BlackBerry 10 pre-order goes live at Best Buy and Future Shop


  • Nothin But RIM

    This is starting to pick up steam and gets more exciting every day.

    • Nothin But RIM

      This is going to be great twosea get launched just saying.

    • 201

      Does anybody see how funny and ridicoulous this is?
      We keep getting a barrage of articles about phones that do not exists, with no firm specs, NO FIRM DATE, NO PRICE, and with an OS that hasn’t launched yet!.

      This reminds me of the campain for the Chevrolet VOLT, where over 100,000 people signed up for buying it, then the price went from $30K to $40K and the range from 500km to 300km (real is 250Km)How many of those cars have you seen? What do you think the re-selling value is??

      Going back to phones the Galaxy S2 international STILL sells for over $200 (used) two yrs later.

      I would say good luck RIM, but they took soooo long to put a BB10 phone in stores that I just don’t care anymore.




      OHH I FORGOT TO SAY RIP sp!!!!:)

    • Stupid

      “Does anybody see how funny and ridicoulous this is?
      We keep getting a barrage of articles about phones that do not exists, with no firm specs, NO FIRM DATE, NO PRICE, and with an OS that hasn’t launched yet!.”


      Are you new to this and all other mobile blogs?
      That is like 80% of what the conent is. Leaks and more leaks of stuff that’s not out yet.
      This is a Canadian site so there’s been a little more RIMM stuff here but it’s pretty par for the course.

      “I would say good luck RIM, but they took soooo long to put a BB10 phone in stores that I just don’t care anymore.”

      Give it a good look in stores when it’s out and you may reconsider.

    • Just licking Android asss

      Android licks asss 🙂
      Who knew that Google would be giving out rim jobs.

  • Dalex

    The BB10 news is really kicking into high gear and it’s really good to see. In the last 2 days I’ve read over 10 new articles from tech blogs about the writer’s excitement growing for this new platform. It’s nice to see. It’s a underdog story that people are rooting for.

    January 30th can’t get here soon enough.

    • 201

      The NEWS of BB10 have been “kicking around” for two years now!
      All people WANTED was to buy the phones one or two yrs ago; then they moved onto i or android phones.

      Simply too late. I doubt that after the holidays RIM STILL has 80 million users.

    • sp

      looks like Twosee and JUST SAYING has become 201..

      another nay sayer.

      yes it took them 2 years…so what!!! if the OS and the phone are ready to go with no issues then they did the right thing!!

      i dont know about you but i would rather have a working OS with minimal issues and such than having to have put out a device with such issues that it needs updates to fix issues every 2weeks/1month

      case in point:
      iPhone iOS…how long did it take for them to implement cut and paste??? remember that debacle?
      Blackberry Playbook: took til OS 2 to fix the issues (that probably to this day was the biggest blunder for RIM)

      so shut it with the its too little too late. the specs are better than the iPhone 5 and on par with the rest of the other smart phones out there. if the phone is too late for you…then its too late for YOU. not for anyone else.

      go BB10!!!

  • JV

    lol Yeah i don’t see them selling out Fast. People should be able to take their time lol Happy Friday All!!! 🙂

    • Nothin But RIM

      Rogers has actually had to order more BB’s because the pre-order was more than their entire initial order. It doesn’t matter if you see them selling cuz they are.

    • Just licking Android asss

      After BB10 launches, the only thing left for the trolls will be to lick the sweaty nut sack of their Google master as they get asss raped.
      Poor butt hurt fandroids. 🙁

  • sp

    gonna be a great phone!!

    anticipating this release!!!

    cant wait, but I will keep both S3 and BB10 until I figure out which is best for my purposes!!

  • Dan S

    Looks like my Fido is missing out on the party again. I spoke to Fido last month they said “we are looking into getting BlackBerry 10 phones”. Looks like I have to buy one outright on Kijiji.

    • Nothin But RIM

      I wouldn’t worry it’s likely they will and just have not announced it yet. Hopefully in the next few weeks.

    • Michele Delgado

      I wouldn’t jump to that conclusion yet. Koodo wasn’t saying anything either but they just announced today on Facebook that they would be carrying it

  • Bubble Snake!

    Reminds me of a saying from Nacho Libré – “Sometimes, a man has to wear his stretchy pants”. Not quite sure the relation, but I’m sure it has something to do with Blackberries.

  • Down Like Pacquiao

    Short RIM’s stock its easy money

    • Nothin But RIM

      RIM is up over $1 per share today and up over 10% in the last few days so if you want to lose money take this guys advice. I prefer to make money on common sense and I just did, thanks RIM!

    • BB10 = Winning

      I bought RIMM stock late summer when it was around $7.50
      I made enough money to buy a new BlackBerry every year for the rest of my life… and then some 🙂

  • Joe Jim Bob the third

    80 million customers, if just 1 in 10 buy, that is 8 million hand sets sold. 1 in 10 is very doable for them at this point as there customer base has been waiting a new phone for a while now. Hopefully they do well and bring some needed competition to the mobile tech world.

  • Jess

    Pre ordered mine 🙂

  • JV

    Its a bit silly and ignorant to pre-order something before you have any real official idea of what that device can do. lol

    • chm985

      Look online. Tons of videos.

    • Nothin But RIM

      JV – you may not have any idea of what it can do but if you take a little time to look there is more than enough info. There are these things called leaks and developer testing that goes on that people report on. It’s a bit silly that you comment on people not knowing when you know less then most of them.

    • Stupid

      You have 7 days or 30 minutes (I think, maybe different on different carriers) to change your mind and return it with no fees.

  • JV

    Really? you know how adaptable it is? how fast and responsive it is when you have a full load of apps running? you know how fast the browser is in comparison to all other phones on the market? you know the CPU speed and how well the architecture can handle what ever apps your running? you know the battery life it possess with moderate use? You know how much available memory it has available for your apps and pictures? you know if it has external memory available? you know what bands it will run on here in Canada? and you know the price? all this you can discern from grainy videos? Remarkable!

    • sp

      if you do a little research im sure you can find the answers you are looking for.

      price wise…no one knows it yet. i for one am expecting at least 600. anything less would be a surprise and a great welcome but unlikely.

      browser kills every other browser out there as per testers and other people who have used it..and that was only the beta version. imagine the final product.

      you are nit picking because its RIM…you wouldnt do this for any other company.

    • caribouroader

      ………mmmmmmm…how many of you pre-ordered the Nexus 4 (if you could)…sounds like you’re talking out of both ends.

  • Skazzers

    News flash: This product is dead on arrival. Rip rim!!

    • sp

      Latest News Flash:

      You are a troll!!!! RIP Skazzers

  • Sweet

    It’s silly to be ordering something when you have no idea how much it’s going to cost.

    I’m going to wait until I get my hands on it, try it, and see how much it costs, before I decide to buy one or not.

  • jc

    Getting a BB10 is not a blind leap of faith if you have used a PlayBook, which I consider to be RIM’s testbed for a QNX-based OS. QNX is powerful, stable and radically different. Here are some features in BB10 that started on the PlayBook:
    1) Hub – Universal inbox
    2) BBM video – Video chat
    3) No physical buttons
    4) Peek and flow
    5) Active frames

    The hardware is likely to be better than the OMAP 440 on the PlayBook, so there should be no issue there.

    I fail to see why people want RIM to fail. Competition means innovation, which is good for the economy, consumers and tech nuts 😉 Apple and Android lit a fire under RIM, resulting in BB10. Now it’s time for Android and RIM to light a fire under Apple.

  • Collin

    This is the most overpriced too late to the game handset ever..

    die rim!

    • sp

      Collin is the most redundant, useless poster and waste of internet/physical space ever….

      RIP Collin

  • MrHomz


    You’re an imbecile, just saying.


  • Nothin But RIM

    People want to see confidence in a company, check the stocks:

    Trolls “RIM’s dead” “Who wants these phones” “2011 Specs”

    This is what happens when the market is trying to push the price down to buy lower so they can make money when it goes up.

    BMO today downgrades the stock to $9, remember these are “experts”.

    This is what the market thinks right now:

    AAPL – Down .61%
    GOOG – Down .20%
    RIMM – Up 13.76%

    Believe who you want to believe about where people see RIMM. I’m sure i’ll get thumbs down from this but the numbers speak for themselves.

    • Nothin But RIM

      FYI, I am no expert and have shares in RIM. I just know a lot of people wished they had bought shares in Apple and Google before it exploded (including me). I’m not saying it will explode but if it is going to it’s going to be from here.

  • JL

    defiantly the time to buy shares before BB10 comes out. RIM isnt going anywhere…