Google apparently sells out of the 8GB Nexus 7, prepping for the 32GB version


  • Geoff

    Having a 32 GB at $269, ~$80 less than a 16 GB iPad mini. A good move by Google and timed right.

    The iPad will likely have nicer build quality, but double the capacity, better PPI, and at $80 less makes the iPad mini less tempting.

    • Tech

      It is a superb deal BUT Google needs to advertise ALOT. not just on web in real world too. Honestly in Downtown toronto and Path(underground walking lane) there are so many ipad advertisement, it pisses me off no one else uses that approach. Also google should open a physical store or booth atleast.
      That is if they want to challenge ipad.

    • bummy

      What would they have in the Google store?
      The only hardware google sell is Nexus 7 and the One-a-Year Nexus phone.

      Google’s strategy has always been to let the hardware guys do their hardware push. And Samsung has been en route with their Samsung Stores~

    • ThePriceIsright

      Microsoft Surface: Tablet with Keyboard $720??- FAIL!
      Now it shows out of stock, they better lower the price.

      Mini iPad: $320? FAIL! simply too expensive; the “regular” Mini now looks lke a good deal at $400!, at the cost of the mini though.

      Nokia 820 and 920, if they are not aligned with the Nexus 4 (Maximum of $400) the phones will FAIL…just like the last 2,3,..ALL the Nokias in North America.

      What does Google do?
      They scrap the Nexus 7 tablet with 8GB t $220 and now they offer the 16GB for the same price. That’s competition!

    • ThePriceIsright

      Advertising DOESNT make the product any better!
      YOU ARE PAYING FOR THAT advertising: it is part of the “apple Tax”

      -With a 16GB Nexus 7 at $220 everybody will have one, and the worth of mouth will take cre of everything.

      -You might see ipads posters along the walls; but REAL NEXUS 7 in THE HANDS of people.
      $89 is the magic price for the BB Playbook
      $200 is the magic price for a 7″ tablet
      $400 for a mid -upper level Smartphone (Nexus 4)
      -Expect the next flagship phones in 2013 to drop to $500!

  • EvanKr

    I was expecting a price drop on the 8GB model, maybe I expected wrong. I personally don’t need too much storage, as I don’t store too many videos or content on my device aside from apps (I do most through online streaming) and would’ve loved a $150 8GB Nexus 7.

    • Z

      Don’t bother expecting a price drop – Asus sells the tablets for just above cost, there’s no way they’d sell for under cost.

  • S2556

    the ipad mini also lacks GPS, nfc, a reasonable display (ipad minis display is terrible at a whopping 164 ppi) that is a bad display in 2011 let alone 2012, maybe the samsung severence is the reason for having to cheap out? who cares I want the nexus 10!

    • S2556

      oh and has the same chip as the iphone 4S (comparable to the galaxy S2 chip) which is also found in their ipod touch. So this really is a supersized ipod touch. (display just stretched out too, bearly any extra pixels added)
      Steve was right about his companies 7 inch tablet anyway. This ishit mini is DOA

    • S2556

      anndddd I posted in the wrong thread… :/ my bad lol but what I said is true

    • ThePriceIsright

      Apple has to watch it or they will lose the “Halo Effect”
      There was no reason to compete in the 7″ segment
      -If they wanted a 7″ tablet had to be better or cheaper
      -At the current price point you might just buy the regular iPad

      They released the new imac and its thinner with no serviceable parts and no optical disk; its a DESKTOP! why would you care about a thinner 27″ computer and not have to worry about ventilation issues!!
      All they had to do was eliminate the glossy screen (stupid decision from the begining) now it looks like apple is releasing too many products that are:
      “The answer to a question never asked”

  • Pat

    Beautiful! Great for more capacity is just what I need! 🙂

  • Fartknocker

    Dumb sheep. Coulda got a 16GB if they waited a few more days. Man that Google is evil!

  • Art Vandelay

    The most painful week ever!!! Seriously can’t wait!!!

  • Peter B

    Rumor has it that Google will release a $99 tablet. My guess is the 8gb Nexus 7 will come back in stock at that price point. That would be an iPad mini killer in my opinion.

    • ThePriceIsright

      RIM has the $89-$99 entry level tablet
      Google has the $200 tablet to get (Amazon dot com??)
      Apple has the iPad for $400 simply skip the mini!

      $200 in the USA
      $220 in Canada (Does Google think that is a book)

  • mike

    Yea great… But does the nexus come with thumb rejection technology like the new innovative ipad mini… No, didn’t think do. Apple rules at innovation.

    • Crocography

      did you forget the /s ?

  • Dylan K

    The 3G temps me but I’m really liking the 32GB of storage. My 16GB has done me well, but space is still tight. Everyone complains about specs, but if Apple wants to market a smaller iPad that’s their business. Specs do hurt it for the tech savvy, but to everyone else its a (somewhat) affordable iPad. That’s the reason why Google needs to be more aggressive with their Nexus 7s. The lower price should draw some attention from the Apple announcement.

  • mjolnir

    Google should own Apple in advertising.. I dont get it. With the worlds most used search engine and youtube alone, how many nexus 7 hits would that generate? Yet I barely see nexus 7 ads, I just see useless ads all the time.

  • lukeiphone

    Hope this works on AWS

  • OMG BASEDGOD TYBG #taskforce

    I don’t think Google has a problem with advertising. Their Nexus7 tablet is sold out pretty much EVERYWHERE.