Pattrn for Android is your ticket to beautiful, understated wallpapers

Did you know the average Android user changes his or her wallpaper seven times per day?

No, that’s not entirely true, but customization is a huge part of the Android experience. One thing I’ve often found with wallpaper sites is the lack of choice for minimalists: there are plenty of photos of beautiful women or of Master Chief posing against a heroic backdrop, but few places provide simple, repeating patterns.

Enter Pattrn. The app has been gaining a lot of attention in recent weeks as it is featured by Google in the Play Store. It interfaces with the growing COLOURlovers community, a database of user-submitted patterns and images. You can set the app to change your wallpaper daily, or just browse the thousands of included photos. It even supports Android Beam so you can share specific wallpapers with NFC-enabled friends.

The app is extremely simple, but what it does it does very well. The interface is based on Google’s Holo design guidelines, and features easily-accessible Share and Save buttons for each image. You can see specific comments and the number of views each image has received, and can search by keyword or colour.

If you’re into patterns or minimalist wallpapers, download Pattrns for Android.