was connected.

      You do realize that EVERY software developer releases programs when they mostly work. You’d think NASA has time and money to test and foolproof their programs. And still they got bugs. You expect your phone will have perfect software. Stop waiting for miracles and live a little (you’ll die of old age without a phone otherwise).

      Ubuntu has yet to to release a stable Desktop distro that just works. I don’t know how it will work when they dive head first into unknown. But I think it won’t be better than desktops.

    • TheMeII

      I’ve always had only one phone and ran into problems that actually matter.
      Should be:
      I’ve always had only one phone and I’ve never ran into problems that actually matter.

  • RyanOver

    Still don’t get why Sony devices get more developers loves then HTC devices

    • Sean

      While HTC does all they can do to lock down the devices Sony makes them easy to unlock. They also put out information for their devices which helps with development.

      Sony also embraces their dev community, they made something that takes your romd xperia device and converts it back to a stock device. Have you ever seen an OEM make something like that!

  • Graham

    Still nothing the i9100 (sgs2)? Am i missing something here?

  • coop3422

    No love for the s2 i9100? Booo

  • Mike

    I just flashed my stock 4.1 Nexus S back to Cyanogenmod 7.2 and I couldn’t be happier. The phone always struggled under ICS/JB but with GB it’s flying. I’m curious to try CM 10.1 because I was really excited to upgrade to 4.2, but now I don’t want to go back to a sluggish OS.

  • Alex

    I am on a Samsung Infuse on CM 10.1 or JellyBean 4.2.1

    It’s awesome. Unlock and root those old devices.

  • Snafufubar

    I’d love to root my Wind Galaxy S3 and install JB 4.2, but I can’t find instructions for this carrier. It seems like there are tons on the net, but maybe because wind is such a small carrier that not many root them. If anyone wants to direct me to specifics then I’d appreciate it.

    • Dave Johnshon

      The wind Galaxy S3 instructions are the same as the ones for the S3 T-Mobile version…

  • Snafu

    I’ve read that wind is the same as tmobile. But then I’ve heard make sure you don’t flash t mobile radios. Frankly I don’t know what that is and no idea where they would even be located. So, basically I don’t want to mess up my phone.

    • Alex

      Go to XDA dot COM and read up. A lot. If after a few days of reading up, it’s not all clear, ask questions in the Q&A thread. You will be amazed at community support.
      Lots of Googling helps too. If you have done your homework, it’s pretty difficult to mess up a Samsung.

  • John

    Please for T989