Google offering price protection for recent 16GB Nexus 7 purchases


  • DrBadass


    • Proud Owner

      I bought the playbook for $700, the price is now $150, do I get a rebate?

  • Alen

    Where is this malware?
    I work selling IT research and I have never heard a single CIO ask me about malware when speaking to a “mobile device management” strategy. 4.2 fixes the complaining. The people I speak to couldn’t care less.

  • collin

    dammit why did i buy from ncix 🙁

  • Jason

    Have to say I’m feeling pretty burned here having purchased my N7 from Future Shop.

    • oil5darling

      You do realize Futureshop has 30 day price protection. So if you bought it earlier in October your fine.

    • Ryan

      Does the same apply for best buy?

  • D

    I love you googs. Thank you for putting the Internet at my fingertips, that kind you for android and all these amazing devices.

  • ANUS

    ohhh!!!! anus!!!!!

  • Trotsky

    So basically, us who ordered one in the first two months it was available are the only ones paid more.

    That’s awesome.

    • Matthew Welke

      That’s just how life works. You agree to buy something, you hand over your cash, you get the product. It’s not Google’s fault they decided to slash their price. In this case they’re even offering price protection whereas most companies don’t.

      It’s just like how I paid $480 for a 32″ LCD TV in 2008. I could get a 50″ now but hey that’s the price of being an early adopter.

  • EvanKr

    Meanwhile at Apple, “Price protection? You mean only making a 350% markup?”

    • Joe

      Why do you even mention apple?

  • Dan John

    Shit, I bought mine at FS on August 20th 🙁

  • dv

    Google is such a class act company, Apple should take notes.

  • ile2010

    What about the people who bought an 8 gb version?

  • ile2010

    I’m no fan of Apple, but doesn’t anyone remember the original iPhone price cut? They cut the price by $200. Their response was half-assed and they only returned $100 (and not as a refund but as gift cards). Still a much better response than most companies.

    Yes, Google did it better. Still not perfect as the 8GB early adopters got screwed.

    Why some of you people rabidly defend one particular company is beyond me. None of these are your friends and all of them are out to make billions off of people like us.

  • BreathLess

    So what happens to people who bought a 8gb model?

  • Ivan

    This is why I won’t adopt before 8 months. At some point these companies need to get their head around how they actually scare people away from buying by making them wish they had waited. Your reward for buying early and helping a product build a market, is a lighter wallet and a more limited product.

  • Alexander S

    Damn I bought mine from Canada Computers.