Video: WIND LG Optimus 2X Review


  • Nadim

    Nice was waiting for this. Thanks Dan

  • Alex Perrier

    LG is not the best company for phones, but certainly not the worst. The Optimus One lets me, and other people, start with a decent Android without spending a lot of money. Let’s just hope they work on fixing all 2X flaws. 😀

  • djino

    Nice Review! Thank you very much Dan.

  • Sean

    Was looking at this phone the other day. Glad you can put CM7 on it that’s one of my requirements for phones

  • Jason

    I just don’t like the no NFC as I think that is the future.

  • Brad

    I bought this phone 3 weeks ago. There are some minor annoyances(like you will find with every phone) but all in all I am glad I chose it. I didn’t have a problem with the screen bleeding, and while it did reboot a couple of times, it didn’t at a frequency where I would be concerned. The battery life isn’t the best, as mentioned above, but if you tinker with some of your “always running” apps, and some other settings, it runs a lot longer(give or take at par with my old Bold 9700), and I can usually get at least a full day on it(I went camping last week and with the data turned off it lasted 3 days)

    I can’t wait to see what this phone can do with Gingerbread and(hopefully) Ice Cream Sandwich

  • Traveller

    This phone is great spec-wise, but I’d never get an LG phone. They make great televisions and monitors, but their phones seem to be built worse than Chinese knockoffs of their own products.

  • kenypowa

    This phone has great hardware specs. What I don’t get is how can LG release a STOCK, high-end Android phone with 2.2 onboard when 2.3 was introduced over 8 months ago?

  • Mike

    Can I just say, I don’t really care at all for this phone or anything but props to mobile syrup for the LONG (15+ mins) videos. Gives us a great idea of everything.

  • TJ

    Nice review. I’m sorry to see your speed test turned out so poorly, I usually manage to get around 2-3Mbps on Wind at my place in Richmond Hill, even while indoors.

    • Teddy Ruxpin

      Same here in Vancouver, I constantly get faster speeds on Wind than on Rogers. I have an account with both and run speed tests all the time. Wind is faster and more stable here without question.

    • Michael

      in my house I usually get 3-4mbps… I say usually ’cause I was throttled this month. (oops)

    • Jessica

      Всем привет!!!у меня большая беда!!повёлся на обновление андроида на телефоне lg gt 540 до версии 2.1обновлял при помощи KDZ_FW_UPD , он у меня повис и всё. я телефон отключил.теперь при включении на телефоне появляется картинка LG и всё дальше не грузиться.[]Андрей: 28.12.2010 в 15:59забыл..вот лог ошибки[20:40:28:984] : Sending Pkt Seq : 222[20:40:28:984] : Sending Pkt Seq : 223[20:40:28:984] : Sending Pkt Seq : 224[20:50:28:000] : Error Read in WaitRsp[20:50:28:000] : Sending Pkt Seq : 225[20:50:28:156] : Error Read in WaitRsp[20:50:28:156] : Sending Pkt Seq : 226[20:50:28:156] : @@ Cable Disconnected Writing : 5[20:50:28:156] : Clear[20:50:28:156] : WM_COPYDATA ёЮЅГБц єёії 3 Close Port[20:50:28:156] : Close Port<<[20:50:28:156] : [COM67] ERROR Dl_AsyncWrite() TYPE_LPARAM_UPGRADE_ERROR_WRITE_TO_FLASH[20:50:28:156] : TYPE_WPARAM_UPGRADE_ERROR[20:50:28:156] : ёЮЅГБц єёії TYPE_WPARAM_UPGRADE_ERROR Error Code = 4008[20:50:28:156] : Log finished[]kvm2112: 03.01.2011 в 05:11Можно попробовать утилитой LGMobile uptade, есть там пункт Аварийное восстановление ПО во вкладке Пользователю.Нужно было шить с оф. сайта LG гарантия сохраняется при неудачной перепрошивке.Вероятнее всего придётся в СЦ обращаться.[]

  • Rocco StiffReddi

    top dollar for a phone with so many problems? No warranty from LG? ok I just read this… no warranty from LG! really! ok any fool that gets that deserves a long wait in line because from whats been said the failure rate of that phone is crazy! HOFO and Wind forums just confirmed Wind is the 3rd party replacement point because, are you ready.. Wind is a gray market reseller. Non approved dealer. seems this is true with all handsets.. rim nokia sony etc none will honor the warranty.. way to go wind! buy the phone for cheap and jack it up to make a profit!

    • Kieran B

      That’s simply not true. No phone sold though a carrier will receive warranty support directly from the manufacturer.

      If Wind are a grey market reseller, why do LG advertise that Wind carry the phone on their site? And Nokia? And RIM?

      Quite frankly, my friend, you are full of it.

    • u3x

      Kieran, WRONG!!!!!!!! No company lets you go directly to them? You are wrong. Nokia does. You can bypass carrier warranty processing fees and send phone direclty to the Nokia Canada repair center yourself (except for Wind). And yes, Nokia techncial support will help you if the Nokia phone was sold by a Candian carrier other than Wind. Apple also deals directly with the end user of phones. So make sure you are right before making such false comments!

  • wewewi

    First time I ever hear about the “in-pocket experience” =)

  • Thomas Hawk

    Good job Dan.

  • Andre

    keep in mind this optimus 2 has a few problems that shouldn’t be over seen firstly screen bleeding (I experienced it) caused by a faulty LG panel secondly rebooting problems (didn’t happen to mine but I knw ppl who do) and thirdly the battery life with medium use you’ll get a day of use or less tops. Warranty is a must to be safe. (fast phone though)

  • Pappi23

    I have the G2x it had reboot and GPS lock issues. Tried CM7 but had Wifi issues. Settled on the leaked Gingerbread release 2.3.3 Everything works very well now but still no GTalk video chat.

    Very good phone used to have the G2.

    PS. Get Google Music it’s awesome on Android. Search for ways to get your Canadian invite.

  • whocares

    Wind mobile is a joke.

  • Kevin

    I just bought one (no contract) a month ago. I’ve been plagued with rebooting issues. It would reboot randomly any time of the day. Sometimes 3 days a day. I’m looking forward to putting CyanogenMOD 7 on it this weekend.

  • peters

    Nice phone but it overheats big time in like spending 15 minutes on it. And this was casual use. Used on the WIND network, data speed was 1mbps…. slow, in the T.O area.

  • Ken

    Good review, with the very notable exception of your statement “WIND and Mobilicity are improving”. Completely untrue in Ottawa. Both carriers cover less than 70% of the metropolitan part of the city and inner suburbs. Further, they state when asked that expansion is at some unknown future date, maybe. In short, downtown they are good, otherwise they are a poor choice. Mores the pity…

  • theonlyone

    Anyone that installed CyanogenMod 7 or installed G2X’s Gingerbread on this, do you still have 1080p video recording?????????

  • Tuff Guy

    ‘The Only One,” you are a deuche. Get the f**k off this site. Cheers!

  • Clarence Tam

    Huge props to you. Clean site, thorough, honest reviews. Up to date.

    But seriously, put all reviews on one page. I find it not easy to find reviews on different phones. Unless I’m an i***t.

  • S Hepburn

    does this phone have a fm radio ??