iPhone 5 owners complaining of screen issues when swiping diagonally


  • apowerranger

    That’s what you get for screwing up your relationship with Samsung

    • briggs

      Yes, because a new technology that Samsung has little to no part in, is somehow related to the deteriorating relationship between the two companies.

      Get real.

    • apowerranger

      Samsung had no part in it. That’s why it’s screwing up.





    • Serious

      This really isn’t a big issue. Unless your trying for the high score on fruit ninja.






    • shawing

      seems like briggs is a bit bum hurt

  • rk.

    what is itt going to be this time? you’re touching it wrong?

  • LOL

    For Shame!

  • Zach

    noooo my fruit ninjaaaa!!

  • Alex

    You’re swiping it wrong! Says Apple

    • phreezerburn

      Think of their targeted user base as per Tim Cook’s own rhetoric. If using the device, storing the device and appreciating the device are all beyond the capabilities of Apple’s targeted user base, doesn’t their having a thumb capable of sweeping across an iPhone 5’s screen without arcing not signify that Apple’s poster boy is something other than human?

      Hmmm… are “The Greys” the smart ones or the worker bees? I missed a few episodes of “The A-Files”. Anyone have Duchovny’s number handy?

  • François Lehoux

    Mine works fine ! well… I think ^^ I did exactly what this guy did and nothing froze up.

  • MrMarvelous

    Haha shouldn’t sue a company who provided you quality screens. ;D

  • Josh L

    hahaha. $700+ well spend!

  • gokou3

    Just don’t swipe it diagonally.

    — Tim Cook

  • zzZZzz

    OH common guys, enough with stuff. Swiping is supposed to be done horizontally or vertically. But nooooo, nooooo, you just HAVE to swipe diagonally. Fine, we’ll charge you 100$ more for the 5S and you’ll get what you want.

    /end apple rant

  • lynx

    Sheesh. . . Definitely happy I went with the Galaxy S3 instead

  • Steve

    Swipe Different.

  • Brad F(anboy)

    Yup, happening on my iPhone 5.

    Personally, I don’t see this ever being a problem for me since I never frantically swipe my screen diagonally, but I suppose in a few extremely isolated cases this could be a problem.

    • hoo dat

      Even with it happening on your own device you’re not willing to concede that this is an issue?

      Wow. Congratulations, I think I can safely say you are the biggest fanboi on the planet!

    • Brad F

      @hoodat Yes, it is a problem. But not for me since I’m never in the exact circumstances where this issue arises which is why I prefaced my statement with “personally”.

    • hoo dat

      Hey, Brad, how are they hanging this morning? I’ve decided not to be so antagonistic with you as I’d value much more of a discussion of this subject than a back and forth argument.

      My point is this, if you read around the website you’ll find many other sites and blogs talking about this issue and the general consensus is that this swiping issue may appear minor to some but is probably indicative of a much bigger problem, ie poor fusing of the screen. It may not be an issue for you in terms of your actual use of the phone, but it could be an issue of how well the phone has been put together in the first place raising concerns about long term reliability. Maybe this wouldn’t be so much of a problem had the phone not experienced so many issues previous to this one, but you’ve got to admit this phone has been plagued by QC and design issues that probably shouldn’t have seen the light of day in the first place, especially under Steve Jobs’ watch.

    • Jay

      @hoo dat: Oh how quickly people blame the new guy and forget all the problems that existed while the “Immortal” Steve Jobs was around. Do I need to bring up the antenna issues with the 4S? How about the yellow screen on the 4? Maybe the overheating and discoloring on the 3GS? The shorting out on the iPhone 2? Nooooooo… Steve Jobs always made sure there weren’t any bugs with the phone. That’s why every single version of the iPhone has had a major issue.

  • Sam

    Not to mention their Retina Macbook Pro’s are suffering a huge image retention problem and not a peep from the cult leaders.

    • phreezerburn

      You’re looking at it wrong.

    • phreezerburn

      Oh and you have to tip it face down before you shake it.

  • David

    If there’s one thing Apple is being innovative in this couple of years it’s finding new ways to screw things up.


      And suing others

  • hoo dat

    Recap of the iPhone5 launch to date:

    Scratched and dented chassis right out of the box, excess wear and tear under normal use, flickering screens, jade streak on pictures due to ill conceived lens coating, Siri still pretty much useless outside of North America or if you have the nerve to have an accent of any sort, DOA iMaps, radio anonymously connecting to data signal resulting in extraneous data charges, and now the hardware failing to recognise major touch gestures.

    Is this what Apple seriously considers a “premium” product?

    • Ron Mexico

      Funny part (as evidenced by Brad F(anboy), the iSheep will find new ways to defend this and be “okay with it”. What a joke Apple is becoming sans Steve.

      Tim Cook will no doubt tell his legions to swipe differently.

    • Brad F

      @hoodat “Scratched and dented chassis right out of the box”

      Didn’t affect many people, already under control.

      “normal wear and tear”


      “flickering screens”

      Never heard of it.

      “jade streak on pictures”

      Oh no, lens flare! Just like… any other camera.

      “Major touch gestures”? Frantic diagonal swiping isn’t a major or even common touch gesture.

    • apple chodeboy

      Brad F = Apple customer service

      iPhone 5 owner: I keep getting purple hazes in my pictures whenever I take a photo with my iPhone 5.

      Brad F: Oh that happens with every camera. Just point the camera lenses away from the light.

      iPhone 5 owner: No it doesn’t… my other cameras don’t have this malfunction and a lot of other people complained about the same issue…


      iPhone 5 owner: Okay okay calm down… what about the scratch gate? It scuffs very easily from just going in to my pocket.

      Brad F: That’s just normal wear and tear.

      iPhone 5 owner: From JUST going into my pocket ONCE???


    • phreezerburn

      Scientology’s new plan is target recruitment based upon identifying iPhone 5 users.

  • SL

    “Coming soon from Apple to fix this problem….a new case! It won’t ACTUALLY fix the problem, because a case can’t possibly fix internal hardware, but everyone gets a free case that makes their iPhone look butt ugly. GO APPLE!”

  • TheRC51

    At 1:30 you can hear an Android notification sound in the background. 😛

  • tommy

    This is how it started with RIM. When your on top everyone will come after you & ensure every fault & flaw is exposed.

    Have fun Apple. You dished it, now its time to take it

  • Neo

    My final idevice from apple being with them since iPhone 3GS-5 was a good run, hello android!

  • sp

    awaken everyone from your Apple induced slumber and see that there are better options out there.

    it took me 6 years…but I did it…and im hella glad i did…

    no more Apple Kool Aid for me…

    SGS3 for the win…

    hoping for big things from BB10 in 2k13… LEGGO!!!

  • Ron Mexico

    Excuses becoming the norm in Apple users world.

    NFC is a fad. I use cash always, and give most of mine to Apple anyways.

    iMaps are useless to me, I have an old school foldout map.

    I put a case on my iPhone 5 anyway. So scuffs and scratches out of the box is fine, and perfectly normal.

    Lens flare is acceptable, I’ll just shoot differently.

    I never swipe diagonally anyway. Unless I play games.

    Nothing a good pair of horse blinders can’t fix.

    • LOL

      So basically you’re not most of the iPhone’s main features. That’s one expensive faulty dumbphone. 🙂

  • Mushfik Alam

    i feel like after jobs died apple’s build quality got much shittier. even though the products were overpriced at least when jobs was alive and in charge they had good build quality.

    • Mushfik Alam

      lol why do i get a negative vote? i love android, own an s3, atrix, razr, galaxy gio and nexus 7 and i don’t plan on buying any apple products

    • phreezerburn

      You’re dead right. Apple becomes crApple the second Steve Jobs’ boot heel comes off of their necks. What’s left at the company are a few good relationships with other companies like ARM whose brass are really into pushing tech forward and uber geeks themselves and a bunch at Apple who sport wood for BIG $$$.

    • phreezerburn

      Folks here forget that the Japanese tech giants rested on their laurels in the mid 90’s and paid for it severely. There isn’t a company on earth too big for the pure narcissistic greedy baxtards to sink… it just takes them a little longer.

  • Kelly

    The iPhone5 is a DISASTER! That’s what they get for suing everyone. KARMA!

    • phreezerburn

      People really need to look at Apple’s overall success in suing with special care taken to recognizing what an abortion the US aesthetics patent is and why Micky Mouse is not only to blame but a great metric for Apple’s success in US and US influenced courts. They did well in Germany but in whose image was that country remade? They litigated well in Japan too folks and were Samsung a Malaysian company, I have no doubt they’d have won out big-time in South Korea.

      Now that Obama is back for another 4, consider that true globalization is seriously on the table for the Americans and if anyone is going to gut the corrupt US patent system, it’ll be the guy with the globalization woody in the White House. Interesting times ahead for Apple.

  • jonnny

    wow. that is a bad flaw.
    very expensive to fix

    and yes, the demo video has the guy swiping like a madman which is not normal use, but that is just to show an extreme case to make it happen every time in a 30 second demo. under normal use, it will still happen every now and then, which is a huge pain.

  • guy

    As an avid Android user and someone who can honestly say I have never owned or wanted to own an apple device:
    -Many above comments are blowing this issue way out of proportion. While it is an issue I hardly see it effecting anyone. Every phone, computer, device has its problems. Yes the iphone5 has had more than many but this particular issue is not a big problem.

  • Michael Nichol

    I just tried the swipe on Fruit Ninja and didn’t get the problem. If you look at the video it does take a while before the person starts experiencing the problem. I couldn’t find anything I could use to duplicate the long scrolling in email or messages. However it doesn’t render the phone useless when the issue comes up. It’s not like the screen freezes, it will respond after the quirk so I’ve seen far worse on other phones and many high end Android phones have their own “-gate” problems as well. Maps is NOT a hardware problem just a crappy design/production/developer problem which doesn’t make or break the phone as alternatives are out there. So I don’t even consider it a “-gate” issue just an “egg in the face” issue.

  • freestaterocker

    Really? Nobody? Ok I’ll say it: Swipe-Gate!!!

  • trytofa

    Apple suck – now is official

  • narci

    Friend’s first iPhone 5’s screen was DOA out of the box. The screen would barely register a touch.

    Second iPhone sent out text messages to random people. 2 hours on the phone with apple yielded that she needed to get it replaced.

  • ANUS


  • ANUS

    apploid anus

  • Nirujan

    As an iPhone 5 user, this isn`t a big issue. However, this can`t be excused along with the scratches on the side that some iPhone 5 users have and many other issues. Apple has got to step up in producing top quality products like when they first released the iPhone.

    Also its getting pretty lame with those your swipping it wrong and map jokes. Funny at first but its getting repetitive.

  • Ryan Storms

    Why is there no light beig shed on the fact that the battery life is next to nill on the Iphone 5!…I am on phone #3 from Apple. All 3 have a brutal battery life. I can watch it drain as I am using it! Epic fail Apple. Never will I buy another Apple product again!

  • Apple Sales Guy

    Video seems to be shady and fabricated to fulfill the apple hating agenda.

    *yawn*… Everyone i know that uses an iphone 5 says it has the best scrolling of any touch device.

    That is all.


  • James

    sue Samsung have brought much trouble for Apple. If Apple haven’t sue Samsung, everything will be fine for them, but they wanted to sue to destroy Samsung and Android as Steve Jobs have wanted.

  • Kanye’s sock

    who gives a sh*t

    glad im aware now that when I swipe my iphone like a maniac it may not respond right

  • Al

    Quite fantastic how something so simple was not tested for or discovered long before the device went out. It’s not like swiping diagonally on a touch screen is particularly unexpected.

    It’s the kind of quality control we’ve come to expect from Apple.

  • J

    My Nokia N9 is laughing.

  • 2kfire

    How’s your N9’s pentile VGA screen doing?
    (One X giggles)

  • sak500

    Just some phones come with steve jobs spirit in it and that’s the only way to wake it.

  • sak500

    No it’s just an easter egg
    – Tim quack

    The isheep are already queuing up for 5S.

  • Serge

    This guy is trying to pull a fast one. When keeping your finger in the screen area, you can scroll like he does as fast as you want forever!! The moment your finger touches the boarder it will stop scrolling. Try it yourself. You don’t need to scroll fast to get the effect. Also if you slide your finger starting on the boarder and swipe into the screen area, the phone will not scroll

  • NorOntByndWrlss

    As someone who sells this terrible phones I will admit that most people who bought this phone are already on their 2nd or third device. They have experienced all of the above mentioned issues including one that had a phone that sent out random text messages to other iPhone users. I am just surprised that no one has mentioned the iMessage issue yet.

  • 15ive

    That’s what happens when you buy s**t product disguise as premium.

  • samantha jones

    soon it will be bye bye apple if they dont step it up with the next model !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tomatoes

    Damn! Apple products were decent but overpriced products before but now they are just crappy overpriced products. It seems like Apple put too much faith in their ability which wasn’t much to begin with.

  • RIM Job

    Wow what an over priced piece of $700+++ CRAP! Now realistically no one will swipe like that (the speed that Apple sucks money out of bank accounts) but still un-acceptable for what is supposed to be premium qua re tee.. QOS went down the sh**er on this one. SwipeGate

  • Toy lover

    Yep, another “problem” that won’t be noticed by 99.999% of the users. Yawn…