Google now allows Google+ users to push app downloads to Android devices


  • Brad F(anboy)


    Can I be any more annoying?

    • Hilman

      Yes, you could have said is this BB10 lol.

      Nice addition to Google+, I love pushing app installs to any of my devices from a desktop.

  • Marc

    Nice…hate to admit it but I’m slowly starting to like Google + more and more. Especially for content discovery.

  • JV

    if you were a isheep you could

  • Brad F(anboy)


    Is this BB10?

    Can I use iTunes to transfer paid for music and apps to it?

    Does it come it white?

    LOL.. back to trolling.

  • Gut Rumble

    I absolutely deplore Google+. When I first updated my Nexus S to Jelly Bean it showed its ugly face. Every time I was on the phone check Youtube or my Gmail, up comes an update about some bozo I don’t know or wish to know about. I don’t want Google+ nor do I want its updates forced down my throat. I eventually figured out to uninstall the updates to that program and then ‘disable’ it in settings. Same with on Gmail. Delete all those self-important morons from facebook and twitter. Costs me data and I’m the one paying for it. Love Android, love my Nexus S and Galaxy SIII both stock. And even enjoy my gmail, just give up an opt out for Google+ Please….former iPhone owner.

  • omkara

    Google employees will be thrilled to hear that news!

  • TZM

    Google+ is awesome. I use it way more then Facebook. I really like how Google is integrating it into their OS and devices. Well done!

  • Turbofour

    I love G+ much more than FB. FB is so damn slow and there’s never anything good that is posted other than people complaining all the time about dumb stuff! At least on G+ I’m able to find good articles for things that interest me unlike FB.