Nokia sold 4.4 million Lumia devices in Q4, mobile division “exceeded expectations”


  • skazzers

    But it is not BB10!

    • Twosee

      RIP RIM!!!!! 😀 😀

    • sp

      RIP Twosee

  • John Marshall

    Things ought to be more interesting if they were to announce the Nokia Catwalk sooner than later.

    And then maybe it’ll be released on a carrier other than Rogers for a change. We can only hope.

  • Keith

    I was hoping for more Lumia sales but the WP8 devices were only out in November but not availabvle much until December so the trend is looking very good for them. There is another story going around today that the Lumias are selling like hotcakes in China so this quarter could interesting for Nokia.

    Their stock is up 18% today as of this writing.

  • Blas

    Should have bought that Nokia stock before.

  • Ka-ra-te Master, the Fifth Dan

    Just imagine how more successful the Lumia line would be if Microsoft stopped making mistake after mistake with wp8.

    Nokia is doing all they can, and their exclusive apps are quite good…but microsoft has been disappointing in attracting the top app developers and even applying their own xbox live games to their mobile platform.

    • Ka-ra-te Master, the Fifth Dan

      I see the usual shills microsoft pays to work over blogs are on the job. Here’s a tip dummies–dont make it so obvious. LMAO.

  • Mofo

    So that is about 49K per day. I wonder how the other Windows phones are doing, still far from the 1.3M Android activations per day so even with a ton of activations, they could still be losing market share. At least it sounds like the platform has stopped burning

  • Hilman

    Must have had low expectations lol.

  • EZ

    It’s sad. I was in the market for a new plan/new phone, and as much as I wanted to get the L920, Roger’s plans were way too expensive, and getting an unlocked version was just too many headaches, so I went with a Samsung S3, which I’m kind of ‘meh’ about. It’s really unfortunate Rogers and AT&T had exclusivity on it. They probably would have sold more.

  • jess

    Go nokia!

  • KimJong-iil

    they sold 4 million lumia and made 1.56 Billion Euro revenue in smart devices in Q2 2012
    now they have sold 4.4 million lumia and made 1.2 billion Euro.

    1)This is not their best quarter of 2012.
    2)They r selling more lumia’s and making less profit. Means most sales are from low end devices where nokia is either not making nay profit or is taking a loss.
    3)Their profit this quater is mainly due to cost cutting(sold their HQ building) not because of any revenue increase.

    • Keith

      Nokia lost 1 billion in 2012 Q2 so try another guess.

  • deistbeats

    Yay for competition!

  • some guy

    I wonder how many were returned

  • TCK

    Now, if the STUBBORN ROGERS could only bring the colors in.

    I’m still waiting to upgrade my phone.

  • Rich

    Nokia is easily one of the most innovative mobile companies over the past few months with their Lumia line. Not only in terms of hardware (camera, style, and color), but also with regard to some software that can work data-less.

    I just wish they didn’t so deeply invest in WP8. I’d buy a Nokia android device over a Samsung and I know I’m not the only one.

  • Slayer

    Bring Lumia 620 and 820 to Canada !

  • blackkey

    I sold my NOK shares today, made a massive profit- more than 15% in less than a year 😀

    • Keith

      You won’t be smiling this time next year when you see what you could have made had you held on to them 🙂

  • Joe Bloe

    Why is it worrying that they are still selling 2.2 million Symbian phones? It was a decent OS (I still like it better than iOS or WP) and sales are sales. If there weren’t so many iCattle Symbian would have done a lot better.

  • Gino

    Now imagine how much larger those numbers would have been had they not elected to have carrier exclusivity around the world? It just aggravates me. I’ve wanted the 920 for so long, but I might be able to hold off for Catwalk if it comes within the next 6-8 months or so.

  • GlassBackBadIdea

    4.4 Million i****s now believe they are stupid because they got suckered into buying Nokia’s worthless Windows phones.

  • Archimedes

    These aren’t sales to customers. They are sales to carriers… who have the option of returning the inventory, at Nokia’s expense, for a full refund at a later date.

    Channel stuffing. Moving unsold inventory from one set of books to another.

  • swizzlerz

    i wanted the 920 on telus. but now that we waited this long its only 10 months away till windows phone 8 ver 2.0 hardwear release. im tempted to just wait 10 months and get one then.. my 7.5 does everything i need. runs my games. plays my music. what more do i need? i so wanted the new camera but they didn’t bring it to telus… and i dont want the s3 look alike…