LG Canada: “The Optimus 2X will not be receiving the ICS upgrade”


  • kris

    the first dual core phone avaiable and their former flagship…


    the phone has been plauged by issues and this wont help

    time for folks to head over to XDA

    • Kroms

      Agreed !

  • androidrootguy

    That was a pretty good device for its time. But as LG as proven time and time again, they are not meant for smartphone world. Back to flip phones!!

  • Kroms

    And THAT is why you buy a GOOGLE branded phone !

    My oldy but gorgeous Nexus S on Jelly Bean !

    Go figure.

    • Hub

      That’s why my Nexus One is indeed stuck at Gingerbread. So much for “Google branded”.

      There is no logic. The phone dropped from support 22 month after release.

    • jack

      22 months is actually like 8 years in the cell phone industry. so that’s pretty good.

    • AWSguy

      I am running ICS on my N1 :D… WITH HARDWARE ACCELERATED GPU 🙂

  • lukeiphone

    Damnnn. My friend actually paid $600 for this phone 😛

  • jack

    this phone is so terrible that you really should buy a new phone anyways.

    dual core? you would never tell by how laggy the sliding screens are

  • bob

    I know ill get bashed here….but ics has had alot of issues in uts own right. To be completely honest ive been really dissapointed with ics. I will never own a iphone cause apple is gross…..but i think ill give bb10 a shot.

    • Kroms

      What phone do you have and why haven’t you UPGRADED TO JB ( Jelly Bean) ?
      Huge difference.

  • Sean

    The Nexus One did not have the storage required to fit ICS onto it. It shipped with like 100mb of storage and that gets eaten up pretty quickly

    • Orillian

      N1 had 512mb internal. Not sure exactly what the ICS build takes, but I’m sure the bulk of the reasons were due to a lack of hardware features in other areas, not the storage space the phone had.

    • Ron Mexico

      The N1 is not getting ICS because it has no GPU, for GPU acceleration.

    • AWSguy

      The fine folks at xda got ove this ages ago. Darktremor Apps2SD merges the sd card with the internal memory to make it into 1 single big memory slot!

  • Kroms

    What phone do you have and why haven’t you UPGRADED TO JB ( Jelly Bean) ?
    Huge difference.

  • Nick

    the wind version of this never even got gingerbread

  • Kroms

    This LG is a dual Core ? wow.
    I think LG should reconsider.
    Then again , If i were to have this phone I’d put Cyanogen 10 (JB) on it , or head over to XDA and Flash/Root it to JB.

  • {JPM}

    Don’t worry LG 2x users, we Atrix users know your pain.

    • Apple Sales Guy

      Isn’t the atrix still on route to get ICS (Q3 I believe)

    • {JPM}

      USA only, not Canada/International. Just like the 2x.

  • KyoKeun

    My mom’s G2 still sitting on Froyo 🙁 What’s up with that?

    • KyoKeun

      I meant to say 2x 😛

  • Dukey

    Wait 8 months to announce that the upgrade won’t be available. Why didn’t you just announce it upfront. Would have saved you and us a lot of trouble.

    • NK

      They probably expected Nvidia to provide the necessary drivers for the hardware acceleration required for ICS. Motorola promised ICS for the Atrix as well but neither can release ICS without Nvidia’s support.

    • mrt

      LG probably delayed the announcement that Optimus 2x and Black won’t get ICS so they can still move/push their remaing optimus units otherwise they would have to hold a fire sale just to sell of their remaining stock.

      It’s no wonder LG Smartphone sales have been on a decline compared to Samsung.

      With this announcement of LG abandoning it’s flagship phone, it’s like they were shooting their own foot.

      This will be the last LG phone in our family, and I’ll make sure all my friends who ask me about tech stuff/gadgets avoid LG branded items like the plague.

  • MaX

    Worst part is, CM9 runs great on it. What a shame…

    • Nick

      where do you get cm9? i don’t see on cm’s website nor xda

  • Opteron1983

    I have the Optimus 2x (lg P-999) and i do admit the initial operating was dissapointing. The android operating system has one big advantage is the amount of different apps and launchers available. Im currently using a gingerbread build for the G2X. US Model of the P-999 with Go-Launcher, Go-SMS pro and Go-Locker allowing me to skin the phone however way i want.

    ICS through XDA developpers : most of the builds work well but the achilles heel of every single build (Cyanogen, Aokp, Hellfire, MiUi) is hardware acceleration (Video decoding/Video encoding/and video recording). WIthought the drivers for the Nvidia Tegra chipset in the phone these will not work. Lg has not released the open source drivers and neither has Nvidia.

    SO right now the newest build you can get for a fully functional phone is Gingerbread.

    Im happy i ordererd my Galaxy Nexus today at least ill get the updates as soon as there avalable from google and not have to wait for the middle man to do it.

    • KyoKeun

      I dunno… If you got Canadian version (yakjuux) you are stuck in either 4.0.1 or 4.0.2.

  • Apple Sales Guy

    LG customers,

    On behalf of our fellow competitor, we apologize for this terrible ‘announce something, break your hearts later’ tactic. Quite disgusting.

    Here at Apple, we make it a priority to not only fulfill any announcement we make, but also to exceed customer expectations.

    For the broken hearted LG customers, come on over to Apple. We not only will unbreak your heart, but fill it with happiness and joy as you enjoy your new iOS device.


    • Ron Mexico

      Ya at Apple we give you a half baked OS update for our older models so you buy our new models to get the newest features. You’re real saints.

      How is Siri running on the iPhone 4 and 3GS??? Oh yeah gotta buy an iPhone 4S to get that feature.

    • yannickwolfe

      Apple update patterns for their iphone is 100000x better then Android.

      There is no argument against that, sorry.

  • Andy c

    Given Lg’s track record for upgrades this should surprise no one.

    If the wont provide official updates the should just put vanilla android on there devices and release the source.

  • darel44

    My old LG flipphone 285 was best dumbphone I ever owned,upgraded to optimus one,good smartphone for starters,then got upgraded frrom froyo to 2.3 but thats it.Now got my first samsung phone,galaxy s fascinate, beautiful phone,think its better than Galaxy SII,and thats no bull!!

  • rob

    gotta love android fragmentation

  • Carlos Fabregas

    Can they at least release all the drivers for ics, ics roms don’t have video recording and hardware acceleration is not working at its full because of the lack of drivers, hopefully the International version of the 2x gets it, but anyways I got a gs3 now 🙂

  • NK

    I’m pretty sure Nvidia has not released ICS drivers for Tegra 2/AP20H/ULP GeForce. THere are other phones that were high profile (Motorola Atrix) that are stuck without official ICS as well with the same chipset.

    So Nvidia is the bigger culprit here so far.

  • deltatux

    I have friends and family with this phone, the Fido and WIND versions are stuck at 2.2.2 and it’s really sad. This is why I don’t recommend LG, they’re horrible in terms of updating their Android versions.

  • Brad

    I had this phone last year, and I wanted to love it so much, but in the end it just had too many issues. It wasn’t all bad, the phone was rocketfast, and the camera was probably the best I’ve ever had on a phone, but it didn’t make up for the atrocious battery life, tendency to overheat(and get stuck in a restart cycle), and complete lack of support from LG . A few months later, I had to regrettably get rid of it.

    Now I have an iPhone, but I won’t rule out ever getting another droid(I liked the platform, it was the phone itself that was buggy), but I don’t think I will ever get another LG cell phone.

  • Informer

    The Atrix won’t be getting ics either.

  • Miguel

    Yep, completely lost my faith in LG for their smartphones. The hardware for this thing is awesome…just a shame they can’t support their phones properly.

  • Aiden

    Been using the optimus 2x for a year now. Its very fast and responsive, it should get ICS.

  • Stephen

    Anyone really surprised LG is backpedaling on this one? When it comes to updates, LG just sucks. Remember last fall when people said this wasn’t going to happen and they came out with an official statement saying it was coming and that the rumors were lies? Well I guess those same people should email LG a big fat “I Told You So”. Consumers, remember this day when tempted by anything made by LG.

  • All I do is Wind

    Almost bought the Optimus 2X when i was looking for phones due to the camera and it being dual core, but did a little research and got the Nexus S instead, soooooooooo happy I chose the NS, Wind subscribers who are using the Optimus 2X are still on Froyo…

  • hahaha

    Figures. Next time North Korea goes to war with South Korea, Kim Jong Un needs to nuke this worthless company and the entire family that controls it off the face of the planet. LOL.

  • Dissapointed

    Surprise, Surprise….

    Hello WP8 here I come.