Movie purchases are now live on Google Play Store in Canada!


  • iphoneee

    Can I purchase the ‘How apple got rich off suing everything & anything’ movie?

    • GoogleVoice

      How about google starts offering “GoogleVoice” in Canada?

      That and a Data plan-ONLY 4GB for $40?, 5-$50; 6-$60
      along with banning 3 yr contracts in Canada is what WE NEED and WANT!

      That way LTE would be a source of productivity for the country, not a source of revenue for ROBELUS..but somebody has to support the printed media,landline and cable divisions of ROBELUS not?? us!
      Those guys keep on passing the tab to us.

  • JHK

    4.99 lol
    I know about 10 different websites to go to and get it for…….

  • Blaxx

    I wonder if we’ll ever get music. Not because I’m overly eager to purchase music from my phone but because of Google Play Music’s streaming capabilities in the US

    • Blair

      google music works great in canada, you just cant buy anything off it. Install the .apk on your phone and the client on your pc, upload up to 20,000 songs. I stream music from google music all day, everyday.

    • jaydee

      I installed the Google Music APK but had problems. After I installed it I noticed that “sdcard” and “Media” were chewing up my battery like crazy. It was so bad my phone would actually get hot even though I wasn’t using it and the screen was off. I was losing like 10-20% battery in an hour and my phone would never sleep. I googled and found a few threads in forums of other people having similar issues with Google Music. I uninstalled the Google Music APK and everything went back to normal.

      There are many other apps that can play music from my phone. The big gap for me is the ability to buy music right on my phone and then sync it between the phone and my computer. This is especially big because I like to use streaming apps like Songza etc. So when I hear a good song I first have to email the song title to myself, then when I get home I have to: buy via iTunes, strip the DRM, re-import to iTunes, add to my phone playlist, export the album art, run doubleTwist and then sync to my phone.

  • Blair

    looks like its just older movies, Transformers, mission impossible for instance. All the “newer” titles dont seem to have a buy option, yet.

  • imjohnh

    Wake me up when I can buy a Nexus Handset from the Play Store in Canada.

  • Yeria

    I know I’m hoping too much but I’d like to see Music, Magazine and Wallet.

  • HighClassFrenchCricket

    i hope tv series make there way SOON

  • Sean

    I would just like to so Google Play gift cards here in Canada

  • Dalex

    Well that’s a nice surprise, hopefully they can sneak by some more services like Magazines and Music by the CRTC so that we can fully enjoy the Google Ecosystem.

  • Alex

    I noticed that I was able to buy a movie on my phone, but I wasn’t given that option on the desktop version of Google Play – for the same movie.

    • Shawn

      I am seeing the same thing here. Buy via Nexus S Play Store App, but only rent via Desktop/Browser.

  • deltatux

    Can’t confirm it here, rental only and I have a Canadian account….

  • G

    Music and Magazines is a must!

  • Miknitro

    Where’s the gift cards?

  • Mike

    Wait a second… Some people actually pay for movies?

  • Kspraydad


    I buy from 7digital (which means its also available to my Playbook instantly) and use Double Twist to wirelessly sync my phone content and PC content….works well.

  • MapleHamwich

    I’m seeing purchasing options for movies. Not all, but about 50%. I would love to have purchases cross devices and platforms. If I could purchase music, movies and TV Shows on Google Play, watch them on my phone, tablet, computer or TV, that would probably be my soul source of media content. Here’s hoping music comes this way.

  • Mike D.

    Google ecosystem missing in Canada…

    Google Play

    – Magazines

    – Television

    – Music

    – Movie purchases (some)

    – gift cards

    – devices (some)

    Google Wallet

    Google Voice

    anything else?

  • Sean H

    Magazines (including subscriptions) are available. I don’t know if it’s everything that’s also available south of the border, but they are there.

  • Thomas Yu

    10 years ago, I lived near a store that rented out legit DVDs for 99 cents a day ($1.99 if the movie wasn’t at least 6 months old). There was really no reason to pirate movies.

    If the industry wants us to stop torrenting DVD rips of movies 2 weeks before they come out, they have to start embracing the internet and price accordingly. I don’t want to rent movies for $5 when they’ve already been on DVD for months. I want the digital version to be available at the same time as a DVD release, with a rental of no more than $2 a day. And I want the download speed to be reliable. The release timing is exceptionally important – it’s the reason I haven’t bothered to subscribe to Netflix at all.

    It sounds like a lot to ask, but just look at what Steam has done for PC gaming (rampant piracy BUT devs rake in profits nonetheless) and it will seem a lot more viable. I used to torrent games in high school, then I got a job and a credit card and I have never pirated a single PC game ever since because Steam gives great pricing, reliable service, and releases games at the same time as retail versions.

  • Rob VH

    $19.99 and you still don’t actually own anything except the right to watch it (until they change their mind). Most DVDs can be purchased for $8-15 within a month or two of release and you can resell them for a few bucks when you’re bored with them. $19.99 is a rip off.