Samsung’s newest ad brings out the naughty side of Mrs. Claus


  • ActivesiN

    ho ho ho indeed

    • Jim.Shorts

      The next “big” thing is here! 😛

  • Alex

    Erk.. Without taste, like their products.

    • m00rb

      Go home Troll

    • spanky

      Critics, sheesh, they’re like pennies – you try to get rid of them but they keep hanginging around 😉

    • Samsung licks

      A trashy add which will no doubt appeal to the juvenile Samsung owner.

  • Morgan Freeman Lookalike

    What’s the deal with 12-12-12?

  • AllanVS

    LOL That is awesome. Much better than “I’m a PC, I’m a Mac piece of Crap.” commercials.

  • coop3422

    This is the exact same commercial they’ve been airing for a month or two, but instead of it being a family with the dad leaving for a business trip in a taxi, it’s santa. Reused the same commercial in a month, pathetic. For the record, I thought the original one was pretty funny.

    • EvanK

      And? It was a perfectly good commercial, so why not remake it for the holidays as opposed to airing the regular version?

    • Wendi

      Geez…lighten up! Lose the bah humbug ‘tude, you’ll enjoy Christmas a lot more with a positive attitude. *smh*

    • bummy

      I actually find the blatant duplicate dressed in xmas theme quite funny in itself.

  • EvanK

    Reminds me of Ms. Claus’ tweet from last night’s episode of 22 Minutes.

  • Ben

    How is this news? How much did Shamesung pay you to post this?

    • Wendi

      It’s not meant to be news…save the negativity for negative things. If you want news, there are plenty of sites devoted just to that.

    • Samsung licks

      This is the Android Fan site.
      All Android, all day. Should be called Android syrup.
      If you want to get subjective commentary and news on any other platform, you’ll need to check out another site.

  • google axe man

    they should also highlight that you’ll have to wait until next Christmas for an update!

    • pacalis

      Given a major update just rolled out on this 6 month old phone, and you can root your GS3 with umpteen mods, what are on earth do you think you are talking about?

  • Andrew

    Cute, and it’s almost an exact copy of one of their regular ads, with the husband going off on a business trip and the wife giving him an extra video.


  • skullan

    Is it me, or is Mrs. Claus hot? I’d beam with her.

  • pat

    Nice. But could mobile syrup please hassle samsung to get the S3 in black into Canada?