Update: TELUS on releasing the HTC 8X: “We will be carrying it”


  • Sean

    Well it is good to see them carrying some good WP8 devices. Hopefully they get it out before christmas, if they do i might pick it up

  • Daniel

    Sexiest WP8 device. Played around with it at a store, and loved it. Light, feels good in the hand, and the screen is absolutely glorious!

    I like the blue color, and matter/rubbery finish on the back of it.

    A solid device, to say the least!

    • Robo2000

      Agreed. I’ve had a 920 and 8X in my hand side-by-side, and 8X seemed like a clear winner to me. Yes, 920 has an amazing camera, and Nokia apps are a HUGE bonus, but the bulkiness and high-gloss backing weren’t doing it for me.

      For someone who is looking for a phone that does a lot, looks good, and feels good, I’d suggest an 8X, easily.

    • Keith

      The 920 has a larger screen, better display,super-sensitive display, PureView with OIS, Nokia Drive, City Lens and many other great exlusvies, better service, better build quality, better audio recording, GLONASS and much more. Nokia wins hands down.

  • m82a1

    Looks like a really great phone by HTC.

  • 2c

    RIP RIM!!!!

    • Threecube

      RIP old jokes

  • Kyouya

    I rather see Telus carry Sony’s new self-proclaimed flagship phone that will rival Galaxy S3 and the Iphone 5 in the near future.

  • Rich

    HTC = release it and forget it philosophy on phones. They are only rivaled by Motorola and Sony in this department.

    For WP8 I wouldn’t think of anything other than Nokia at this time.

  • Rick James

    Sony is garbage

  • mike

    The 920 is a much better device than the 8X.

  • hunkyleepickle

    i like the look and feel of both these phones, but slightly prefer the 920. I just so desperately want WP to succeed, but when no store i have found actually has any in stock, i just don’t see the point. Was really planning on moving from IOS to WP this fall, but i think i’ll jump to android, at least for 8-10 months, till i see how WP pans out. Love the hardware, just really want the software to flesh out a little more.

  • cherrypie

    Yup, I’ll join the crowd once Win9 rolls around. Win7 was a test. Win8 is almost there. Win9 will finally be solid enough for me to switch confidently.

  • Marco


    • Chris

      Yes…. But when?

  • E

    Sexiest device? You clearly didn’t play with the ATIV S from Samsung.

    As soon, as you hold the ativ, you remember the thickness of the 920 and find the 8x ugly.

    For once, Samsung did it right with phone sexyness.

  • Chris

    Why do they evade questions


    Doesnt rogers need to release it first?
    no stores have it in stock they just have the dummy on display

    • TheEcho

      Actually, the Bell flagship store on West Sainte-Catherine street have some of them but in very limited quantity.

  • Martin

    Dropbox among many other important apps and features missing. Windows phones need another 2-3 years until they can compete with ios and android.

  • Intuiitive Consultin

    Are these comments even real?

    I can’t help but be a little disgusted every time someone tries to deceive or manipulate me

  • Big Daddy

    Enough vague BS, Telus! When will you be carrying Windows Phones?? Contract is up in a couple weeks… you’re about to lose a customer!

  • Thomas Yu

    Windows phone 8 finally has USB mass storage support, which bumps it from a “fat chance” to a “maybe” on my list. That means no Zune or any iTunes-like program is needed to transfer files. Plug the phone into your computer (Macs and Linux supported too), and drag and drop, the way things should be, the way many dumbphones do it. It’s the #1 reason I chose Android over iOS (I’ve owned two iPod Touches and the lack of an accessible file system always bugs me). I considered Windows Phone 7 but the same flaw kept me away.

    It won’t dethrone either iOS or Android but I hope WP8 at least becomes relevant in the market to help challenge iOS’s stupid closed file system mentality.

  • astudent

    fail HAHA

  • John Lee

    You really need to take upcoming product announcements from those folks with a grain of salt.

  • General Gustov

    Sorry windows8 phone you fail , NEXUS 4 passes

  • mike

    Just buy a One X+.

  • phreezerburn

    From what I’ve read the 8x won’t be choking on high end head phones with 2.5v to drive a dedicated headphone amp as compared to the 1.7v norm and it’s the first time I can recall audiophile writers actually expressing interest in hearing what a phone has to offer.

  • Dalex

    Might as well buy a One X+. 64GB storage, larger battery and more developped ecosystem.

  • Justin

    I just wish the X+ supports wind mobile.. as soon as before December 24.. so i can get X+ with holiday plan!!