Google not confident that Apple will approve its iOS version of Maps


  • Hub

    Google, Drama Queen.


    I still think Google should sell it as a subscription, at least until Apple maps becomes competition.

  • Zirjan

    Apple should beg Bing maps to come on to iOS. Bing has gotten a lot better guys

    Combine Bing maps, directions, location services, etc. and top tier browser like Safari on one platform and that’s a killer combo

  • Devon

    And why couldn’t Apple just keep things the way they were. After I got my GS3 I was blown away by how much better the google maps was on Andriod.

  • Omar

    Google Maps are vastly superior to Apple Maps – no argument there.

    What does it tell you, Apple users, when Apple blantanly refuses to provide you with a better mapping experience, especially when it can be so easily done, and would satisfy countles numbers of people?

    Well, it tells that Apple does not care about the user, but only cares about the money.

    And you are still supporting that? DO as you will, but I will not be a part of it.

    Ex-IPhone owner.

    • Brad F(anboy)

      @Omar Google hasn’t even submitted their app for review yet.

      Not only that, but there are hundreds of mapping apps on the App Store. In the wake of the mapping controversy Apple even *recommended* that users download some of the other apps if they found functionality lacking.

      But please, go on about how “Apple blatantly refuses to provide you with a better mapping experience”.

    • Omar

      Are you talking about that app that Google submitted to the store a few weeks ago, and Apple promptly rejected? I used to think that you were a crafty troll, but now I actually think that you enjoy Apple products…

      A “yes” or “no” question: Do you agree that Google offers the best maps in the industry?

      Now tell me how my statement about Apple denying its users the best mapping experience is wrong.

      Come on, Bradley, hand it up 😉

    • Brad F(anboy)

      @Omar “Are you talking about that app that Google submitted to the store a few weeks ago, and Apple promptly rejected?”

      Apparently you’re the only one who has any knowledge of this happening. To the rest of the world, Google hasn’t submitted their application for review yet.

      Yes, Google maps are the best in the industry today. I believe Nokia’s are a close second. Apple, being pretty new to the game, is far behind but they’re slowly catching up.

  • Guest

    Sadly another example of Apple thinking of themselves first rather than giving customers a choice to use something better.

    • Brad F(anboy)

      @Guest “Sadly another example of Apple thinking of themselves first”

      Um, this is *speculation* from *Google*. It’s not an example of Apple doing anything.

  • Collin

    Google’s not the only one who is not confident.

  • Tom

    I think they will approve because this is a high profile case. Last time they blocked a Google app (Google Voice), the FTC got involved and forced them to stop pretending it was AT&T’s fault – it was very embarrassing for Apple.

  • Thomson

    I think they would approve it, just because they’re already surrendering. Look at the App Store home page. There’s a link for map apps right there, titled “Find Maps.”

  • nrj4life

    They should leave it as is. Apple dug their own hole, and instead of pulling them out so they can put Google in it, Google should just take a leak on them 😛

    • J

      It would be great if they did, but it’s not going to happen. Don’t forget, anyone who uses Google Maps contributes to Google’s traffic service, simply by sending their servers their location and speed. If Google sees that there are a lot of slow cars on Highway 401 at Dixie, they’ll update their mapping service accordingly. Every non-GMaps user is one less contribution to that database.

  • Zirjan

    Bing is really really good, try it if you don’t believe me. But rumor is that we have to wait until late next year for Internet Explorer to make a great leap forward as part of WP9, which will be when Microsoft launches their own hardware if they do

    This is a golden opportunity for Apple and Microsoft. Apple gets a year of great mapping without competition until they catch up. Microsoft gets to introduce itself to new users with good experiences by word of mouth and prepare the groundswell for WP9. It’s win-win

    Before you downvote this for being crazy, consider the Microsoft saved Apple from bankruptcy just after Steve Jobs returned and that now they both compete against Google more than they do each other. And in return for that cash Internet Explorer was THE web browser on Macs for a number of years, all that has changed is now the shoe is on the other foot. Microsoft needs the use of a top tier browser, and Apple needs the use of a top tier location services

    • phreezerburn

      Apple already licenses a ton of tech from Microsoft and that’s a well worn path. This isn’t about providing anything to their afflicted customers but is indeed all about ego.

  • Bubble Snake!

    I sometimes turn on google maps on my droid, and it makes me very excited and happy and I have to pet a kitten. Other times, if I see an apple product, I barf all over myself, scream and run head first into a wall. These are the main differences for me when it comes to apple / google maps. Barf / Kitten.

    • marsupial banana

      sometimes i like to barf on kittens too. when I wear my stretchy pants

    • phreezerburn

      Apple’s assertions that their users were just simply unable to use the device properly takes on a new light. Tim Cook has been right all along.

  • Joey

    What is pursuing a strsategy? Didn’t quite get that in the article…

  • tweak

    They should just release it to the Cydia store then..wouldn’t Apple love that? Lol

    • phreezerburn

      Exactly the place to put it with directions on how to get there on Google’s main search page.

  • marion

    Lmao @ Marsupial Banana and Bubble Snake’s comments

  • Brad F(anboy)

    I like how most people in these comments are under the impression that Apple rejected Google’s Maps app, when actually they haven’t even submitted an app yet.

    • SDK

      It was posted on this very website weeks ago. Troll harder.

  • Mike

    Yes Google maps is in the fr@kin Apple App store for $.99 Cents. Why don’y people just download the fr@kin app and stop whining about it. or even just down the app called G-Whiz has all the Google apps in one, and it includes google maps for free…lol. Or even get google maps from your browser for free.. Man people are fr@kin out just because its not preloaded onto the phone. Just download the fr@kin apps that you want and stop whining.

  • phreezerburn

    Can you say ANTI-TRADE PRACTICES boys and girls. If MS can get hit with it on Windows, I’m certain Apple can get nailed with doing the very same thing here.

  • Brandon

    I think Apple will approve it seeing as they recommend online versions of other map services, I think Apple understands they screwed up, and they need to give the best experience to their customers.

    And Scott Forstall really can’t say anything now. ha.

    • phreezerburn

      Steve Jobs wasn’t oblivious to the working of Apple and Tim Cook’s excuse is?

  • imnot telling

    I have found apple maps to be flawless. I’ve used it around the Edmonton area and even in Regina for work.

    • Baby

      That’s great when I’m in Edmonton but my friend in Vancouver keeps thinking he’s in Greenland

  • ace

    why buy the iphone 5 at double the price of a nexus 4… when google maps isnt even included with it? what are you buying? a paperweight from a company that thinks to highly of themselves to make the product better, over the egotisical approach simply not using their products out of competition principle. i****s.

  • Ajmer

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