Samsung Canada: Galaxy S III upgrade to Jelly Bean will start rolling out December 3rd


  • Bout Time

    its about time all this fragmentation is beginning to blow

    • Whoo Daat

      I didn’t know that the end of Nov was Dec 3rd.. lol..

    • NEXUS

      4.1?? ahhhhahahahahaaa

      Nexus devices already rocking 4.2.1!!!!!!!!!!

    • uwe

      Can I update my BlackBerry with this too?

    • Brad F

      maybe if u werent retarded u would know they pushed it back

  • d

    The really need to revamp touchwiz to look more like AOSP.

    • S2556

      Hey it could be worse. It could be sense!

  • Matt

    Meanwhile the Galaxy Nexus is running 4.2.1

    • spanky

      And my 2yr old nexus s has been been on 4.1 for months now 🙂 although it’s getting a bit tired and slower lately 🙁 maybe time for a refresh? n4 perhaps, when google finaly gets their schlip together

  • Peter

    Big deal, I got my shipping notice for my nexus 4 🙂

  • purdy44

    Will this update fix my (and other’s) S3’s terrible standby battery drain?

    • apple chodeboy


    • KG

      Turn off location services and it should help in the time being.

    • Hank

      what are you doing with your phone? play games all day? my gs3 lasts a day and a half every time, battery life doesn’t get better but there will always be somebody waiting to complain because some people are just whinny b*tches

    • someone

      No it won’t.

      Just check the comments on XDA from leaked version of 4.1. For a lot of people it’s actually worst.

      Culprut is jelly bean + touchwiz not the Samsung per say.


      If battery life is important to you than one of the many AOSP ROMS is the only way to go.

      Root. Apply custom ROM. Than Triangle Away to reset the flash counter to keep your warranty.

      Presto. Life is good again. 🙂

  • Dkai

    Predictions on how long it will take for this update to clear the carriers?

  • Rutart

    Feed meh Jellay Beenz!!

  • DrParanoid

    Dec 3rd eh? I sure hope so

  • Inhert

    I have a Galaxy S 2 LTE, I hope to get jelly bean one day but I this rate I think I’ll wait for the S IV or something before upgrading.

  • Justin

    Awesome, custom roms will get a lot more stable shortly! lol loving AOKP jellybean on my i747m =)

  • S2556

    debating going back to stock from Tasks AOKP for a bit with this. untill he gets his 4.2 out anyway

    • Paul

      I wouldn’t. You already have what the upgrade is based on without touchwiz

  • dv

    There’s already android 4.2.. what the hell -_-

  • Vengefulspirit99

    the s3 is still a good phone without jb… don’t know why people are hating so much.

  • John Lee

    The question to Samsung is “when will they get 4.2 out?”

    • NEXUS

      When Google release 5.2!!!!!

  • Zeake

    Samsung is on a great position to force the carriers to all accept the same rom. They are in a position to call the shots. will they take Advantage of this golden opportunity?

  • So what now?

    with the big fruit’s gaffes as of late, you would figure these companies would take advantage. However apple, is apple for a reason. There is no excuse for the way the sale of the nexus 4 was handled. The person in charge of that area should be fired. It still continues which is worse. There was a lot of speculation about the phone and prior sales of the nexus line. Then the cost of the phone comes into play along with the specs. Now some people have just plain lost interest. I’m on wind and intend to buy one. I sold my gs3 in anticipation. What garbage is this where an update that makes the phone better is delayed. It was in Samsung’s best interest to roll it out as fast as possible and make sure the carriers did as well. Now nexus is on 4.2.1 and galazy s3 will get 4.1.1. How long before google releases another update and samsung users are left behind?

  • Stuntman

    I’m a bit nervous about getting the update. I really like my S3 running on ICS at the moment. I have no complaints about it whatsoever. I’m worried it may have side effects. Butter would be nice, but I have no complaints about the smoothness of my S3. I may hold off and see how others like it before doing the upgrade myself.

    • Paul

      easily solved stuntman. You don’t have to update.

  • David

    Any confirmation this will be Jelly Bean 4.1.1 or is there any hope it might be 4.1.2 ?

  • Gut Rumble

    I had my S3 unlocked when I left Robbers and went back to Telus. If I install the Jelly Bean update, will it lock it back to Robbers? To me its working fine so why fix something that isn’t broken.

  • Anonymous

    @Gut Rumble

    Your phone will not re-lock itself.

  • Bikram

    I wonder how long will it take for robbers to release the update?
    Let’s hope we get it before Christmas.

  • skazzers

    4.1? Please…. let me know when I can upgrade my Galaxy S3 to BB10 OS.

  • screamer

    Phone is awesome even without the update but want to see Google+ anyway they can bring it faster but they wanted to sell the galaxy note 2. If they updating faster who buys a new phone?

  • Daniel

    The way I see it is that even though it takes some time for Samsung to push this update it’s worth it to have a good stable build rather then rush and give us a buggy 4.2 ( read on-line that it has tons of problems..just like the Gnex did when ICS was new ) so to the people who are whining about 4.2 and being behind…it’s not always worth having the most up to date right away.
    Plus 99% of regular users won’t even notice the difference between 4.0 and 4.1 honestly

    the SIII will no doubt get 4.2 ( it’ll be totally bug free at that time ) and if you look Samsung does a good job updating their older devices too ( SII etc )

  • Jon

    I’m going to agree with (some) users about 4.2

    Samsung should have postponed the update until January and given us Android 4.2

    This feels like going to a car shop that is starting to sell the 2012 car models now when the 2013 models are about to come out, or already have.

    In my mind, an update should be “up to date”.

  • OgtheDim

    So lets see which carrier gets this out first.

  • Anonymous

    You guys talking about getting 4.2 are so clueless. The 4.2 code was just released a few weeks ago. Look at how long it took Samsung to develop 4.1 for the GS3. Do any of you honestly think they could pull off merging 4.2 AND get the carriers to certify it as well in two months time?

    Come on….

  • Dustin byrtus

    the koodo phones already have it as of friday

  • HugoGiguere

    OTA happening Right now in telus GSIII 🙂

  • emixam

    It’s December 2nd 18:26 and I’m getting my JB upgrade right now.

  • Michael

    My JB update is here on Bell! Early Christmas gift =D

  • purdy44

    My Rogers SIII OTA update started at approximately 6:20pm Central Time today (Sunday). Looks like the other big carriers are getting it now as well. Good luck to everyone; here’s to hoping for a speedy and smooth update!