Here’s what Google’s Nexus 10 looks like


  • Mike

    If only it wasn’t a Samsung.

    • hoo dat

      Say what you like about Samsung, but at least it’s not Asus.

    • Cody

      ASUS makes some of the best hardware out there….

    • hoo dat

      Really? Tell that to all the poor souls, including myself, who were unlucky enough to get the very first batch of Nexus 7s and all the QC problems that came with them.

  • GoogleIt

    Not bad. Actually decent looking!

    Wonder what the pricing will be…$300 would make this a steal.

    • EvanKr


      That metallic backing à la Ativ looks nice, hopefully this will me Samsung’s new look. It’s a nice break from their standard glossy plastic.

      What I am concerned bout however, are the capacitive buttons t the bottom. They just end like a waste of screen real estate, that entire black bar for only three buttons.

    • Tech

      if you know from prediction of 4.2, it was said to carry different theme and layout changes.
      plus capacitive buttons can be modified according to your needs unlike hardware buttons.

  • Alex

    That’ll keep the Android-loving turds happy!

    • phreezerburn

      Says the iSheep backed up to the fence… cheeks parted… Baaalex


    So I see 4.2 is getting multi-user support.

  • kris

    Like a boss

  • Kid.Canada

    You’d think the devs who leak these pics would use a dslr to take the picture and make it look a lot more appealing than this. But don’t get me wrong, Im interested in it and will pick this up as soon as it hits they shelves.

    • Ricky

      At least take a couple of seconds and wipe off the fingerprints with your sleeve. It would already look a lot more appealing with a shiny glass.

    • phreezerburn

      Doesn’t look like any kind of deliberate leak. Just a quick set of pix before someone pops their head in to ask “What the…?!?” There’s nothing discernible in the pictures other than the desktop material/colour itself so my guess would be this indeed was a rush job. Stepping out for a bottle of glass cleaner and a lint free cloth might have been pushing it.

  • jay

    cant wait!!!

  • Nelson

    What’s with the phablet interface? I had thought the tablet combined navigation/notification bar would be used for a larger tablet like this. Seems to me those navigation buttons might be hard to press in the middle like that.

  • Peter Hope-Tindall

    wow – way more fingerprints than came on the Nexus 7! 😉

    • phreezerburn

      You forgot their new TTL display and the blue tooth serial port adapter.

  • Andrew Semionov

    I’ve ordered an IPad Mini, and it saddens me to see people not realizing that for a few hundred more you are getting a QUALITY product – from its build to it’s complete eco-system. IPad is the WHILE package, and for a little bit more, it is definitely well worth it.

    I can’t imagine myself ever even picking up anything as sub-par as a Nexus. God forbid! I’ll have to wash my hands for days after that… yuck!

    • Andrew Semionov


    • Trotsky

      By “the WHILE package” do you mean the package you’re getting while you’re waiting for the superior Nexus product to be released?

    • Ron Mexico

      @Andrew Semionov



    • hoo dat

      Is that the iPad Mini with one mono speaker, no industry standard USB port, no HDMI out, half the memory of it’s closest competitors, 1.2MP back camera with NO 1080 recording, lousy HTML5 results despite no flash and from a company that once declared itself King of HTML5. I’m sure there’s plenty more but that’s all I can think of right now. May add more later, we’ll see. Anyone else?

    • Antonio

      You are literally too stupid to insult.

    • Apple Sales Guy

      Preach the good word, my brother!


  • JL

    So it looks like an iPad.

    I wonder how many downvotes this gets.

  • John

    Looks sweet and sleek

  • gwydionjhr

    6 magnets and two guide pins on either side, looks like it’s going to have a magnetic keyboard a la MS Surface. If that turns out to be true, it’ll be nice to see Samsung copy someone other than Apple for a change.

    • Tom

      I’m confused about this tablet keyboard innovation – aren’t there already lots of external keyboards for tablets? I’m sure the Surface keyboard is really good, but the idea isn’t new.

      I guess what’s new is the idea that that keyboard is an integral part of the product, but then why do they charge extra for it?

  • JT

    I was really looking forward to this tablet but you lost me at 16GB of storage. I learned my lesson with the Nexus 7. Damn you Google!

    • chris c.

      Only nerds know about this fact, but when an average person hears quad-core vs. dual-core they’ll naturally go for the quad-core no questions asked most of the time.

  • Dennis

    After quad core Nexus7 we are getting dual core Nexus10.. weird

    • Chris

      Dual core Exynos 5 > Quad core Tegra 3

    • Mike

      Is core counting that important to you?

    • Gsizzle

      What Chris said, and to add to that

      Dual core Exynos 5 > Quadcore Snapdragon Pro (found in the Nexus 4)> Quadcore Exynos 4412 >Quad core Tegra 3

    • deltatux

      Even the Qualcomm S4 and even the Exynos 4 series dual core are faster than the NVIDIA Tegra 3. The single channel memory on the Tegra 3 nerfs its performance.

  • SimSim

    Someone was so excited that they came all over the screen before taking pictures. If that doesn’t speak volumes about how awesome this tablet is going to be, I don’t know what will!

    I got my lube ready!

    • IMO

      For those who might thumb this up, are you the same ones questioning the unhealthy obsession from iFans?

      What would the fallout on this site be if someone said this about a new iPad?

    • phreezerburn

      No but I’m one of those guys with 26 years of buying Apple products, most of which I kept, and can’t recognize what they have become. I was using MS product too, so not booing, but my friends were and even they had to admit Apple has become the Microsoft they openly hated back in the early 90’s. One of my best friends collection nuts mine in that he has a perfect condition Newton and the compete Blueberry collection including the external floppy on display in his rather large office and a Cube on his desk. I keep an Airport Extreme (spaceship) on mine.

      The sticking point for them is they boycotted Walmart because of the Saipan garment industry sweatshops who were making $3.05 an hour yet none of the same for a Foxconn workers pulling in $1.57.

  • roman

    Looks like Samsung just recycled their poorly selling Tab line.
    I wish Asus was charged with making the Nexus 10 instead, even if it was just a slightly larger Nexus 7, it would turn out great.

  • Porilaisten

    They could have at least cleaned it, jesus.

  • ShiftRR

    Does it come a dock? if it does I’m Super excited!

  • Carlo


  • Carlo

    …but I am excited about multi-user support on smartphones and tablets!

  • Hooman

    A. Don’t like the phone/phablet interface. Hate the nav bar icons in the center.
    B. Nexus 7 is waaaaay sexier!

  • drone

    Lawsuit in 3..2..1.

  • ActivesiN

    looks poorly built like the galaxy note 10.1

  • Bruce

    I like Samsung but this nooks like my nuts, looks like and Compaq product. Weird bezel. If its cheep in price, then who cares.

  • nexus humper

    399 for the 16gb I bet. That screen is going to be a sight to behold!

  • Deli

    Looking forward to that screen! Exynos 5250 too!

  • Souken

    Sure, it says it has a dual-core Exynos, but what I think people are overlooking is that it’s Samsung new 5250 Exynos, which is a big deal. If the Nexus 10 does use the 5250, then that means that it could be the first device on the market to use a proper ARM Cortex-A15 (Qualcomm’s S4 is derived from the Cortex-A15 but doesn’t actually use it). The Exynos 5250 is an amazing SoC and is why the resolution could be as high as 2560×1600.

  • StEC

    Why do people always use crappy cameras to take these pics of leaked gadgets and why why why do they never clean the screens of the fingerprints!??? lol

    Anyways seems like an awesome tablet! 🙂

    • phreezerburn

      Alone time with the device in question.

  • John

    I’ll wait until the unveiling on Monday to get excited about this tablet. I want to see the REAL specs and design of it before I plunk down my hard earned money on it.

  • simian

    My excitement is tempered with my disappointment of it being made by Samsung.

  • Rhett

    I love how Apple fans just come here to troll, trying to exude confidence in their sub-par industry standard cookie cutters. The specs don’t lie, yet you continually do to yourselves…

    • Its Me!

      You my friend are an i***t.
      you are right, specs dont lie…
      But you are using a tablet for god sakes! who the hell cares if your web page loads .1 second faster.
      clearly you have nothing better to do with your lives if you are bashing another tablet because one of them has a dual core processor and the other has quad or a 336-core Massively Parallel Processor Array…
      Get a life its a freakin computer for god sakes

    • Rhett

      It does matter because you should place value on what you pay for… Among other things, specs are tangible to value. Just like any other consumer product. I think Apple produces the best machined product, yet they half-a*s the hardware because they can and then uninformed consumers act as such because they have good marketing. Kudos to Apple but shame on the sheep that can’t see the other side.

  • Some

    Awww, I’m disappointed. It’s soo sooo ugly.. Why can’t Samsung learn to make simplistic but awesome looks .. even though I don’t like Apple that much, they have just awesome designs of their iPad. This is ugly.

    • phreezerburn

      Well in the US, Apple hold an aethetics patent on “flat” with a rider on the 4:3 aspect and bevels of less than 2mm. Too bad the TV makers and glass companies hadn’t the foresight to patent such…

  • Trent Whildst

    I’m standing in line now!

  • JV

    I love Samsung, got all my hardware from Samsung. Talking S1 S2 S3, and Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 (Got is imported from US, and it works like a dream) However im going to be honest. This tablet does Look Fugly. If i did buy this i wouldn’t be proud to use it in public. 🙁 Just being honest here folks, don’t thumbs down simply because you see this as a troll. If people can get past the looks more power to you. However not for me. Ill wait for a better looking tablet, though my 7.0 plus serves me just fine. 🙂

  • MattyMattMatt

    Back is kind of ugly…
    If it can take a micro sd, then I am all for it, otherwise, suck a brick.

  • iphoneuser




  • superfly

    that screen does not look amoled. with it off it is grey. should be black.

  • Gene

    Why so much bezel? I don’t really like this design. Reminds me of a Hyundai elantra/computer monitor mashup.

    I think the Note 2 will be enough screen for me.

    • phreezerburn

      Bezels less than 2mm are an Apple patent.

    • YouKnowItAll

      @phreezerburn You are such an Einstein An Apple genius

  • HMM

    that screen is so dirty..!

  • Vince

    The Note 10.1 is a fingerprint magnet as well.

    Not sure why but with the iPad I use a soft cloth and any marks come right off, on the 10.1 they just smudge around?

  • Joel Carter

    Small detail: Second paragraph should read:

    “… runs Android OS 4.1 Jelly Bean (not Key Lime Pie)”

    Jelly Bean = 4.1
    Key Lime Pie = 4.2? 5.0? Not sure exactly.

  • Tom Gray

    Yikes… I hope they come with less finger prints :/

  • asdjklfjk

    this thing looks like some kind of ancient piece of technology found in a long deserted area, with modern internals. using metal and all is nice but this thing just looks cheap. no i am not a troll and no i am not an apple love and yes i use android and yes i love samsung. i thought the nexus 7 was kind of ugly as well.

  • Tomatoes

    Glad it looks a lot better than in the manual and a lot better than the 8.9 Kindle and Nook tablets.

    I hope it isn’t AMOLED pentile though, not because it won’t look amazing but the last thing we need is ammunition for the isheep.

  • Jules Landry-Simard

    The fingerprints are there because you don’t use it well! You should hold it like this.. * weird mimic*

  • Jules Landry-Simard

    Quite in love with the specs. However, the design is its real weakness.. Why can’t Samsung combine an Ativ like back with these specs, and Nexus updates! That would definitely be the iPad killer…

  • Terry

    For myself the main question that will determine whether I get this or an Asus is … does it have a keyboard?

    I don’t count the Nexus 7 against Asus’ record. Google fiddled with and accelerated the development process beyond reason.