Yahoo overhauls Flickr app for iOS, competes with Instagram two years later

Yahoo seems to be on a roll lately, retooling its entire mobile product line for a new generation of smartphone platforms. Yesterday it released brand new Mail apps for iPhone, Android and Windows 8, and today it continues its journey towards re-relevance by focusing it on its seminal brand, Flickr.

The new iPhone app does much of what the Android version did months ago, including filters and an editing suite powered by Aviary. It tries to focus on two things, and does so effectively. Users can now quickly take photos to upload to their profile, and view photos from their stream or from a pool of trending photographers.

The problem with Flickr is that, well, no one uses few people use it anymore. At least that’s true of my friends and family, who have largely moved on to either Facebook or Instagram as a primary photo repository or, with my enthusiast friends, 500px, which released its own fantastic iPhone app a few weeks back.

This isn’t to say that the new Flickr app is not a worthy successor to the previous iOS app, which was left to sputter and die for so long, but it will be difficult to convince users certain of Yahoo’s eventual demise that the photo service is worth returning to. Even with filters.

Download Flickr for iPhone.

Via: TheNextWeb