Samsung ATIV S arrives on TELUS’ site, says it’s “Coming Soon”


  • John Marshall

    Hope the Lumia 820’s right behind it, but if not, hope its on-contract price is pretty reasonable.

  • Wes

    mmm… Windows phone, or Nexus 4?? Price on the Nexus is so good!! Although I’d be making a few compromises…

  • Jules Landry-Simard

    Samsung, why don’t you use these premium materials for Android ! Great product although

  • RyanOver

    the Samsung Ativ S is 89% sexier and prettier than the Galaxy SIII….

  • Mike FrenchiesMad

    1. Nokia 920
    2. Nokia 820
    3. Samsung ATIV S
    4. HTC 8x
    5. HTC 8s

    • Marc Roussel

      Samsung ATIV S Windows Phone 8 YEAH BABY….
      At last a 4.8″ phone my God can’t wait. This phone is incredible.

  • Al

    Scratch much?

    • 7

      The bezel will be destroyed after some use – the coating will chip away. Do not want. It is a sexy looking phone, though.

    • jack

      agreed, cant imagine what it’d look like after only a few months….

  • Shamu

    Finally. Sammy to the Windows rescue

    • adffa

      nobody loves you, u failed abortion

  • Nelcam

    its not real stainless steal but just a brushed aluminium look on plastic material. the “scratches” are actually apart of the finish to give it the stainless steal look. its a sharp looking phone in and out.

  • dv

    Will there be a wind version?


    It’s got the same finish as my Galaxy Note 2 and I’m absolutely loving the brushed titanium look and the hyper glaze will not scratch or scuff easily so don’t worry. The only downfall is that it is very slippery and collects fingerprints like mad. This is a sweet looking device but they should have taken advantage of that large speaker grill and placed another speaker on the other side to make the phone nice and loud for music and video. – KID ANDROID. ( Team.Android.Canada)

  • Mark

    I can’t really see who’s gonna buy this phone, even Windows phone users in forums like WPCentral don’t really care this phone. Telus better get the Lumia 920 for the holidays if they want to really make money.

    • phreezerburn

      Exactly. This looks too much like all the other Samsung phones which is pretty much Telus betting people want the OS more than the conveyance it comes in.

  • ToxicTaZ

    The ATIV S is my next phone! …I like the Lumia 920 BUT no MicroSD card and a small battery (only 2000mAh) and cant take out or channge the bttery! A small display (only 4.5″ 4:3) 768p

    vs ATIV S

    MicroSD card support!
    2300mAh battery + removable!
    4.8″ 16:9 display 720p

    Nokia should take note of Samsung and Apple….and just put the Lumia 920 on every network just like GS3, iP5, ATIV S…!!

  • Cowboy Mac

    The look doesn’t much matter if you are going to go out and by a case or skin, like most of us do…Samsung is becoming a very strong global brand.

  • justaguy

    I’m stoked on this, but I found a discreptancy, maybe the forum can help. Samsung Canada’s website states that it’s 4G HSPA and Telus states 4G LTE, does anyone actually have confirmation either way?

  • Shaun

    Checked with our Telus rep and they have them however they are blue screening. Go figure. I heard from our MS rep they should be out in 1-2 weeks.

  • Graeme

    Hope it’s sooner rather than later, I want this phone, it will go well with my ativ smart PC pro

    • Shaun

      G, you have the Ativ Smart PC Pro? how do you like it? does it have a dock that will connect to dual monitors? looking for a tablet that will and then ill get rid of desktop and laptop.

  • Graeme

    No, I don’t have it yet, I don’t think it’s coming out until Nov. 23rd. (based on bestbuy site) but I will be getting that tablet. never even thought about it possibly working with dual monitors, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t the HDMI port on the keyboard is almost certainly a different Video output than the display on the tablet.

    • Shaun

      Well once you get one let me know how it goes. Curious about that device as well.