Video: BlackBerry Z10 video camera put to the test


  • Rob

    Photo looks out of focus but the video looks great!

    • 2 Late

      “TIME SHIFT”???

      -And they still don’t have FIRM DATES?? for phones at stores?

  • BJ

    Thats pretty good. especially in low light conditions…

  • Monkey Face

    Please include image stabilizer. Shaky as hell.

  • All ways write

    Not knocking RIM…but really…that was ok..nothing amazing.

    • Tdot

      Its not earth shattering, but seeing where they are coming from, thats pretty amazing!

  • Evan Dupuis

    RIM sucks.. more crap from people that cant find real jobs. Its funny how some people get the government welfare. Throwing good money after bad.

  • abo

    it doesnt have autofocus or do you not know how to use it?

  • Green Blue

    That’s what I come to say. That video quality in such low light condition is great and colors are well balanced. (I hope it is not a Nokia-like promo trick).
    Maybe RIM should switch from cellphone to camcorder business?

    • Green Blue

      sorry, the comment above was supposed to be reply to comment #1

  • Joe Jim Bob the third

    @Evan Dupuis

    I am amzed that you are even able to type, considering how ret@rded as you are. Using voice to text I guess?

    • Joe public

      It obvious Evan dupuis is another low educated android user. Just Plain clueless

      Maybe one day he will get a real phone and lose the toy

      Dare to dream little android user dare to dream.

    • some guy

      @Joe public
      I wouldn’t poke too much fun at someone who fell down the stupid tree. Especially since you can’t figure out where to put capital letters in a sentence, or punctuation for that matter.

  • OgtheDim

    Can’t be true….that’s not Waterloo.

    • some guy

      I’m thinking it’s Kitchener, during Oktoberfest.

    • mlander

      I don’t know of anywhere in Canada we could get away with snow-plows that tiny. Conversely we don’t have license plates anywhere near that long, LOL. That we can see this is filmed in front of the “Bank Austria” is indeed a promising indication of the whole low-light quality thing though.

  • screamer

    We will see what rim is able to do. I think they will be nehind like sony is. We see the experia z they are now wow but when they are released they are old because Samsung and htc bring new phones in the next two month even apple has to do something fast.

  • over

    they need the same camera tech thats in the 920

  • Aryana

    I thought the camera was 13mps!?!

  • Senor Chang

    Hey yo filipina, commo stace? You got day bee bee emm?

  • Imrightyourewrong

    The quality is solid? Are you joking? How much did RIM pay you to say that?

    The quality is average AT BEST. By the time these phones actually make it into stores, there will soon be new phones from competitors that will blow this away.

  • sp

    cant wait til all you nay sayers and negative people eat your words.

    it ll be hilarious

  • Senor Chang

    Eat our words? Why? Because you can finally use ported android apps that others have been using for years?

    A blackberry that piggy banks on android this willbe a hugefail

  • JV

    OK, people in the know, The low light feature here is Amazing, you try going out at night and capturing the street like that on video. It just wont happen that is the truth of it. Now my head is turned. Ok RIM lets see what else you got in store? hmmm?

  • Scott

    Looks pretty good considering the poor lighting conditions. Go RIM! Hope they pull it off!

  • Anonymous

    It would be great for RIM to make a comeback, but a small part of me still thinks that they have more work to do.

    I mean, the HTC M7 and Galaxy SIV are coming soon, and the iPhone 6 is sure to be around the corner.

    I’ve never liked Blackberry, but I do like that RIM is at least fighting back. I just hope it doesn’t all go to waste.

  • wes

    Should have been higher than 8mp to really compete.

  • Sweet

    More megapixels doesn’t necessarily result in a better image. You can have too many megapixels. In that case, the light that should have been captured by one cell, ends up being captured by more than one cell, thus reducing the quality of the image. It’s all about pixel density. So you need the right amount of megapixels for the size of the given sensor, and not more than that. If you want more than that, then you’ll need a bigger sensor.

    We can’t say if 8MP is enough for the BB10 camera until we know the sensor size. Besides, 8MP is greater than your screen resolution and good enough to print on around 8×11 paper with 300ppi.

  • Joe public

    Who knows maybe blackberry will start off with the Aristo as the specs leaked so far matches pretty close the leaked spec sheet of the Aristo back in October 2012.

    Quad core / dual core
    2gb ram. / 2gb ram
    4.65″ screen/ 4.45″ screen
    8m camera B / 8m camera B
    2m camera F / 2m camera F
    Bt 4.0. / Bt 4.0
    Sd slot. / sd slot
    Hdmi. / hdmi

  • Cell Hell

    Nice video quality for a phone!

  • Collin

    DIE RIM!