Evernote for iOS gets huge overhaul, leaves other versions in the dust

Evernote is a company that continually iterates its products, overhauling designs and improving functionality, across all of its platforms. They offer native apps for almost every platform, and have paid special attention to iOS in recent months.

The new Evernote for iOS is a universal app and brings an easier navigation system to both devices, along with quick access to search, places, tags and specific notebooks. It also puts Premium Features front and centre, Evernote’s $44.99/year subscription service that adds unlimited uploads, increased storage and offline notebooks. This version also improves Page Camera, the ability to snap a piece of paper, receipt or document and have it automatically scaled, cropped and correctly oriented.

This version also adds a Quick Note feature, which bypasses all the settings and questions and lets you just input text or a photo and immediately save it. iPad users can also see a list of recent notes in visual carousel form.

If you’re a frequent Evernote user, head to the App Store and download Evernote 5.0 for iOS.

Via: Evernote Blog