Rumoured specifications of the “BlackBerry Z10”


  • Blaise Petric

    This could turn out to be a blackberry device that people want to use.

  • Michele Delgado

    Is it pentaband?

    • Omega Jimes

      “Radio: Quad Band HSPA+ / UMTS (850/900/1700/1900/2100MHz) ・Quad Band GSM / GPRS (850/900/1800MHz) ・Quad Band LTE: Bands 2,4,5,13,17 (700, 850,1700, 1900MHz)”

  • Dave

    1800 mAh seems a little short, but their devices have always been good for their service life for being used for 8+ hours. As for hdmi? Thats interesting. As long the OS holds up, i think we might have a winner here

  • Charlie

    I wouldn’t pay more than $400 unlocked for the 16GB. Anything higher and I’ll wait for Samsung Galaxy S4.

    • Plazmic Flame

      The Samsung Galaxy S3 is $649+… GTFO!

    • some guy

      Let me translate for you Plazmic…
      If the BB is priced over $400, then I (Charlie) would much rather buy a Samsung Galaxy S4 for the higher price point.

      I would tend to agree. If RIM wants a shot at taking back the crown, they need to undercut the competition. If it costs the same as other high end devices, then it may get passed over.

  • Sean

    That is pentaband hspa 🙂

  • Benz

    2GB of ram why not!!!

  • Jack frost

    Woah a dual-core so revolutionary! If you want to play with the big boys rim, you need to look to the future not to the past. Even if they are just rumors i would be highly disappointed to see last years tech benchmark in the new flagship devices from RIM.

    • Rooting for RIM

      Although I really want RIM to make a huge come back, I have to agree, unless the OS is amazing, mid 2012 specs are not amazing for 2013… hopefully BB10 can get away with it.

  • WTangoFoxtrot

    Looks like a fine list of specs but from what I hear most of the magic is in the OS itself (since we all know the spec wars are getting meaningless and hilarious these days)

  • Rich

    To be honest, I’m not overly concerned with specs, but more-so affordability. I do NOT want to see Blackberry in the same price range as S3 / iPhone etc. If it is, it’s going to get crushed by the proven players.

    Let’s see some Nexus 4 range pricing.

    • Paul

      I want to believe you but I don’t think its going to happen. It’s usually LTE that company’s think they could high price their products. I’m hoping for like 100 max on contracts and 500 outright but you can always make those numbers lower Rim ;D

  • Kelly

    I can’t wait to get the BB Z10! I love my 9900, but it’s time for BB10! Those specs are amazing and the screen, wow!356ppi is the highest so far. I’m confident RIM will make a comeback. Gotta root for our Canadian companies! 🙂

  • Ex-BB Lover

    I think way too many people have invested into expensive iPhones (4s & 5) & Androids (Nexus 4 & S3) over the period BlackBerry was reorganizing itself. BlackBerry needs to price it cheap (like Nexus 4) or make trade in programs in order to get back clients that left to better phones. They also need to make incentives to retain the loyal ones like my mom that are up for new devices as her contract ends.

    • Sgt.Romanov

      The reason that google cant keep up with demand is the price of the Nexus 4 and I hope RIM can keep their price point low and they too will have great success with the BB10

  • bababooey

    haha damn this is gonna be an awsome phone and iphone and android users cant stand it lol. rest in pi$$ android and apple 🙂

  • Cell Hell

    This is the first article to make me lose interest. I already have a dual core with my Glaxy Nexus and 1800 is simply too small a battery. I’m not going to shift unless I get much better battery life and a power bump.

    • hoo dat

      Cell Hell, one of the advantages of the QNX based OS is its efficiency and running it on a quad would be more than over kill. Currently on the dual core you cam quite easily run 8-10 apps simultaneously with no discernible affect on performance, I recently saw a demonstration where 30 apps where run with no real negative affect and we’re not talking about “static” apps either, many were games or video. Another advantage of BlackBerry is its compressed data, the browser I tried out on a Dev Alpha B is one of the fastest I’ve ever used and early testing shows it’s leaps and bounds over the competition.

      The question becomes whether you want specs to compensate for inefficiencies, or an OS that can take full advantage of more suitable specs which also promotes better battery usage.

      I can’t wait for the side by side testing that’s going to be happening in February! I think there’ll be more than a few people eating crow.

  • narci

    People who compare specs are usually android users.

    There are so many differewnt pieces of hardware for android OS that the only way to lure android users to different hardware manufaturers is using specs.

    Apple till uses a dual core but the software is fully optimized to use it.

  • Dylan K

    Don’t need huge specs and 2500mAh batteries to make a good phone. Look at the iPhone. As long as the OS proves itself and the apps are plentiful and high quality we could see recovery for BlackBerry.

    Android needs to specs for their heavily unoptimized OS and stellar multitasking. BB10, not so much I think.

    • EvanK

      My Lumia 900 has a, 1800 mAh battery, and I can easily get almost two days usage with about 50% brightness and relatively heavy use. That being said, that’s with no LTE and in comparaison to the latest smartphones, lackluster specs.

      However, the jist of it is that it’s more about how efficient the hardware and software are than the size of the battery, put the iPhone’s battery into an Android device and watch it depleat much quicker.

    • AWSGuy

      The concern about the battery life is because of the screen.

  • 2cf

    RIP RIM!!!!!! 😀 😀

  • Henaway

    The proof will be in the pudding when real users get their hands on it. Different OS, different way to handle resources, and like apple, they control the hardware. Tight integration can make efficiencies. One major sore spot for us Android users/fans. Sure, Android is far more flexible with hardware, but needing to support so much hardware/so many resolutions is both a strength AND a weakness, depending which angle you’re viewing it from.

  • Money is everything

    Battery is too small. Must be priced $399 unlocked to be taken seriously.

  • LeafsFan77

    BB10 can handle Dual-cores unlike Androids. The Android OS has issues with threading schedules and even if it had 8-cores, it couldn’t fully use it properly.

    • EvanK

      The problem with Android is it’s extremely resource hungry (whether it’s for the better or the worse), and generally software isn’t totally optimized to maximize the hardware’s effeciency. WP8, iOS and I’m assuming that BB10 all run well on dual core and even single core to an extent because both the hardware and software are controlled by a single OEM (or in WP’s case the hardware’s regulated and controlled by MS), and because of that they can be optimized to work well with each other.

      Specs look nice here, the only thing that I would’ve liked to see is GSM 1700MHz support for WIND/Mobi users.

    • EvanK

      EDIT: didn’t read the specs on Crackberry, looks like AWS is on board!

  • Spanish Prince from Toronto

    i like everything except the 1800mAh battery they should make it at least 2200mah battery.

    • Jellmoo

      Out of curiosity, what are you basing that on? For all you know this device has absolutely amazing battery life. Check out the iPhone, a device with a battery considerably smaller than the competition, and yet still has better battery life than most of them.

      Until we see real world performance from the BB10 devices, all you are doing is picking a random number with no real meaning.

  • Hipster

    judging by the battery use of my playbook which has a 5400mAh battery, QNX utilizes the battery very efficiently because that thing holds the charge for a really long time. Think I’ve gotten through maybe 4 movies on 50% brightness, maybe days with light surfing.

  • William

    If price competitive I will go for this BB10.

  • Michael

    Sell it in the $300s and I’ll buy one.

  • Paul

    Hope they bring OLED display technology into this!

  • AWSGuy

    Although Android is built onl inux, it uses the Dalvik VM, so it isnt quite like linux.

  • trytofa

    200 – if it cost anymore than that rim can go f themselves

    • Android is becoming a joke.

      No need for that. They already f your momma!

  • max

    Considering I can get a Nexus 4 with the same specs and more apps for $359 (16GB version) I wouldn’t pay more than $300 no contract for this. Google just completely changed the pricing of the smartphone and tablet market this year.

    • jellmoo

      No you can’t. Really, you can’t. Go ahead and try right now to obtain a Nexus 4 at that price. You’ll have about as much luck as you would have ordering a Blackberry 10 phone.

  • Rayzorexe

    I personally see it being priced around $499 or $599 outright because of the price of the 9900.

  • sp

    honestly those people who have this unbelievable expectation that Z10 is going to sell under 400 is really dreaming.

    plain and simple if you dont want this phone and are not willing to pay for it, then dont buy it.

    i for one have been waiting for this phone and expecting it to be in the same price range as the S3 or even the 920. if the price of Z10 is the same as an iPhone 5…i ll have to seriously think about getting it then.

    i have faith that this phone is gonna be great. for what it is it will bring RIM back into the fold of the phone wars.

    thats just my 2 cents.

    although I really hope they dont price it in the 700 range..thats just too much… lol…

    • Sgt.Romanov

      Just because those other phones are over priced doesnt make them great phones , the nexus 4 is a great device and the price is $359 and they are having great success with it and cant keep up in sales , so alot of people are hoping RIM doesnt go that rout of Samsung , HTC or the IPHONE in price

    • hoo dat

      Why is it everyone wants to compare the BB10 to the N4? If you do that you should compare EVERY phone to it. The N4 is an anomaly; a price supported device that’s not available through usual retail channels, there’s no other phone out there being marketed in such a manner, making it an unfair comparison to anything. What if RIM or Nokia decided to market a phone the same way, how would then N4 stand up then? Quite frankly it wouldn’t. The only advantage it has right now is price, but the lack of expandable memory and removable battery are inexcusable, which would be made even more so if the N4 is compared on an equal footing. I NEED both a card slot and removable battery making the N4 completely useless to me. Whether it’s $350, $200 or free, there is no value for money proposition making any comparison useless.

      The less said about 8-10 week delivery dates, buzzing earpieces and cracking glass backs the better.

    • sp

      @Sgt.Romanov – i dont doubt that the N4 is a great device. I myself debated getting it. But as the phone is heavily funded by Google itself, the price you are speaking of doesnt exist in stores. buying the phone itself at any stores would be around $500.00 (in the US)
      the N4 is not for me as the built in battery and lack of LTE is something I dont prefer in a phone. the N4 is great, but i prefer the Z10.
      to each his/her own and we all have our opinions.

    • Mark in Mtl

      It costs them about 150 to make this phone, so they make good money at a 400 price point… over that and it will be DOA. I’m hoping for the best 🙂

  • Mark

    Really exciting!

  • 8652

    They better get auto focus on this! Biggest mistake ever made with the bold 9900, the only reason why I went with the galaxy s2 but I think they’ve learn all of there mistake now.

  • Dane

    My buddy works for rim and I’ve seen it and used it. Best phone bb has done to date. Os is pretty good too. They might have a chance if they can ever release it.

    • skullan

      2.9 billion in the bank.
      Just alittle over a month to go.

      They will release it. Let’s just hope that they have QC’d most of the big time problems out of it.

  • RIMstock

    What, only articles about “leaks” for BB10 and no news about how RIM’s stock plunged 23% on Friday from $14 to 10.90??

    -Now is another 3% down at $10.60 after Heins announced that RIM will change the subscription model (Less cash for operators)

    -Expect RIM to close the week and the year in single digits.

  • Jeff

    How much would I pay, hmmmmmmm $0 because if it breaks and I have to go thru the same crap i did with the playbook. Nooooooooo Thank you.

  • Awesome

    R.I.P Apple. 🙂

  • boib

    This is RIM’s answer to the Galaxy S3. Released in spring 2012.

  • BCCaper

    I strongly dislike the 1800mah battery. If its running LTE and a dual core 1.5ghz processor get used to being teathered to a charger. :S

  • Ron Mexico

    Ill just wait for the inevitable firesale just like the Playbook.

  • GlassBackBadIdea

    That sure looks like a proper back plate design not like what the stupid designers have implemented in the Nexus 4 by the morons from Google and LG