BlackBerry Z10 seen with white backing in leaked carrier promo material


  • JV

    Phone looks pretty Bad @ss. 🙂

  • placator

    Really nice! Can’t wait.

  • Nothin But RIM

    Looking good BlackBerry!!! On the rise!!


    Oh ya I want a white one 🙂

  • Ron Mexico

    Just another closed, proprietary platform, just like iOS and Windows 8.

    Go Android or go home. Closed sux.

    • Joe public

      In other news today the DROID tards toll another blackberry articles and fail with childish remarks, while google wallet gets hacked AGAIN and 100’s virus filled app’s go for free in google plays top 100 app’s.

      Maybe one day the simple android users will realize they only have a Mc Donalds happy meal toy not worth more than 1$….

    • EvanK

      I personally prefer open platforms, but I’m still fine with closed platforms as long as they don’t try to monopolize and dominate the entire market.

  • Plan Shopper

    I’m glad I canceled my Nexus 4 order now.

    Hopefully Virgin Mobile Canada carries the white one too.

  • Senor Chang

    Cant wait for BB10 to arrive to knock WindowsPhone8 out cold. Get em RIM!

    • skullan

      It’s not Windows Phone I want them to chisel market share from, it’s Android and Apple.

  • theone

    cantttt waittt selling my iphone 5 and getting this bad boy lol anyyyy one want it lol?

  • Oh Dear

    I may have over-trusted that fart….

  • Eduardo

    Seriously, this BB10 thing has become the new iPhone event; where images and features “misteriously leak” ahead of the event and once it actually happens there’s nothing new to show but just confirm what everyone already knows.

    I’ve said it numerous times, I’m all up for RIM’s comeback and more competition; but I’m just sick of it.

    • placator

      Then just do yourself a favour and don’t read them…that way you’ll stay healthy!

  • Miknitro

    Looks good, Go BB!

  • BB

    Look good..hope RIM does well 😀

  • MaXiM

    I already put aside 500$m more to follow. I would LOVE to be able to buy it directly from Blackberry. Really excited, and hope they’ll build a new tablet as well. Before you jump to conclusions – I own a SIII that has all the bells and whistles EXCEPT a decent battery that should let you enjoy all the perks that phone brings. I love Lumia 920- but they choose to join the dark-side of Rogers, iPhone is a nice piece of design, but way overpriced just for what it can do.
    Yeah, I am a BB boy. Can’t wait to reinstall Blackberry suite on my computer!

    • hoo dat

      7″ & 10″ 2Gen tablet forecast for sometime in April.

  • oldschool

    The flat black looks nice and classy, much more so than scrathched up glossy korean plastic.

  • vn33

    Not a RIM user, and not likely in the future, but really, really hope to see RIM back providing a strong alternative in the mobile arena

  • Bill Murray

    Finally.. Done with these massive android bricks

  • Nothin But RIM

    Wow I don’t think i’ve seen a RIM article with so many positive comments. This is great!

  • sp

    wow…i have haters. thats awesome!!! i made it big time!!!

    and cant wait for BB10… want the white one….

    come on RIM!!!

  • Chaz

    Yup release more “leaks” it’s certainly helping my RIMM stocks xD

  • COBwiggy

    Both black and white look nice, but I think the white is a little feminine 😛 Could be because every person that I have ever known to own a white blackberry has been female haha

  • Sgt.Romanov

    Just make the price reasonable and you will bring in more BB customers to show the world BB is back

  • Lirodon

    Ugh, that Verizon logo on the front is just, wow.

    At least they didn’t do what they did to the Galaxy Note II because there’s no home button.

    • Lirodon

      Ooops, I meant back, sorry.

  • fanberry10

    No sleep Till BlackBerry 10, A song by LIL E…show some LOVE for BlackBerry 10!

  • Matt Polkiewicz

    The suspense is killing me, I can’t wait to get my hands on one of these!