Lightning to Micro USB adapter comes to Canadian Apple Store for $21


  • S2556

    apple you really are a dick to your customers

    • Mike

      If my customers would just buy up anything I offer them, I would be a dick to them too. Who cares? They’ll just keep buying!

    • anonymous

      But..but..but this adapter is magical, amazing, fantastic, tiny, astonishing, eye-opening, extraordinary, phenomenal, sensational!!!!! I want 2!!!!!!

    • Joker!

      You asked for a Micro USB -Lighting cable?
      -You got it!
      -You never asked for it to be reasonably priced!
      -What do you expect: Is WHITE and says “apple” $21 is a fair price!
      End or Sarchasm
      If you look at this situation from far away this is simply simply hilarious!!!

      In the UK apple apologizes to Samsung with the Smallest font they could find and in the most convoluted language and the courts made them re-apologise!
      -Anybody said “iSorry”??
      Apple lost the right of the iphone in Mexico to the iFone (A totally different product) apparently they do sound the same in Spanish.
      Having so much money Im sure that $150 million for the name will put the company and all their employees in retirement
      Still waiting for the Entrepenurial Chinese to mass produce the Chip they are missing to assemble the $5 Lighting cables. Chip production starts two weeks from now, one to make and two to ship so we woulf be having them by second week of Dec or sooner.

    • Joker!

      Total cost of ownership:
      -iPad mini:$320
      -2 Lighting cables: $42(the included one,desk, couch, kitchen, office, car)
      Total cost: $383 ouch!!

      Nexus 7:
      -Just the tablet!
      How come nobody has mentioned how much Apple is polluting the environment by getting rid of the old connector and not adopting the micro USB connector!

  • AppleStockHolder

    For a product that costs maybe $0.25 cents or less to make. Gotta love all the people gonna buy this.

    Go Apple stock!!

    • Brad F(anboy)

      Nah, I’m sure the electronics in there cost as least $0.50 to make.

  • dave thans

    Apple is laughing alright.

  • kris

    I paid $1.50 for a usb otg cable from monoprice for my s3 and it will work with more things

  • lukeiphone

    As an apple fan, I can still say that this is a cash grab and nothing else. NOTE 2 is my next device!

    • AppleStockHolder

      lukeiphone. support Apple,not Samsung. Your name says it.

    • sp

      no AppleStockHolder…he doesnt want to pay for your stocks. luke woke up to see that Apple is just ramming more costs up your butts than anyone else…

      paying for something like this while paying for a phone that is 1 year behind everything else in the market. luke finally opened his eyes to the crazyness that Apple is putting its loyal butt followers through.

  • Betty

    Im glad I wont need this for BB10 devices.

  • David

    In Samsung’s commercial, an apple fanboy goes: “But they make the coolest adapters.”

  • patricm h m

    Apple needs to sell items like this for Moore money because they continue to fall behind Samsung in sales and technology

  • John

    Ohh Crapple.

  • HighClassFrenchCricket

    i walked into the apple store the other day at yonge/dundas and released a huge, ear-piercing, fart. i then walked out, satisfied with myself. 🙂

  • Brad F(anboy)

    Okay. They already give you a Lightning cable and AC adapter.

    This Lightning to Micro-USB is an *extra* adapter. It’s not something that is required own or operate the device. You’re going to have to pay for it.

    If you buy a new TV and it doesn’t have the same plugs as your old TV the manufacturer isn’t required to provide you adapters for free.

    • Decoi

      I think the whole point is that Apple keeps making proprietary items and ignores any other option, at the customers expense.

      I think it’s awesome I can borrow my friend’s phone charger to charge my tablet and my cell phone even though we don’t own the same product.

  • IMO


    That is a weird move by Samsung. Looks like the sole reason for changing this adapter was for a cash grab.

  • Brad F(anboy)

    Okay. They already include a Lightning cable and A/C charger in the box.

    The Lightning to Micro-USB is an extra adapter. It’s not required to own, operate, or maintain the device. It’s an extra, non-essential, completely optional accessory and you’re going to have to pay for it. That’s how accessories work.

  • Kid.Canada

    @John We would be hypocrites if Samsung changed the connector to a completely different connector which isn’t used by any accessory used today. This adapter is essential most iPhone 5 users who have hundreds of dollars worth of stuff like docks that still use the 30 pin connectors and dont want to throw them away. Well atleast they won’t have to rebuy all the accessories they’ve been buying for years with the 30 pin connectors.

  • andy c

    the iphone5 has got to be the worse phone to travel with.

    need a local sim? better have a sim cutter ready (nano sim)

    lost your charging/data cable? there better be a first tier electronics or apple store where you are going.

  • S2556

    mhl is VERY different from a usb port. That is what is used to connect to hdmi cords to output to your HD tv. something that apple sells for 50 bucks. you are getting screwed accept it or shop around, the choice is yours.

  • Crappleideology


  • Bruce $5.99.

  • Reality Check

    Relax everyone — The Pacific Mall will have inexpensive alternatives to this overpriced adapter in no time.

  • jside86

    I just don’t get how Apple was able to make an adapter for the lightning cable it is suppose to be so fast…

    in Europe they made a law about charging cable and Every cell company had to comply and have a single universal charging cable, then Apple was excuse from this law since all Apple device where also working with all the infrastructure like speaker dock and alarm clock,

    Apple was told that the next time they change a connector it had to be universal micro USB and still, they came with an Apple proprietary connector, how can they avoid the law amaze me

    Note 2 or Nexus 4 FTW

  • EvanKr

    Apple on Flash:

    We believe that HTML5 is a better alternative to Flash because of its open nature, as opposed to Flash which is stricly controlled by Adobe.


    Proprietary connectors with $20 adapters
    Extremely closed mobile and desktop OS
    New proprietarty SIM card

    Yeah, Apple, you didn’t want Flash because you “don’t believe in a closed ecosystem”.

  • IMO

    @ S2556. Did you even read the link?

    The article is saying that Samsung changed the standard pin arrangement on the GS3 microUSB port resulting in some standard microUSB accessories to not work with their flagship device.

    Because this made existing MHL adapters to be incompatible with GS3, this then allowed them to charge clients for their own proprietary MHL adapters which came at a premium.

    Why would you defend that? Aren’t we criticizing Apple for the same thing?

  • Ben Bernanke

    OMG I’ve been waiting to get this for my iPhone 5 forever! Can’t wait to buy a few!

  • Jeremy

    Why do people keep saying “all-digital” when it comes to the lightning connector? We don’t say “all-digital micro-USB”.

  • Iphone5sucker

    Apples new motto: A sucker is born for every iphone made!

  • Grim22

    The real kicker is Apples lighting adaptors will not work without a unique Apple chip. So good luck finding a cheap Chinese knock off. Yet, another kick to the Apple customer’s balls.

    Apple’s motto “Shut-up and pay up. We will let you now the next item you need and what you will have to pay. Nobody can help you on but us.”