Android 4.2 lacks December option in People app, fix coming soon


  • Is this Bb10?

    The beginning of the end of google. Bad N4 launch, bugs in 4.2. Where will it end?

    • some guy

      LOL… That’s like saying Apple is going to disappear.
      Ain’t gonna happen.

    • Brad F(anboy)

      @someguy Except when people on here say that about Apple they get tons of thumbs up, but when they say the exact same thing about Google there’s an equal number of thumbs down.

      I guess we know where the bias of MobileSyrup commentors lies.

  • Max

    Google will end up like RIM… RIP Google.

    • othernone

      or worse – like apple!

  • haxor99

    I don’t know about the rest of you, I don’t enter birthdays into my contacts…

    • Max

      Are you NUTS? Birthdays are the only thing that keep friendships alive!

  • Squint

    I’m guessing this is a sarcastic comment… either that or you don’t know your smartphone history.

  • Squint

    This is some atheist agenda!!! Just in case you want to add Jesus in your people app, and put in his birthday, you can’t! Shame on your Google!! SHAMEEEE!

    • squirrel_masher

      Google is going to force a recession as users will not have to buy any Christmas presents. If we don’t have Christmas loaded in our Calendars, how would we know it was that time to shop? (except for the Mall musick, the lights and the flyers..).
      Wow maybe Google is looking to preserve the REAL meaning of Christmas, without the commercialism and presents…
      …yeah right!

  • General Gustov

    Google is not going down , LOL only in your dreams

  • cg

    And what about the nexus 4 orders that are in limbo still? No tracking and no backorder email, just sitting as pending in Google wallet as of Monday November 19th at 10:30am?

  • Lirodon

    …you know, maybe this is the reason why Samsung keeps delaying the updates in Canada; so they can wait for this to be patched of course.

  • Mike

    The only thing 4.2 is lacking is the ability to be on my Yakju Galaxy Nexus…

    • Herp Derperson

      Just install the Google takju image, works fine.

  • JLP

    Ripped apart if it was Apple.. well, this is not dropping my calls, this is not driving me off a bridge ! I did not even know I could put dates in the People app.. I learnt a new feature because of this bug. 🙂

  • Andy c

    Forget December, I want Smarch…..

  • Ruddias

    I’m also having problems with my volume animation on the screen freezing and the stock launcher crashing when you drag a icon or widget with two fingers.

  • Crunk

    This is completely off topic, but is there any way to supress Facebook from putting birthdays in my calendar in iOS? It’s driving me nuts!

  • gezaim

    It’s because the world ends on 12/12/12. Who cares about birthdays when the world is ending.

    • Geoff

      Isn’t it 12/21/12?

  • Geoff

    Ok, first of all, all of the negative comments that are being voted down are way over the top; talking about how Google is going to be pushed into bankruptcy because of a relatively small bug.

    Second, Apple gets ripped apart simply because of the meme created when Steve Jobs blamed the users for a construction error in the iPhone (even though he kinda had a point). Google doesn’t have this because they acknowledge their mistakes, which makes it pretty hard to make fun of them.

    Third, while you are correct that Android fans are pretty dominant on this site, I have a hard time seeing why anyone would get too upset about this bug. Not only is it a small deal, it also doesn’t even affect the vast majority of Android users. I’m on a loaner Nexus S and it’s not a problem at all. Hardly anything is running 4.2 yet.

  • some guy

    Noooooooo!? You don’t remember! Apple invented EVERYTHING!


  • OgtheDim

    Hmmm…a month missing when adding somebody into a calendar, or maps going completely wonky?


  • Henaway

    If December 2012 doesn’t exist … the world can’t end on the 21st. Well played Google … well played.

    They’ll fix it in January … if we’re all still here.

  • ActivesiN

    Google had to omit December because Apple revolutionized the world when they invented December and will sue google if they use it

  • deltatux

    Guess my birthday, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and [insert other ethnic holidays in December here] doesn’t exist according to Google lol.

    Hope they fix this simple programming bug soon lol.

  • Crocography

    Too much money for a 6 month old S3 with a different interface.

  • Kid.Canada

    Well Santa’s gonna be mad now. Google forgot about his birthday…

  • john cena

    yah holding off on lg nexus 4. oos till new years!

    unless december 21,2012 is the end of the world.

    just give me my 4.2 update on my gnexus and i’ll be good till next years gen nexus phones with better specs and battery

  • JSKershaw

    Didn’t you hear? Apple has a patient on adding December in your contact list.

    On a serious note… This isn’t a big deal, it will be patched very quickly and everyone can continue to live their normal “December” adding lives.

  • Dro

    Is it worse than the daylight saving time bug that persisted in iOS in the past for 2 generations? Which bug has a greater impact, I wonder.

  • wat

    RIP google

  • heather

    google deserves a clevland uppercut. for those of you who are
    wondering what i’m referring to, youtube “bus driver clevland uppercut”

  • John

    Seriously though…how does this not get caught in testing???