theScore launches sport lovers’ app for iPad, working on Android redesign


  • Matthew

    I suppose it’s a resource issue but I never understand why these apps can’t be developed in tandem. I am a android user and a sports fan, scoremobile and scoremobile fc have been my go to apps so do take my post with a side of bitterness.

    • John

      Sweet now i can get my up to date Hockey scores… oh wait.

  • Alex

    They told me q4 android…. Was just told via Twitter this week, said that they are on pace for forth quarter

    • Hilman

      I hope you are right, their current app is very good on my Nexus 4 but brutal on my Galaxy Tab 10.1.

  • dav1dz

    Is this an update with better iPad support? Because I’ve had the Score app on iPad for quite some time now.

  • Shawn

    About time. The score app is my favorite sports app, but the design and features are out dated.

  • Stuntman

    If you add only one feature to the Android tablet app, make sure that feature is landscape mode.