Koodo to release the Samsung Galaxy S III “before the end of the year”


  • What’s with Android?

    Not bad. But iPhone 5 gives better value – Passbook, I Cloud, perfect sync with iTunes (which most people use), best design, and great no hassle warranty.

    • Ferrari Car

      Maximum Trolling!!

      But… 2/10.

    • BB10 IS HERE

      Will this be a BB10 device?

      Where exactly are the blackberry 10 devices? Does anyone even care?


      Gives better value lol do you even know anything about phones or do you just listen to the lies that CrApple tell you to sell phones. The Galaxy S3 blows the iPhone 5 away and definitely has more features. Do some research and get hands on both devices for a week and then tell us which ones better and by how much. – KID ANDROID. ( Team.Android.Canada)

    • NEXUS 4

      NEXUS 4 FTW!!!!!!

    • nely

      I had to read it over… did you really say perfect sync with Itunes? what kind of feature is perfect sync? how the hell could syncing even be something to think about on a mobile device, let alone High end mobile device. Itunes sucks btw.

    • priceIsRight

      The Telus S3-16GB has a “Starting price Device” of $491.

      Koodo currently has the Samsung S2x with Dual CellHSPA+ (not sure if Koodo supports it) at $300

      If they want the S3 to sell a few phones they have to offer it at no more than $450.
      If they want to be in the news this holidays $350-400 is the right price: Older phone/specs but LTE and SD card.

      The Fail or success of the S3 is in the price!
      An phone above $450 without SD will be a Fail.

  • Beso

    I wish it was the Note 2 as I want to get the Note 2 and I am with Koodo!


      If you want the Note 2 get a unlocked International model, I did about 2 weeks ago and am with Koodo and it works great and it is the best mobile device available hands down. I had the original Galaxy Note and was great but lagged and was not comfortable in the hand but they fixed everything and the Galaxy Note 2 is blazing fast feels amazing looks amazing and the screen is gorgeous. I’m absolutely loving it 100 %. – KID ANDROID. ( Team.Android.Canada)

  • John Lee

    GSIII or Nexus 4 – that is the question…

    • priceIsRight

      N4 at $360; S3 at $430 or less.

      Im not paying more than $60 for SD card AND Slower updates.
      Actually I’m not paying one cent more for slower updates. Put the S3 at $350 and I’ll get it, put it at $400 and I will get the N4!

  • Bob c

    Lol iPhone 5 licks android all the way thank you koodo for listening to most of your users

  • D Allan

    I never understand… Koodo is meant to offer discounted services and never really offers anything high end. People can always buy their phone online outright and unlocked and have the freedom to use it with any carriers.

    • cybik

      The S3 may have been high-end at its launch, but right now it’s a “passé” phone. As such, Koodo will be able to get them cheaper.

  • Shamu

    Good for koodo! Now bring in Note 2!

  • Bob

    Koodo suck so it’s not worth the excitement

    • skullan

      And yet, for a company that has a huge footprint, it seems to be leading the pack. I’ve been impressed with Koodo lately, they just need to find a way of getting more data within increasing the costs.

  • andy c

    Does koodo take advantage of telus’s 42mbps HSPA+ network speeds?

    • priceIsRight

      Telus Supports Dual Cell HSPA+ (42Mbps); Koodos uses Telus’s network.

      Does anybody know if Koodo supports 42Mbps speeds??
      They have the Samsung Galaxy S2x and the phone supports it.

    • Josh

      Ya the network supports HSPA+ at 42mbps.

  • nely

    I don’t get why they didn’t have it already… their big brother company Telus have had it for months already. Their Tryna make it seem like it has anything to do with people asking for it.

  • Rick James

    Koodo rocks!

  • Andy Warhol

    If nothing else, I look forward to this bringing down the aftermarket price of the S3 on sites like Craigslist. If they have it for somewhere between $300-400, used ones will soon go down to $150-$300.

    • priceIsRight

      The current Nexus Galaxy that is(was) selling direclty at Google for $350 was selling used for $300 and now you can find them for $200-$250 do that their owners sell their one yr old phone, add $100 and get the new N4

      That is another reason to get a Nexus phone: Re-selling value!!

      The iPhone has a higher re-selling value: you can sell a 2 yr olde iPhone for $350 or so (Which is an amazing re-selling value) but when you consider that the new i5 is $800 you STILL have to add $400-500 to the deal, ouch!

      The N4 has re-shaped the entire mobile industry; but the Lumia920, LG optimus G and Motorola RAZR; doesn’t know it!

  • LeFouch

    i think koodo is on HSPA+ my xperia Arc runs at 6 mps and my gf galaxy Nexus can go up to 12mps..just a guess.

    • priceIsRight

      In order to enjoy 42Mbps access you need a Network and a PHONE that support it; The Nexus Galaxy only supports HSPA+ at 21 mbps (max) 12 Mbps is a typical capped Canadian speed.

      If Koodo supports Dual Cell we should be able to see speeds of 21Mbps (12 +12+) Which are close to LTE speeds in Canada.

      That is the reason why Google didn’t include LTE in the N4!
      LTE speeds at no extra battery cost for the user and infraestructure for the operators!

  • Coldcase

    Actually, Dual Cell we should be able to see speeds of 42Mbps (21 + 21) Which are close to LTE speeds in Canada.

  • Tim

    Koodo will be launching the S3 for $350. And lower the price of the S2X to $200-250.

    And people on Kijiji or used ottawa will be cr@pping their pants, cause they’ll be losing tons of cash trying to sell their used one. And can only sell them for $200 bucks or less. People are trying to sell them for $500 right now, what a joke,,lol lmao..
    Remember Telus sold the S2X for $600 and then Koodo came out with it for $300. Same thing is happening with the S3. $350 is Koodo’s Price.Mark my words

  • Tim

    And FYI its coming over to Koodo, for one reason. To get rid of stock, cause its reaching end of life. Because the S4 is coming soon in early 2013. So they want to get rid of as much stock as possible during the holiday season.

  • Electronics Canuck

    If they release the “Galaxy S 3 X” you guys owe me a high-five.

    • Josh

      There is no S3x, The S2x was T-Mobile’s variant of the S2 that Telus picked up. That said Telus is selling the I747 which is the same one Rogers and Bell carries so if Koodo does indeed get an S3, it’ll be the regular variant.

  • Kelly

    @Tim, are you 100% sure it’s going to be #350 for the S3 from Koodo?

    • Josh

      My guess is he’s full of it, remember the S2 was already over a year old when it hit Koodo at $300, even if the S2X itself wasn’t a year old yet.


    KOODO Respresentative here: Let me make a formal statement.
    Yes we are about to release the Samsung Galaxy S3 later this Month.
    And yes We can confirm the price will be $350 plus tax. And we will be carrying the 32Gb version in White color.
    And on the same day of release, we will be marking down the price of the samsung galaxy S2X to $250 plus tax.
    And later in early 2013, we will be releasing the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 as well for a very competitive price.
    And Koodo will also be looking forward to releasing some Windows Phone 8 and Blackberry 10 devices in early 2013.

    • skullan

      Well hey, if a Koodo Representative says so, it must be true 🙂

  • OgtheDim

    Who the heck uses the word “recco”?

  • Narox

    Too bad this all a hoax. I work for a multi carrier and my Koodo rep was in yesterday talking about it.

    Koodo is a value brand and doesn’t offer devices like this otherwise they will be eating into the market of Telus (Big brother).

    As for what the alleged Koodo rep said, I actually believe that Koodo will carry some BB10 and Win8 devices at some point but once again they will be the entry level to mid range devices. The comment about the Note 2 was a little much though, like Koodo would every carry something like that is laughable.

  • KoodoFan

    @COLDCASE Im pretty sure the i474 Samsung Galaxy S3 Supports LTE/HSPA+ (21mbps) /GSM I’m not aware of it supporting DC-HSPA+…To my knowledge only the Mobi/Wind/Tmobile Version does on all 5 bands

  • tshooz

    Koodo has confirmed release of the Samsung S3 will be sometime before the end of year.