Samsung Galaxy Note II reportedly coming in 3 new colours in 2013


  • IOS

    Don’t need so many.. So useless. Just need black and white like iPhone.

    • Morning Wood

      This is innovation at its finest!!! 3 colours!!! Apple only does 2

  • Pat

    It already comes in titanium gray…

  • picks

    I have the grey one i wouldnt want another colour the grey is the perfect mix of colour and blacks

  • Richard

    Ios u is a troll!!!

  • Netguru

    Take a course in grammar and writing basics…it should be “we Canadians” not “us Canadians”.

  • 5Gs

    Own a grey one and like picks said.. Perfect color also i love it.. damn nice phone

  • Alex

    What I’d like to know; when are the 32Gb & 64Gb flavours coming out? Not holding my breath for 64Gb, but I’m just dying for the 32!!! SIII took about a month, but I’ve heard nothing, not even rumour about higher capacities.

  • Ron Mexico

    Not caring, my Titanim Grey Note is a beauty already 🙂

  • JohnN

    “Apparently the Galaxy Note II will be graced with a few new colours next year.”.
    Great for those who use a phone as a fashion accessoty or a status symbol . . . .

    • Henry

      I bet you think the same for anything that has more than 2 colors. ie: Car.

      Choice is good my friend

  • JohnN

    *** accessory***

  • Cameron Rankin

    Just FYI, Bell currently has both the Marble White and Titanium Grey available for the Note II.

  • John

    Also to be released in Bile Green, Excrement Brown, and Mucus Yellow.

    Talk about innovation!!!

  • BoXX

    The Titanium Grey reference in the text is aimed at GSIII.

  • Cancuckle215

    It would just be nice if Sasktel got either of the two initial colors

  • drone

    No thanks; I love my White one.

  • Free

    Loving my grey one!

  • X_X_X

    But the real question is can I slip the Note 2 into my anus for the day, and be comfortable with it there for twelve hours?