Stuff We Like: Spigen Slim Armor case for iPhone 5


  • Mp

    I usually do not like cases on phones, especially on the i5. But after a close call a few times I think a case that is thin, lightweight and durable is a good choice. Thanks for posting this!

  • converse

    I really like my zoogue case for i5: thin, stylish, and durable.

  • Alex

    Keeps the look of the phone.. not bad.

  • Bardia Sonata

    Phones should not be engineered to require cases.

    If you need a case to protect your phone from everyday use, that’s poor hardware engineering.

    • spanky

      Wow, you dicovered a niche just for you – have at it and stop

    • John

      cases are not “required”. I’ve been using my iPhone 4s for a while now. Never had a case on it.

  • Peko

    Now Spigen needs to get off their behinds, and make a decent hybrid case for the Galaxy Note 2, instead all the leather wallet cases and cheap ebay-ish BS they’ve been releasing.

  • brett

    Can spigen cases be purchased retail in Canada or can they only be ordered online from the US?

  • Rasmus Fugl

    Not fitting with every single headphone as standard is a major design flaw. There is almost no case out there for me that work. If not for that major oversight regarding hole size I would have bought it in a heartbeat, but if my headphones don’t fit, and I use headphones a LOT, then what the hell is the point?