BlackBerry 10 achieves FIPS Security Certification prior to launch

BlackBerry 10 is almost here. We’ve been waiting a long, long time for the next step in RIM’s recovery plan, but work is going on behind the scenes to ensure that when it does, it will be ready for both consumers and the enterprise.

To that end, BlackBerry 10 is the first RIM platform to be certified by FIPS before its public launch. FIPS 140-2 is a security certification program that governments use in both the United States and Canada to ensure devices are storing encrypted data in a standardized way. These devices can be controlled via a centralized platform, such as BlackBerry Enterprise Service, without concern for security breaches.

What this means for government agencies — and enterprise users — is that BlackBerry 10 will be ready to work on the day it is available to the public. Such certifications are why RIM has traditionally been the choice of smartphones for government agencies, and in the wake of Bring Your Own Device trends, the Waterloo company wants to continue that tradition.

Source: Marketwire