Koodo joins the party, lowers $57/month promo plan by 100 pennies


  • Betty

    make it $49, and we’ll talk

    • duw

      noooo… noooo… if i make it 49. you come back tomorrow i close down!

    • ToniCipriani

      Be a man! Do the right fing! You don’t join the pan now for $56, you go see somewhere else, you don’t join I say NOOO! Price gone up maybe $62 dollars! Be a man!

    • ToniCipriani

      *PS: Since this is the Big 3 we’re talking about, the scenario I described is more than likely to happen, unfortunately…

    • cheenachatze

      Koodo offers the best deal on a phone in Canada: Samsung Galaxy S2X for $250. Buy it at Walmart, put $150 on tab, pay $100 plus tax, and get Walmart gift card for $100 on the spot. It works on AWS as well, and it comes unlocked!

    • CRTC


      you guys want CHEAPER plans?

      Wait till my buddies at rogers hear this! MUAHAHA

  • David Lebel

    Why do I feel like this is all like wrestling matches (ahem, that’s almost a pun, considering the koodle mascot) and it’s all a big setup. Just to blow magic dust at us and make us believe we’re dealing with a “real” market. It’s all just pretend.

    • Steve

      I don’t think you understand what a pun is.

  • Grahamf

    I don’t know if it’s worth it. I have the $57 and I don’t know if i want to go through the hassle of changing it.

    • Ryan

      If you log into your account, you’ll see that it’s updated automatically.

    • Plan Shopper

      Ryan, I just logged into my account and both lines haven’t changed. Still shows Smartphone Canada $57 – 2GB and BlackBerry Canada $57 – 2GB.

      I can’t see them changing the price of your plan without you asking them to.

  • haxor99

    I get a better deal with Telus.. why would I go to Fido, Virgin or Koodo?

    • Aiden

      With what plan exactly? I’ve looked at their website and all of their plans are more money, less minutes, less data, etc.

  • Ryan

    This competition is truly hilarious. Competing on the penny. Lol

  • anonymous

    Kudos to this! Fidos to that! Virgins for us! 🙂

  • Shushwap

    Really starting to think about paying out my sibsidy with telus and switching over

  • Techno

    Only if samsung and apple competed like this….that would be such a wonderful world.

  • Rich

    These guys have the worst customer service imaginable.

  • vn33

    Another way of saying “let’s throw them a bone” …

  • RichieRickardo

    I’m waiting for Virgin or Fido to drop their plan by another penny to see if the others follow suit!!
    $55.99 a month. I mean I can actually see it happening.

  • Henry

    OMG!! I’ve been waiting for this all weekend.
    lowered by ONE HUNDRED PENNIES. Such a bargain now.
    I don’t think I can sleep if it drops another dollar in the future.

  • NotaMSsuckup

    STMicroelectronics just abandoned its joint venture with Nokia+Sony to produce the NovaThor CPU+Modem.

    Initially Nokia planned to make it their first dual core CPU, with the strategy being bigger profit margins from doing more in house. Unfortunately they can’t sell even half the units they hoped to at launch with the MS $2 billion advertising blitz, and the dropoff has been steep since, so STM asked for cash in advance and Nokia had no hope even with everyone having to upgrade phones to WP9…because MS is releasing its own phone then and throwing Nokia to the wolves now that they can no longer compete.

    Huge news today

    • Scott

      Huh? Wrong thread

  • mrB

    Any chance the bigger 3 will join. I want this on rogers

    • Randy – 1

      Koodo, Virgin and Fido ARE the Big 3.

  • David

    I guess the government would have to break the Big 3 up like the US government did with Standard Oil in order to get some competition going cuz seriously, this is a joke.

  • Diana

    This is, for the thousand’s time, a clear example of how Big3 think of us, Canadians, as id1ots. They are laughing at us, while sipping coffee together, and coming up with yet another brilliant scheme to feed to the masses.

    Thank you, Wind Mobile for coming into Canada, and releasing me from this never-ending cycle of servitude.

  • argosfan

    I was first with mobilicity for over a year, and have switched to wind recently. Trust me, it’s a nice feeling when you don’t have to even think about what robelus would offer next, because you know it will never match what I already had for a couple of years.

    I do feel bad for people who live outside of coverage zone. You guys are missing out. Hang in there. Perhaps one day wind will reach you as well, but it might take a long while. Expansion is expensive.

    Being free to use your phone however and whenever should be the only way of using a cellphone. Robelus, you are doing it wrong with your fake restrictions, overpriced plans, and just generally unpleasant practivces over the decades.

    Goodbye forever.

    • Snafu

      Agreed. I signed up with wind 2 weeks ago and live in Niagara. Reception is great(even in the basement), I have unlimited data and can call anywhere in Canada or the US for free. I now don’t have to think about what possible plans the big 3 will come out with because they don’t care about our business enough to actually become competitive.

      Now I sit back with my 40 dollar plan, watch wind prosper and continue to densify and extend their mobile network.

  • Steven Schwartz

    I really do think Robelis and their spawns engage in price fixing, these changes all come out close together, they all have advertising and collateral printed and ready to go, amazing how that happens! And how there is never a ivestigation, or media covering this. I know why media does not, 1) Canada’s media is owned by the big three 2)Ad money they all spend a fortune on advertising. Such a corrupt oligarchy it is not even humorous anymore, because the people of Canada are getting screwed.

  • bobfreeze

    My family is currently with Wind. We have 3 lines, all with voicemail. One is the truly unlimited plan, while the other 2 are unlimited local and limited data (mostly use data on wifi).

    After various discounts our TOTAL cost per month is $68.75

    Can’t help but laugh at Robelus and their bastard children…

    • Ken

      I wish, wish, wish I could switch to Wind if for no other reason than to not be with Robelus. Unfortunately I am far too often outside of Wind’s coverage area. As soon as some key areas for me are covered, I will be switching.

      That said, I have been quite happy with Koodo for the past year and a half in terms of service and price, but it burns inside that my money is just funnelling up to Telus.

  • Mark

    This is getting insulting

  • Awkward Turtle

    I am quite happy at the moment paying Wind $40 a month for unlimited everything – to me, Big-Three sales are irrelevant.

  • Snafu

    Lol 56 dollar plan for 2 gigs – they must think we are totally dumb. Go wind and my 40 unlimited plan!

    • Myke

      You know why Wind can offer that? Because their coverage area is terrible. Koodo has coverage all across Canada, no Canadian Roaming, no Canadian Long Distance charges. Maybe educate yourself instead of looking like an i***t.

  • steve

    Am I the only one who noticed that data overages for this plan are twice as much at koodo? $0.02 / MB is over $20 per GB. At Fido and virgin it is $10/GB.

  • Digger

    Its down $4 from a couple months ago. It’s not a Price war guys but it is competition.

    • 12345

      The Big3 had the same prices as each other for more than 10 years. Wake up an smell the coffee. They were NEVER competing.

  • Jane

    I LOVE YOU KOODO!!!! Knew you’d do this. 🙂

  • Maxime

    Maybe they should have added a GB of data instead of lowering the price like others.

  • Kelly

    Koodo, instead of matching the price, BEAT IT!

  • Mo

    was able to get the $57 from fido with $10 credit for a year on the month to month

  • DJ

    This not meant to start anything, as I’m seriously curious. I know this may sound naive, but…

    What are people doing that they need so much data? Is it streaming music and video? I’m in a Wifi hotspot basically everywhere that I’m not driving, so I’ve never actually used more than 500MB of data. I have satellite radio, so, I guess I could eat up the data if I were streaming music on my drive to work, but I honestly don’t understand why I would need unlimited data? That said, if Wind had any sort of real service in the places I travel, I would probably switch from Koodo.

  • Mystrin

    Yes, I am especially since I get an additional 25% off my monthly plan (EPP discount, used to work there)

  • Discovery

    Stop being a follower…Just because they dropped by 100 pennies doesn’t mean you should do the same. Drop $2, and all their customers will be yours; marketing tactics…

  • grafikal

    I’d probably switch to Koodo if they offered data overage at $0.01 / MB and maybe another GB.

  • Discovery

    No one is going to waste their time and money if the switch is without benefits. Why would I switch from Fido’s $56 plan to kodoo if it’s also $56 with similar features? Not to mention I have to spend the time and money getting my phone unlocked…Honestly think that mobile carriers are only good at counting the money they’re sucking out of us, nothing more.

  • google axe man

    Gotta love this great country of ours. Who cares about coming out on top? Why strive to be a winner when you can just tie?

  • SC

    Pst I read that someone is going to drop to $55

    Then $54

    Then $53

    Then $49

    Wishful thinking

  • Max

    Fido (if you ain’t looking for network speed) actually has the best deal since they have visual voicemail and name display, it ain’t much but it’s always nice to have on your smartphone.

  • john

    I think the big 3 should be selling gasoline instead of phone plans.


  • consumer

    Who do they take us for, i****s?

  • S600

    This is less competition than price fixing. The parent companies all have suspiciously similar plans and prices as well.

  • screamer

    Mobilcity offers 50% off so we only pay 25 $ but we need more coverage

  • Slype

    This price fixing amongst the big three is so depressing. Are we not supposed to have a regulatory body to avoid this kind of thing?

  • Justin Bieber