Evernote for iOS gets huge overhaul, leaves other versions in the dust


  • iphoneee

    It comes with free edition of Google Maps!! Yeahhhhh!!!

    • phreezerburn

      All those folders… it looks like an old Windows for Workgroups app.



  • Mike

    Why do I have a feeling that this reads like a paid advertisement? Is this really a news?

    How much did MobileSyrup get bribed to talk about it nicely like that?

    • Brad F(anboy)

      @Mike It’s more likely that MobileSyrup’s staff are heavy users of Evernote and they’re just fans of it.

      This is news for anyone who uses Evernote, which is a lot of people.

    • jussayin

      The usual mobilesyrup post lol

  • ASH

    I say, they better release a similar Android overhaul, if they don’t want to be under the dust!

  • chalmers

    Android had a LONG time of having a much, much better Evernote app than iOS. I tried using the app on my wife’s iPad, and it is horrendous. This looks like it probably simply catches up to the awesomeness of the Android application. Looking forward to trying it out tonight.

    • chalmers

      Correction – it *was* horrendous. No idea how the new one is.

    • Hardened

      Wow really – horrendous on iOS? Exactly what was wrong with the experience on your wife’s ipad on the previous version vs what was so great feature wise on Android?

      I use both platforms: mainly iOS as my daily use device with Galaxy Nexus JB 4.0.1 at home.

  • jussayin

    Don’t see why this app gets such attention .Not really that great .

  • Blackberry Gangsta

    der the blackburry version runs circles aound the andoird and iaaple version. no comparision at all!