Virgin Mobile to release the Samsung Galaxy Discover


  • matthew

    Sometimes I don’t understand the logic with pricing. This phone is a worse version of the Samsung Galaxy Ace 2, yet (temporarily at least) they have the same tab value at $150 (Ace 2 has a MSRP of $200 but you get it for $0 with a $150 tab)

    If they really want these lower priced phones to sell and attract entry level users, this phone has to be $129.99 or less

    • Twosee

      RIP RIM!!!!! 😀 😀

  • Sean

    So Telus sells it for $70 and Virgin decides to sell it for $150… That makes total sense

  • jess

    And people say the newest BB Curve is dated.. this actually has worse specs

  • Bray

    FYI, Virgin pricing is almost always different than retail. They just put a higher retail, so people from other providers (IE Bell, Telus) don’t outright purchase it from us and hook it up there.

    It’ll likely be 150 prepaid, and 0 with a 100 tab, and a $50 device credit, like the Ace 2 X, or Razr V (200 tab with a $150 device credit) or 9320 (150 tab, $50 device credit).

    With the Ace 2X, I am really surprised about this phone being released..

  • Max

    2010 called and wants his phone back