Movie purchases are now live on Google Play Store in Canada!

Well isn’t this a nice surprise! After reading about movie purchases going live on Google Play in Australia, I ventured into the Canadian version to see if we had benefited from the same update as our opposite-direction toilet friends.

Sure enough, some movies have had purchasing enabled, whereas before it was rental-only. I looked at around 20 movies and only a few of them were enabled for purchasing, but more should be added in the coming days. All the movies for purchase are priced at $19.99, while rentals have stayed in the $3.99-$5.99 range.

Considering today was supposed to be a big announcement in Google’s calendar, cancelled due to Hurricane Sandy passing through New York, we’re sure that the company had a lot of tricks up its sleeve that it had to put on the backburner. Clearly some cogs were already in motion, however, and we seem to have benefited from at least one of them.

Have you noticed any other changes in Google Play? I haven’t seen music, TV or magazine purchases show up yet, but we can think big, can’t we?