Microsoft says they’ll push out an update in December to fix the WP8 random reboots


  • Olerius

    Still haven’t had any issues with my Nokia 920, but hey, any update is a good one!

  • astudent

    At least they are honest and send out updates steadfast! Thats the one thing that really irked me about android OEMs, speed of updates and how fragmented they are when released.

  • Mithos

    Now if only Google would fix my Nexus 10 that randomly reboots, or at least release a statement about it.

    Good on Microsoft.

    • S2556

      4.2.1 update. MS has a story on it and mentions your issue

    • apple chodeboy

      except the nexus 10 doesnt have random reboots

      enjoy sucking that microdick

    • Nathen

      ” Now if only Google would fix my Nexus 10 that randomly reboots, or at least release a statement about it.
      Good on Microsoft.
      Posted by Mithos | November 27, 2012, 7:35 pm ”

      L M A O. What a Moron. You Sir just come across as a TROLL and Douche. I and SO MANY others do not have any random reboots with the Nexus 10. It doenst exist , except in your tiny brian or brain less mind of yours.
      Enjoy your trolling.

    • WP74Life

      @Nathen : Jimmies rustled ?

  • Masse

    No issues with my HTC 8X. I’ve had iphones and androids, by far my favorite OS of the three is Windows 8…very nice.

  • BBM

    Your holding it wrong.

  • hunkyleepickle

    as much as i really wanted to get a Lumia and go full WP8, i’m happy i made the sensible decision and give it 8 months or so to let some of the bugs work out. And to let the marketplace flesh out a bit more.

  • Austin

    the most important is solving the internet sharing. I cant use it in Telus when i got my phone

  • troll

    like the shitty pc is like the phone. nokia go to android and you will sink the competition. the phone build quality is there but there is no OS to back up the potential. sad sad sad nokia

  • Vengefulspirit99

    weird bug indeed. but at least Microsoft is honest and more of less timely with their bug

  • Bill

    Personally from my own experience from using the Nokia Lumia 920, there have been issues that hopefully will be adressed by the time Apollo+ arrives such as Wi-Fi disconnecting (great for battery life by not great for the sake of convenience), lack of notification menu, lack of search option in Xbox Music for offline domestic flash memory and a somewhat incomplete multitasking process. I am pretty happy I currently don’t have any random reboot issues (knock on wood*).

  • Lee

    FoxConn has the order to produce the Microsoft Surface Phone. Suppliers are moving and it should launch in Mid-2013 ! 🙂

  • Nick

    I don’t have any of those issues, i’ve never had my 920 randomly reboot or lock on me. However i haven’t been able to use Internet Sharing EVER. It worked flawlessly on my 800 (unlocked form TELUS) on Rogers, but my 920 is a no go. I’ve also rest the phone and replaced the SIM, Nokia tech has even called me back. Says it’s a rogers issue