TELUS opens 8th “Next Generation Store” at Yorkdale Mall, has a dedicated “Delight zone” and offering up $100 credit


  • Thomas


    • ICSinNovember

      The Telus Zones:
      -3yr Contract
      -Delight (for them)

      Cigarrete is optional on the way out (for any of you)

      P.S. Pray you don’t get the Cheetah, scratches a lot!

  • Hooo daaat

    Ofcourse, with all the money they steal from people!

  • Dave

    What’s with the recharge part, would we have to pay? Interesting idea though, if it actually goes like this, “phone is low on battery? have shopping to do? leave it here, and shop and come back for a fully charged phone”…. interesting and innovative i guess. Though it wouldn’t be necessary if smartphones had some better batteries, Telus sure does like to capitalize on ‘quirky’ things like this!


      Get the Galaxy Note 2 I’m getting 10-11hrs of continuous non stop use with the screen brightness Set at 3 / 4 power. That is without battery hogging LTE which only will get 6hrs of continuous non stop use with the same settings. With moderate use it lasts for nearly 2 full days, now that battery life 😉 – KID ANDROID. ( Team.Android.Canada).

    • ICSinNovember

      You can recharge your phone for 20 minutes if you renew your contract for another 3yrs, or if you sign for any of the “Exclusive and original” $73 plans.

  • lucas d

    which customers asked for this?
    i don’t care about “in store experience”. the store could be a cardboard box ontop of a ditch, JUST GIVE ME A GOOD PRODUCT AT A FAIR PRICE WITH COMPETENT PEOPLE THERE TO SERVE ME


      well said, I started buying unlocked devices from online retailers and couldn’t be happier. – KID ANDROID. ( Team.Android.Canada)

    • Rio

      There a store down the alley guarded by 2 big guys, they have good products, fair prices and competent people to serve you 😉

      Customer Experience is always number 1

    • MattyMattMatt

      Stores built to offer better experiences not only train staff better, but also attract a higher class of employees.

  • jeff

    try to find someone competent who want to work in a cardboard box !!!


      There arnt competent ppl in most of the stores these days, I constantly have to educate them on things. – KID ANDROID. ( Team.Android.Canada)

    • Darth Paton

      Is it annoying leaving that signature after every comment?

  • Will


    Some customers like you drive me nuts. Not saying you’re like this but when you come into my store and tell me s**t that you think I don’t know or you think information I’m giving you is wrong drives me bokers

  • Ron Mexico

    I`m sure the lease on these places are cheap. Guess we know why they want $100 for an unlimited Canada wide plan with 5GB. What a joke.

  • War

    Pretty funny but The store next to this is Bell. And then down from it is Microsoft store and then one store beside MS store is the New apple store. Iool gonna be a lot of electronic wars in the area. How I know this? I did work at the Scotiabank beside them all.

  • Delight

    What’s this “Delight Zone” ? Do you get a happy ending massage free there with signing a 3-year contract ?

    • General Gustov

      Basically a sore a*s is what you come away with

  • 3 yr contract..LOL

    $ 100 credit for a 3 yr contract ..LOL ..where’s the delight in that ?

  • My Name Is Earl

    $100 credit over 3 years is $2.80 per month over the 3 year contract.
    That’s very delightfull…
    I can’t wait to spend that $2.80 per month I can save at Telus. Maybe I can buy a bag of chips…

  • Adam

    All of this means nothing when you get bad customer service from poorly trained telus employees

  • Celldoctor74

    Why does the comment section only attract negatives? It’s a store. What does that have to do with your lack of basic economics? Everyone wants a free, top of line phone with no obligation. Would you invest your money in a company that bases its earnings on the honor system? WIND condemns the big 3 for locking people in contracts, and then locks people in a Tab for 3 years. Progress. And not offer great coverage as a bonus. Are 3 year terms fair? If you can figure out a way to get investors in a tough market to hand over money to satisfy every customers whim, congratulations you’ve rebuilt the economy. Now there’s another article coming up. Go. Whine. Be Canadian.

  • enzo

    Yes, this is nice and competitors should follow suit. The catch is this reflects your monthly MSF, however people b***h and complain, they would stop paying this much. But the truth is they down, because the Canadian market is snobby and well off and we can afford to pay for that. If we truly didn’t want to pay, we’d get together sign petitions and see the effort all over Facebook and twitter and s**t, but people don’t bother, so clearly they don’t cate enough to change it.

  • John

    If you don’t like 3 year contracts so much just buy the effing phone outright and quit complaining. You sound like children, Jesus.

    • General Gustov

      If you have ever seen that Snickers commercial where the guy is complaining like a child , thats what I see here and on provider fb pages , whining because they dont get what they want waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    • STY

      But you still get horrible plan costs. So if I’m gonna bend over anyways, might as well get the $100.

  • Alex B


  • Quinn

    Wow, you people love to b***h, don’t you? I for one love the new design.

    • some guy

      But that’s the Canadian way. Bitch and whine, then take it anyway.
      I believe the colloquialism “Nut up, or shut up.” would work here.

  • John

    Delight zone…sounds dirrty!!

  • Jon

    Im looking to cancel my contract and go to wind. This non-sense is partially why. They obviously overcharge their customers.

    • some guy

      And that’s the beauty of having choice.

  • another guy

    3 year contracts aren’t contracts anymore (with telus anyways). They make you sign a 3 year agreement that the amount you save on the device gets distributed out over the 36 months, so IF you do want to upgrade you just end up paying the full price of the phone. The plans are pretty competitive now too. Seems like they understand the value of customer service AND economics…

  • Betty

    Clearly they will over charge you, who will pay for the new expensive store format.