Rogers Motorola Razr HD LTE poised to receive Jelly Bean upgrade “Late December”


  • Claudiu

    Yes that is fast, but knowing Motorola they won’t update past Jelly Bean.

    • ICSinNovember

      Too late!
      Are we supposed to Buy it FIRST and then HOPE that what they say is true??

      The only wayI would CONSIDER buying this phone is if it came with JB in it, other than that Upgrades are vaporware, they always make you buy the phones and days turn into months.

      Hope Motorola learns the lesson.
      The Same goes for LG with the Optimus G.

      All these guys are loosing the PRECIOUS next three weeks when the N4 is out of stock.

  • shadyguy

    Maybe the Moto of the past would not upgrade past Jellybean but now that Google is running the show it is very likely it will see Key Lime Pie.

  • Darren

    Looking to replace my trusty but slow Nexus S and if this Motorola gets JB, it may be at the top of my list. Why wouldn’t it get the next two versions of Android? Google is in charge now and if this any indication, Motorola may be turning the ship around.

  • Raven66

    I have this phone…..Amazing phone, great battery life. Read the reviews out there, everything is positive. Read the user review on BestBuyCanada and US.

  • Is this Bb10?

    Does an unlocked Razr HD work on Wind/Mobilicity?

  • Itzik

    The Key Lime Pie (4.2.2) upgrade is scheduled (by MOTOROLA) for the Razr HD LTE, sometime in the 2nd or 3rd Q of 2013..!

  • niv

    jelly bean smelly bean the average consumer wouldn’t know the difference.

  • niven

    Quit living in the past. Updates will be no problem.