BlackBerry 10 achieves FIPS Security Certification prior to launch


  • jussayin

    Yap but what about FAP ?



    • iphoneee

      BB10 DOA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      NEXUS 4 FTW (and this is coming from an iSheep) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • IMEI

      TOO LATE!
      They have lost: Yahoo, Microsoft(they took so long that now MS has their own phone!) The White house and the Pentagon, now allow iphones and Androids.. and soon W8 phones too!

      I guess you can say: The Agencies left..and then they release a new product, too late RIM.

      BB10 is not “almost here”; Apple can’t make enough iphone5s to meet demand, 920 coming next week the same for N4, then the LG and more W8 phones, and that will happen from next week till the end of the month!

      By January phones will drop in price due to the N4 pressure and BB10 will be still two months away.
      Plus Q3 Report at end of December, then in January the December sales (Will be abysmal for RIM) … and we are still two moths away !

    • John

      Is this BB10?

    • Kitten Keeper

      RIM is DEAD.
      RIM is sooooo DEAD.
      COME!!! Let us dance on their grave and rejoice in their failure.

    • chall2k5

      and does anyone know what server manages those IOS and Android devices,,,,oh right its RIM

  • Richard Singh

    As much as I have supported RIM in the past, will anyone even care about BB10 once they FINALLY release it?



    • Jack

      Given that the number of BlackBerry users in the world rose from 10.5 million when iPhone came out to 80 million as of last quarter, that’s a tad over-dramatic, no?

  • James

    Finally! It’s almost out!

    Also, did you hear? Apparently Apple is announcing some sort of phone in 2007. It’s supposed to be big.

    What? Oh, it’s not 2007 anymore? My bad.

  • Scott

    Can’t wait for the BB10 release, if for no other reason than to stop all those stupid “Is it BB10?” posts on MobileSyrup…

  • brro

    “Shut up and take my money!!!”

  • Al

    At least we know one thing it’s suppose to do wont fail. If security fails in BB10, it’s automatically game over for them. However, with this certification, it’s another step towards its launch in a few months!

    • jussayin

      Pretty much been Game Over for a while now

    • Jack

      @jussayin… They’re a multi-billion dollar company. What do you do? Stock walmart shelves?

  • Is this Bb10?

    I want a Nexus 4 review!

    • jussayin

      I’ll be the first and say ” i***t”

  • Blackberry Gangsta

    Wa Wa Wee Wa ! does this mean my girlfriend cant hack into my phones history folder and peep the bikini sites I access while sitting on the toilet cranking it?

  • GoRIM

    This is gonna be an epic phone.

    GO RIM!

  • Dony

    is this BB10??

  • k

    Isn’t this coming out in March?!



  • BB WHO

    does it have google play ?

  • som

    Awesome. Can’t wait for BB10.

    • IMEI

      Yes you can wait.
      Yes you will wait November, December, January, February and MArch!

      The article says: “its almost here” And when RIM says that their phones are coming on one date, the phones come…wait!

  • Darren

    I love the smart-a*s comments! RIM deserves every one of them. If this comes out even slightly unfinished, they’re done in the smartphone space. What kind of an app store will they have? If it’s the Flashlight/Bible/NoBex Radio store they have now for the sad-sack Playbook, even God won’t be able to save them.

    • bb

      wow…nice assumption, i think they will have all the apps that matter…you know the same ones on your iphone or android os’s. Funny part is most users have two phones…one for sure is blackberry and the other they choose to pay for…and if you have money to blow on apps thats great enjoy them

    • IMEI

      IF RIM is actually developing a phone and not buying time to split the company into parts or getting bought, I hope they listen to the marktet.

      Whatever specs they were working on, the phone better comes with Specs close to the N4 but WITH LTE and SD CARD; on top of that the phone can’t be more than $400 $450. More than that and it won’t sell.

      Hope they go back to the design boeard and FIND-then negotiate a manufacturer that makes the phone on the cheap. The only way to do that is by making 2 models max!
      One with 32GB and the other one with 64GB (or 8-16 but with SD Card)

      You know what?
      People can’t sell their BB9900 on Kijiji at $200, so scratch that. People won’t care in 5 months.

  • superfly

    Cranking it………LM FAO

  • Tim3tripp3r

    If Heinz was smart he would make sure that newly reelected President Obama got BB10 serial # 001 as I know he likes his BB 🙂

  • William

    BB is for professionals so can never be on sale!

  • blackbluecherry berry

    Hooray for RIM. I am from KW and believe that RIM will rise again. Just like the dark knight.
    Also love the part at the end of this article.
    “in the wake of Bring Your Own Device trends, the Waterloo company wants to continue that tradition.”
    You know what that means. Unlocked at an afordable price.
    Also.. If your Fandroid or Isheep good for you. This phone is for Goverment officals, Businesses, Terrorist Groups, Drug Dealers and the cool kids. That’s like a Billion users right there! I exaggerated a bit… But you know what I mean.

  • Jess

    Want want want

  • Sammy4life

    greatfeature, but Samsung had this feature for a while now….

    • BB

      It feels like the media is saying…”not made in U.S., so its crap” DOA….really??? a great mdm solution, bes10 coming, qnx car kit and sdk, webworks, bb10, gov security, balance. At least Thorstein always has good news to spread after he gets attacked out left field..always seems to be when apple is having bad day.

  • Brian

    this looks like the bb10. can someone please confirm for me?

    • X_X_X


  • frank

    That picture is the Dev alpha Bravo a developer device. Not what consumers will be getting. Developers already have these so that at launch there will be plenty of apps available.

  • john cena

    can the bb10 also run android apk’s like how the bb playbook does?

    the bb10 phone looks awesome spec wise, but will still lack
    in apps until developers catch up to android and iphone

    • phreezerburn

      Its easier to write for QNX than Android or iOS. The first Android wrapper for QNX was the work of a fan.