WIND Mobile going live in Windsor on November 15th


  • AppleStockHolder

    no iPhone, Wind loses.

    • Alex

      iPhone is for stupid people, which basically can only tap on icons without any movements in their brains.

      WIND doesn’t support this kind of people and not offering them 80$ plans.

    • SimSim

      Wind would have loved to have an IPhone to heard some sheep in. But let me ask you this: If you had a choice between owning an IPhone, or paying a low monhtly bill for a plan with unlimited features, which one would you go with?

      Think about that one, my friend.

    • Scott

      Right on @SimSim! Now THAT is a no-brainer. 🙂

    • aliwhatsit

      the choice has always been between apple products vs saving money.

      Personally, owning an iPhone is not worth the extra $30 per month.

    • Jim.Shorts

      It’s not WIND’s choice not to carry the iPhone. You are barking at the wrong tree.

  • Vince

    ^— thumbs down

  • holler back girl

    hehehehe “Wind releases”

  • Adam Manhandler

    Wind is so garbage that I joined them last week.

  • colonel gustov

    The fastest growing network in Canada , Go WIND Go !!

    • Bobby Destroy-her

      Wind complaints up 354.7%. Highest increase of all carriers.

      Thats growth!

  • All I do is Wind!

    Wind is doing good on their explansion plans, go get em Wind!

  • antoine

    i was using wind back in vancouver, now i live in winnipeg and am wondering when the hell they’re going to be opening up shop here in the prairies.

  • ikwaner

    If WIND continues to keep those awesome plans sooner or later I would switch over, iPhone isn’t a problem. Though of course it would be nice if iPhone has pentaband that supports their wavelength =|

  • aregularonhofo

    I love the way Wind Mobile is expanding now with improved service including coverage and absolutely destroying Mobilicity, also seems like the Boycott Mobilicity Campaign is really working and more subs are switching to Globealive since their private site is full to capacity…meanwhile the only 2 Mobilicity fanboys left on HoFo bluenote73 (the fake Lazer Android) and pjw918 are struggling to defend their lies while almost all the other members are leaving this pathetic company realizing how bad they’ve been used and it doesn’t get any better . And thanks to Lyons/Booth for being complete morons…while Wind Mobile opens new stores across Canada Mobilicity are trying to sell their garbage from Food Basics in the Home Zone with a network that is completely broken…you have to love these losers.

    • Food Basics

      The Food Basics deal isn’t all that bad. Cheap groceries and cheap mobile phone service, but the quality might be inferior compared to pricier places, even WIND.

    • hoo dat

      You can buy WIND phones in Loblaws and Walmart, ARHF. What’s your point?

  • timmah!

    Fingers still crossed for Halifax. No way they’ll hit their self-imposed 2012 deadline, but still… the sooner the better.


      Same with EL.

  • Jon

    Wait, Holiday Promo for Nov 15th? Any more info?

    Holiday Miracle Plan is back?

    • Dak

      It could be the $29/month kick-a55 plan, which would be limited to one year, then go back up to $40/month. Or it could be something like HMP at $40/month, but with features like MMS and Voicemail missing, and no global text, etc. It most likely will be for new activations only, and will require you to take a phone on a Tab.

      We’ll see in 10 days.

  • xyz

    I like to see how Wind is growing – I see them everywhere this year.

  • Antoine

    Good news, but I would much rather see the coverage go viral by expanding outside Ontario’s iron horseshoe

    Victoria, Winnipeg, Saskatoon-Regina, Kelowna, Halifax

    • xyz

      I know you can get their signal in Victoria. Was in the Wind Home when I was there in October.

  • Baby

    I think Victoria is just a test for now. They have some towers on the island but unofficially they don’t cover there. If you have a problem with network in Victoria, Wind won’t give support.

    • I smell weeners

      Wind was in Victoria for about a year now, ready to launch. Guess what – the NIMBYs. Yup, those people who want to use their cellphones, yet don’t want any towers going up. They believe in magic, I can only assume. So a few crucial tower locations have been NIMBYfied, and Wind can not launch an entire network there simply because of that. They COULD launch with caping holes, but that won’t look good.

      So, Victorianites, thank your fellow neighbours for a year-long delay, and counting…

    • I smell weeners


  • 0defaced

    funny….that’s me on facebook. that’s not my posting……pretty sure that’s just Angelos being butthurt.

    I’m pretty excited about this launch, just more proof that Wind is in fact expanding their coverage.

  • nuclearbroccoli

    Where did I even enter into this? I never even posted in this thread.
    Actually, if you want to talk about complaints, then you need to add all the sub brands to the big 3s totals as they are the same company after all.
    I’ll bet there wouldn’t be much of a difference between them all in that case.

  • aregularonhofo

    The difference between Wind Mobile and Mobilicity is that with Globealive subs do complain, especially in new expanded areas where there may be be some initial problems getting established and yet a high majority of customers still remain loyal…on the other disgruntled Mobilicity subs just simply leave for Wind Mobile without even bothering to complain knowing there will be no improvement and technically the Big Three after decades of service shouldn’t even have any complaints where the true percentage is much higher. On Mobi even though the DL speeds were extremely slow from massive tower breathing customers were being terminated for supposedly using too much data although it was unlimited and most just cancelled not being able to accept the lies/BS from Dobbin. Plus most of the Big Three are changing over to LTE and problems can be expected. Everyone knows that the most pathetic company is Mobilicity and in comparison Wind Mobile is doing a great job.

  • 2c

    Plan Features
    Unlimited Wish 25
    Unlimited Wish 40
    Outgoing Calls
    Unlimited Local
    Unlimited Canada/US-wide
    Incoming Calls
    Canada-wide Calling
    Unlimited Global
    Unlimited Global
    Picture Messaging (MMS)
    (Fair Usage Policy Applies)
    ($5 for each additional 100MB)
    Call Control
    Caller ID, Missed Call Alerts, Conference Calling, Call Forward, and Call Waiting


    World Saver, featuring international long distance rates starting from 1₵/minute

    Up to $200
    Up to $500
    Better Together Savings

    Monthly price
    $25 per month
    $40 per month

  • nuclearbroccoli

    Could you maybe repost that in a way that it’s readable? It’s appreciated and all, but nearly impossible to sort out.