Nexus 4 goes on sale again today, but not for us Canadians


  • From Canada


    • Rio

      I really dont get it.

      Google is trying to compete with such a low price phone with decent specs but they are unable to provide a decent stock or any marketing.

  • Alex

    Go get yourself an iPhone instead, it’s better.

    • monsterduc1000

      Go get yourself a life, it’s better.

  • ChochiWpg

    Darn, I will still be logging in between 11:30 – 12:00PST just to try and order one anyway. 🙂

    • Nib

      I logged on using an american proxy and I got a phone in my cart and got to the last step but it will only ship to an american address! Can’t outsmart google 🙁

  • trev

    Playground is open…only to Americans however. Lol that’s just mean!

  • Nima

    That’s disappointing, but not unexpected.

    Thank you for keeping us posted. Canada doesn’t have a big population, so as long as they don’t quickly sell out today, it will hopefully come soon.

  • nafiz

    Lucky Americans 🙁

  • monsterduc1000

    I was playing around with the Optimus G (basically the phone the Nexus 4 is based off of) and I can honestly say I was impressed. I was amazed at how ridiculously fast AND smooth it was. If this is what we have to look forward to with the N4, it is going to be hard when the 32gb is announced =D .

    • monsterduc1000

      *edit: hard to resist =D, and maybe a little… =O

      ‘syrup, you seriously need to implement an edit feature…

  • It’s all about the Nexus!

    Hopefully stock lasts longer than 1 hour this time…

  • Duuuuude

    1 hour?? More like 10 or 15 minutes! 🙂

    • nely

      One hour would’ve been a luxury!

  • new_tradition

    I hope if it doesn’t sell out crazy fast again.

  • Sgt.Romanov

    Hmmmmm so this makes me wonder , they maybe making a canadian version without that LTE loop hole :s

    • Mark

      Well, probably not making an entirely new hardware variant, but this could be a huge issue folks. This phone was not suppossed to have LTE. Licensing and regulations requrie that is shouldn’t be. It might be possible that the Nexus 4 won’t go back on sale here until this is patched or otherwise resolved somehow.

    • Christian

      That’s highly unlikely. Google left full LTE support out because it would require them to develop several versions of the phone instead of just one that works everywhere, so it wouldn’t make sense to make a version just to break an existing feature.

  • fdsdf

    I hope it doesn’t sell out. That’ll at least be a sign they have a decent sized inventory of them this time around.

  • Ankit

    when it is launching in india….

  • Anonymous

    So sad that Google seams to always treat Canada as second class citizens. I thought Google was a world wide company not a US only company, why give special treatment to the US? this is bordering on discrimination. Especially as it has already been made available once before.

    • TP

      Does that mean all the rest of the world where Google does not sell Nexus 4 is third class?
      Disappointing, yes.
      But they are two different countries, different laws, different policies, different departments, different logistics, different warranties and different everything else contributing to the different decisions and different dates.

  • ActivesiN

    thats nice….

  • morritz

    the irony when the side ad of this article is a Google one <>.. lol

  • Nick

    meh nexus 4 sucks anyways… i will stick with my note II

  • haxor99

    Canadian population is so much smaller than the States so their reason for this can’t be a lack of stock

  • Lexcyn

    Google keeps dishing out the disappointing news don’t they?

  • Brett Allard

    I’m just choked that (yet again) were still up in the air at when were actually going to get a chance to pick one up…Canadians shafted again!

    As much as I would love this device, the wait is almost making me consider a new device all together (or Untill Carriers start releasing it within the next month)

  • Cob

    Got a notification saying mine shipped today 😀

  • Steve Dion

    Google doesn’t care about Canadiens! Launch was a joke, Play store content is a joke, their apps are a joke and their buggy software is a joke. ***Hidden due to low comment rating*** LOL.

    • Peter

      Why would they care about a bad hockey team.

  • deltatux

    What doesn’t make sense is that our stock comes from the States …. they should still be able to sell them here. I’m still not taking any chances and will be checking at 3pm EST.

    • Fluxman

      Blame language laws. Google is required to ship a manual and documentation in both English and French. Therefore, Google can only ship from a certain allotment of units that have that.

  • Dan

    It is disappointing that Canada will not be included in this upcoming re-stocking.
    On the plus side, however, I did read that Google will be limiting customers to a maximum order of 2 devices. This should help deter the resellers who had designs on ordering dozens of units; no doubt destined for eBay.

  • Jaemeel

    Isn’t the reason for the newly opened Google Canada offices is better communicate with Canadian specific Google news?

    “for now it is US only, I don’t have a Canadian date yet.”

    So Google has no information concerning what is happening inside there company. Awesome! How is Google Voice and Music coming along too?

    I can see the response now:
    “no word yet, star tuned.”

  • andy c

    hopfully google sets a limit on how many one can order.

    to those saying google is shafting canadians… we are the only country in the WORLD where the Nexus 4 will work on LTE

  • Marko

    wonder if you can have it shipped to the ups in ogdensburg……..

  • David

    After reading the tone of the majority of posts, it seems that many are disgruntled by Google’s discriminatory selling policies.

    If that is the case, the way to let them know (that you are not pleased) is to vote with your wallet.

    You can do this by never using any of their products or services again…..

    Google react to market trends (worldwide) be sure to let them know that you are not pleased.

  • Showerhead

    So does anyone know what the best way of finding out when they go on sale again is? I mean, I’m pretty good at pressing F5 but if there are better options I’d love to know them.

    • ^^

      Use the Opera browser, there’s an option that keeps refreshing the page…someone talked about a sound alert but I don’t know with which software.

  • David

    This is ridiculous. It’s like Google Canada is run by third party Google representatives. What the heck is the point of Google Canada in the first place? Making sure maps are current?? I sold my Lumia 920 for this phone and now it seems like the only way to get it is for $700 on eBay..

  • Jimbo

    It is a great phone. I was lucky enough to get one.

    Patients is a virtue.

    • James

      A virtue you didn’t seem to really need this time 😛

    • Rob

      Q: How you got so much cash, Doctor?

  • Jimbo

    That wasn’t intended for me, I got lucky. I meant that once they start shipping again, most will be very happy with this phone………for now,lol.

  • Brett Allard

    To Andy C

    I live in a land called Manitoba Where LTE is non existent (for the time being)

    I say google shafted us because when you think about it all our stock comes from the states anyways . (So I don’t understand the cut out!)
    For the time being my patience is still intact, but nearly a month into release and not a slight clue as to WHEN were getting shipment back into canada is just Brutal.

  • TK

    no offense, Google, but I think Apple store handle this waaaay better than you guys… learn few tips from them..

  • screamer

    Good that I have an address in the states

  • RC

    They ran out of the French version of the manual – which is required by law before they can sell it here… Lol

    • Hani

      Really? Where did you read that?

  • jack

    lol canada is like a 3rd world country when it comes to getting technology first

  • Steve

    At least they are shipping out the back orders for Canada

  • David

    Well I hope it’s soon… GOOGLE TAKE MY MONEY!!

  • pats

    google could have done better marketing wise… seriously nobody i know has not heard of the “Nexus 4” and you would only know it if your spend alot of time online. Anyways cant wait to get this phone with wind

  • Cyrano

    cant they just take the fuking order and ship the phone however order they want to?

  • Canucks4Life

    I really don’t get this either…I ordered a Nexus7 16GB from the Play store last week because it was cheaper $209 even with the S&H compared to Staples etc…I figured why not shouldn’t take that long coming from Toronto then bam UPS shipping origin Louisville, KY *sigh*

  • Piff

    Well I have officially given up. I’ll wait till next year for my pure Google experience.

  • Christian

    I already have an N4, but this news is definitely disappointing for my friend that had one in his cart but couldn’t get google play to accept his order due to processing errors. One thing I learned from my experience is that Google Canada’s customer support reps lie about everything, so maybe they’ll be available for us too.

  • Butch

    I purchased and received a Nexus 4 on the first sales release. For those of you still waiting, it will be worth the wait. It’s a great device.

    • Francis Thibault

      I concur I absolutely love my N4, the screen is awesome

  • Randy – 1

    The handset was “launched” two weeks ago today and here in Canada we still can’t even be given the roughest of estimates as to when we’ll be able to try to order it again, let alone when we might actually expect to get one in-hand. I’m simply at a loss at the incompetence Google has shown at every turn in this launch.

  • Haran

    any action at the play store?

  • Christian

    Coming Soon™ to a Canadian near you!

  • Chillin

    It want live on the American site and sold out again within 3 minutes. Ridiculous.

  • JeePotvin

    Sold out in less than 3 minutes in the U.S.A. ? Come on Google, how come you can’t handle that way? #EpicFail

    Hope it’ll be more than 5 minutes in Canada some times soon!

  • Haran

    I had it in the cart 5 times and no luck with the process order! TOTAL FAIL!

  • Karendar

    Aaaannd sold out in 5 minutes! Good job google!

  • andy c

    damn that was fast.

    was logged on at 3:01 and sold out.

    my computer at work goes though servers in the U.S

  • Haran

    Its not sold out, there are having issues.. I was able to add to cart again and failed at processing time. their maessage says they are working on fixing the issue.

  • Karendar

    Aaaannnnddd… Sold out in 5 minutes! Good job google.

  • MDC

    Meh, I’m not longer willing to wait around for something without a confirmed availability date. Someone else can take my money!

    At least I’ll get an SD slot…

  • karaki

    “Due to high demand, your order could not be processed. Please try again later.”

    I’ve had it in my cart about 12 times but it kept disappearing. It’s been going back and forth from “out of stock” to “add in cart”…same issues as first time on the 13th. I give up, my Droid3 still works fine and refuse to work any harder to give a company my hard earned money.

  • deltatux

    If Google took in pre-orders there won’t be this much anxiety amongst people including me who’s been waiting for a long time. Also, it would definitely ease the server load Google has to deal with.

    I won’t be as pissed having my order down and wait for the order to be fully processed than having to constantly check Google Play and then once the device is available on sale again, the thing freaking crashes or sells out in record time.

  • Jfern

    Message on the Google Play store

    “Google Play is currently experiencing very high traffic. Nexus 4 is not sold out and will still be available for purchase. Please try again shortly. Thank you for your patience.”

    What do you guys think? Seems like they’re not sold out. But I assume this is only applicable to the US

  • mjolnir

    sighs, might as well wait for the next nexus at this rate..

  • Haran

    I’ve been at it since 3pm and the furthest I’ve got was to the cart. After this every time I hit “PROCEED” I’ve been getting one error message after another.

  • Haran

    I managed to order 16G at 6:46pm.

  • karaki

    For those with access to US Servers/Proxy’s here’s the trick to getting one/two:

    * add to card
    * hit proceed button fast, about 20x for me
    * wait for the pop up
    * enjoy your purchase

    I got my email confirmation already, got 2: one for me and a friend. So glad it’s only limited to 2 to stop the hoarders.

  • nate44

    looks like Robelus is flexing their muscles.

  • spicytofu

    I’m not liking reports that there is a 7-8 week waiting period for those who have ordered their’s just before it went out of stock. Unless Google has a shipment earmarked for the Canadian Market, we may be in for a long winter

  • Mr Mystery

    This is why they offered it at $359, they have so little stock you’ll never be able to order one anyway. Lol, what a mess.

  • TZM

    I tired a proxy and the US google play site. They won’t accept a Canadian CC nor will ship to a Canadian Address. But they have both 8 and 16GB available to order.

    This sucks!

    • karaki

      They will accept Cnd CC, but MUST go to a US Address. Both my friend and I picked up a pair with CND CC.

  • drone

    It’s almost like they DON’T want to sell it lol.

  • LugNutsMcGruff

    Woohoo!!! Ordered a pair of these suckers to my US Address.

    Go Team!

  • Yaamon

    This is just sad…. but I was glad that I read this here and quickly BB my brother that lives in Miami to go online and order me two 16g Nexus 4. :)It was still available for order as of 9:40am est.

    One to replace my 2nd cell phone a Windmobile Galaxy Nexus and my daughter Torch BB9860.

    Once he placed the order he said it’s 4 to 6 weeks delivery and if I still wanted it. I said yes as we have no option in Canada to buy it. Hopefully he gets it before xmas as he will be in Canada for xmas. 🙂

  • nathalav

    With what stock?

  • ha

    Why did everyone just get it shipped to a US border shipping outlet!!! I do it all the time. I’m in Alberta and there’s a shipping outlet in Montana. You ship it there and go pick it up. I’m an hour away and it costs 5 bucks for them to receive it. Frick sakes I feel bad that no one knows about it because lots of Canadians could of ordered.

    • Francois

      And does it work afterward with the customs? you declare the phone and pay hell of a fee because it’s a round-trip in less than 24hr?

  • Alex

    I find this appalling that it is this difficult to purchase a phone through a huge corporation such as google. And an android on top of that. You cannot tell me that google did not see this coming, selling a phone at 310$ unlocked is surely to sell like wildfire. Either google just doesen’t give a s**t or they seriously underestimated the demand which seems quite hard to believe.

  • allanw

    During the time I have been waiting to buy the Nexus 4 my desire increased when I found out it supported LTE on Rogers but now just a few days later my desire has dropped considerably as I read all the complaints about the back side being glass and breaking sooo easily.
    This delay has let me learn so much more BEFORE I buy!

  • Anu

    tried using a US proxy, but couldn’t get past checkout…the screen goes blank when i log in
    anyone knows how to fix this…i have an address for the states