Google Chrome beta for Android receives first update, fixes some performance hiccups


  • Joe

    There is a great website that called “ebay”, you can get there for a buck or two a phone stand, so your employees can enjoy a cup of coffee.

    • Nickdroid

      You can also LEGO together a pretty sweet doc. Even incorporating the charging cable.

    • Reggie Noble

      They’re trying to look “hip and cool” like The Verge.

  • JimSillyballs

    I’ve been using Chrome browser on my galaxy nexus for maybe 5 months now, is this chrome new or different in anyway? I’m confused.

    • Eduardo

      It’s much better (IMO) than the regular Chrome, I had just said (on the other article) how I didn’t like Chrome because it’s much slower than the stock ICS browser, it’s not the case anymore. At least not as noticeable.

  • Canucks4Life

    I’ll stick with Dolphin Beta for now

  • Paulman

    It’s slower in Sunspider 0.9.1 than the previous version of Chrome Beta for me (1561.5ms vs 1325.7ms) on the Nexus 4. But Sunspider isn’t the only indicator of performance (or Javascript performance, even).

  • monsterduc1000

    Getting better but Boat Browser is my fave right now. Chrome beta needs a quick bookmark button and to have a working text size increase, On my Asus tf300 anyway 🙂